Tapping Into the Consciousness of The All

Tapping into the consciousness of The All requires that I know and recognize within myself that which is present in another living being; in fact, in all of Life. It requires a deep, innate, intuitive recognition of the “oneness” or “sameness” of the animating force (consciousness) moving through all living entities. From my experience, the only way to access that deep, intuitive space of wisdom is by being open, present, and receptive to the subtle rhythms within my own body, my own breath?—?the energetic framework within my own Being.

As I breathe with conscious awareness, I can literally feel the sway of the unique internal rhythms inside my body, the fascia release to create more space for movement and flow within my Being. I stand like a tree, solid and grounded, yet flexible and agile. I micromove to the intuitive flow from within. I swing, I sway, I adjust… Knowing, the more I listen with my body from the quantum space I know mySelf to BE, the more space I create for my Self/Soul/Spirit/godForce/Consciousness/The All to show up. Full of a deep sense of content to be alive, to experience part of it all, to have a glimpse into the purest forms of consciousness that makes “me” up…I feel grounded, secure, spacious.

From the truth of my own experience I know that the same consciousness that animates all living entities such as the forest, the deepest depths of the ocean, all animals, also animates me. All of Life on this planet and elsewhere must be interconnected. Otherwise I couldn’t recognize in you that which does not live in me. The vibrations of the consciousness of say, a tree, must live in me as well if I am able to tap into it and recognize it as familiar.

THAT, is the power of tapping into our consciousness and from there, expanding our capacity for empathy to include empathy for Life?—?all of Life. Not just life that we perceive of our own creation (i.e. our own children or career achievements or wealth accumulation or…). This expansion of empathy to include feeling for all of life is one of the most powerful, profound, liberating feelings I have ever had the pleasure of feeling. The deep, innate recognition that I am part of the all, and the all is part of Me. In this recognition, time and space become irrelevant?—?simple constructs of a finite mind.

Yet I know, I am infinite. As is the essence of Life. All of life!

From this space of deep recognition of Self in all that breathes Life, I am more readily available to mySelf, and therefore my family and all of Life. I make congruent choices without allowing the temporary feeling of external pressures to conform to sway me in a direction that isn’t mine (at least not for long LOL). What an empowered way to live! Knowing, so deep within myself, that abundance is real. That my world is of my own creation. That my life is part of, and representative of, ALL of life. That by living from the highest, most honest space within my Soul, I am contributing to the swing of the pendulum of polarity in the direction that I’d like for all of life to go. I AM, in effect, that which I want to see in the world. And as a result, my world is full of magic, beauty, and Joy!

And it all starts with one incredibly simple choice: Breath…

I wonder, so email me …Have you ever sensed, viscerally, the interconnectivity of The All? What do you make of it? Does it impact your life? What does it feel like, to you? Is it real? What IS real? 

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!