Spark your potential

embody a more empowered you

In a external reality that is becoming increasingly more challenging to navigate, you can (you must!) discover how to become courageous, resourceful, resilient so you may live a sovereign being.

Dare! Realize your potential.

You are

in the right place, if …

you are fed up with the bullshit you notice around you

you are desire to ignite and engage your passion

you know you are the voice of your children and their future

you know you are here to leave this world better than you found it

you are ready to take charge of your life

Hey, Stela here …

your guide to embodying your courage

I am a certified CODE Model Coach™ and an educator to an alternative paradigm (through the life-transforming WEL-Systems® body of knowledge) which allows YOU to take charge of your own life.

With deep care and divine curiosity, I facilitate transformative conversations that lead to your embodied discovery: who and what AM I?

Here’s what I’ve discovered after 30 years of engaging with others: People don’t need advice or to have their answers put in place by another. They need a more powerful and effective way to find answers for themselves; and find value in the process that takes them there.

-Louise LeBrun, founder of WEL-Systems

Ways to Engage

Find out how you can engage differently, today.
Women Gathering

Empowering Conversations

In a world designed to disconnect us from our essence, come discover how to reclaim your I AM by engaging in conversations with women … differently.


Blossom In Power

Are you ready to stop playing small and ignite the fire that transforms lives? If your life isn’t what you want it to be, let’s work together to make it happen! Choose wisely and evolve into the best version of yourself .

Written Revelations

Dare to Question

A peek into my mind through stream of consciousness musings, moments & lessons learned, journal entries, poems & soundbites …intended to Spark the Sacred in you!

The experience

“Nourishing conversations”

It is so nourishing to have these kinds of conversations and you’re the perfect person to lead the discussions.


“Speaking my truth”

Stepping into that brave new world of speaking my truth is so much easier with a soft place to land.


“I felt heard”

Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and reminding me to find lightness and humour in it all.

When working with you, I assume

You are whole, unique and essential to your world.

Your body reveals the truth of your experience; it never lies.

Your body is the perceptual filter that receives, processes, creates and transmits Signals.

Your intellect is a selection tool; it chooses.

Every response (impulse) in the body is an intelligent response. Beyond our judgments and habits, genius is to be found.

Transformation requires Space (Intention), Movement (Attention) and Flow (Invitation).

There are no accidents in the universe.  Everything is unfolding as it should.

Wholeness is your birthright.

You belong here.

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Every moment and every breath is an opportunity for the creation of a meaningful emerging future.