Empowering you to embrace

the sacredness of your being

the freedom of being your Self.

the edges of your personal power.

the yearning to create a life of meaning.

Discover with divine curiosity What Else is possible

if you dared to think outside the box.

Are you at the edge

Of your own becoming?

Are you yearning for something else that you cannot put into words?

Have you gone to all the classes and learned all the things and still feel fucking crazy?

Does your life feel like it belongs to someone else?

Are you constantly trying to control your circumstances so your life improves?

Are you doing all the “right” things and still …

  • Feel stuck in a constant state of anxiety or depression?
  • Numb yourself with addictive strategies?
  • Feel frustrated with unfulfilling relationships?
  • Feel drained by all the joyless and the meaningless that goes on around you?
  • Suffer from disease and disconnect?

If so, know you are not alone…and you are in the right place.

I have been where you are and after 18 years of searching, I discovered a new process and context to live from.

If you’re curious about what I mean…

Hey, Stela here …

There is no conversation too big or too small.

I became personal coach to help seekers discover a more powerful framework and context for personal evolution.

I love to delve deep into the quantum spaces that hold your unique truth.

I love to to have the conversations you have been avoiding, yet you know…that’s exactly where you need to go.

I lead with divine curiosity and I ask the deeper questions for the sole purpose of your evolution.

You deserve a

Meaningful life.

And you are the only one who can choose it for yourself.

To do that, you must first know you have choice.

Then, you must mindfully choose that which is meaningful for you.

Talk to me if you are eager to awaken your potential so you can become resourceful and resilient in the life of your own creation.

Imagine what it will be like when you …

  • Perceive challenges as an invitation for greater discovery and personal growth.
  • Honour your personal truth that lives in your bones so that you can discover what is most important to you.
  • Cultivate deep, meaningful and fulfilling relationships of your own choosing.
  • Digest and metabolize energy-in-motion and dis-ease from your body and live pain-free.
  • Experience the energy and joy you long for.
  • Create the future of your choosing and live a magnificent life.
You can

Create expansion in your life.

Schedule a call

I’ll listen intently, answer your questions and we will decide if working together is a right fit for you.

Unveil your truths

Honour your Self by connecting with the truth that lives inside the quantum spaces of your being.

Reclaim your life

Every moment and every breath is an opportunity for a meaningful and expansive emerging future.

The experience

“Nourishing conversations”

It is so nourishing to have these kinds of conversations and you’re the perfect person to lead the discussions.


“Speaking my truth”

Stepping into that brave new world of speaking my truth is so much easier with a soft place to land.


“I felt heard”

Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and reminding me to find lightness and humour in it all.


Choose the experience that’s right for you.

Group coaching

UnVeil your Truth

Learn how to embrace your instincts and visceral truths so that you can live in the majesty of each unfolding moment and create a magnificent life of your own choosing.

One-on-One coaching

Self Discovery

Discover your personal power and give yourself permission to choose differently so that you can evolve into the best version of yourself .

Discover the


Who would you have to become to create the life you know will feel is yours?

Choice. Right here. Right now.

Stop settling for what you’ve got.

Start creating mindfully what will propel you to your desired future.

Want to know me? Start here.

Some of my favourite blog posts

What Is Sovereignty?

In my life, to be sovereign means that I am the ultimate authority over my life because I am sourced from within. In other words, I am internally referenced. I am the only one that can ever know what’s right for me, if and when I know how to listen to my S-elf and then act with radical compassion, sacred responsibility, and deep integrity and generosity of spirit. … Continue reading What Is Sovereignty?

My Body: Intimately Revealing Secrets

What matters to me now, increasingly more than ever, is my fully connected Presence. To know, in the moment, to say yes or to say no. To know, in the moment, to stay or to leave. To know, in the moment, exactly where Stela is. Without attachment to story, without attachment to past, without attachment to future, without attachment to outcome. Just me, bare, raw, Present. Here. Now. … Continue reading My Body: Intimately Revealing Secrets

Own Your Mind: Introduction

I am so aware of the immense external violations unfolding as a means to ensure control over, yet I knew that it was in showing up that I would get to reclaim a truth that I’ve been playing with: what’s happening out there does not dictate the quality of my life. There is the collective reality shaped by collective consciousness, then there is my individual reality shaped by the quality of my mind. … Continue reading Own Your Mind: Introduction

What Darkness Reveals is the Wisdom of Living! (On my 35th birthday…)

After all these years immersed in my own Self-discovery and personal evolution, I have come to discover that wisdom is not something I can learn in a book. Wisdom is the function of living. It is cultivated through experience. No matter how much I learn through my intellect, unless and until I am able to live it, I will never know it as real…I will only be able to tell someone else’s story…and no matter how eloquently and convincingly I can tell that version of the story, it isn’t mine. And I’m here to LIVE my own experience…as fully and as embodied as is available to me in any given moment. … Continue reading What Darkness Reveals is the Wisdom of Living! (On my 35th birthday…)

Why I Became a CODE Model Coach™

In living my life through the WEL-Systems® paradigm I have discovered the immensity of my power. By engaging this process, my Life has transformed. From the conversations I am having, to the people I befriend, to the way I interpret Life: it has all transformed. Fundamental to all this has been the transformation of my perception of what a human being is; what consciousness is; what Life is. I have no sense of any complete “answers”, and yet I notice myself continuously asking bigger and bigger questions. … Continue reading Why I Became a CODE Model Coach™

Biodigital Convergence Report, The Canadian Government & The New (Trans)Human

As a natural and well-trained critical thinker I believe that rather than assuming biodigital convergence is the best way forward, it would be imperative to contemplate larger, more important and far reaching questions, such as: What would it mean to leave the biotechnical convergence in the hands of a few global elites, technocrats and government officials? How many of us would continue to be considered humans with rights? Who decides WHAT is a human being in this new world? What percent “biology” would you have to have to be considered human? What about the role of eugenics in this emergence of human and technology? Who will program the transmition that controls thoughts, culture and reality? Will humans be individuals or a collective hive? Will individuals be able to think for themselves in a world where their brains are directly plugged to The Cloud? What about free will in this world of digitized control? Will individuals be able to override the suggested algorithms and choose for themselves? Will free will, agency, and body autonomy exist? Which version of these animal-human-digital organisms will still be considered human? Which version will be used for medical experimentation? Who gets to decide? And who is decided upon? … Continue reading Biodigital Convergence Report, The Canadian Government & The New (Trans)Human

What I know

You are whole, unique and essential to your world.

Your body reveals the truth of your experience; it never lies.

Your body is the perceptual filter that receives, processes, creates and transmits Signals.

Your intellect is a selection tool; it chooses.

Every response (impulse) in the body is an intelligent response. Beyond our judgements and habits, genius is to be found.

Transformation requires Space (Intention), Movement (Attention) and Flow (Invitation).

There are no accidents in the universe.  Everything is unfolding as it should.

Wholeness is your birthright.

You belong here.

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