Dear Declan, On Your First Birthday

Today, I broke all the rules. I picked you up from your bed and held you, embraced you like there wasn’t ever going to be another moment in time. I felt your little body press up against mine, knowing, this is eternity. I felt the warmth of your skin on me, and smelled your essence all the way into mine. I inhaled your breath as if it was mine.
I couldn’t be gladder you are here. 

Exactly one year ago, you were resting safely inside my body. 
And then you wanted out…
Took the world by storm! What a chaotic, messy, erratic, joyous, melancholic, massive, beautiful birth we co-created! 
You showed us your strength, determination, ability to keep calm in your zero-to-sixty no matter what
You showed us who you are, right from the get-go. 
In your last ultrasound three days before your birth, you communicated “it’s all good, guys”.
Peace sign. As clear as daylight. 
And it all is. 
Today, you are a tiny little man. Evolving into your own becoming. With your Self becoming more evident to me as you allow more of you to become knowable.
I already know you possess all you’ll ever need within you. 
I already know that you carry the immensity of the wisdom of all your ancestors in your cells. 
I know I’m here as a guardian to ensure you are safe and your mind is yours. 
So many prisons, this world has built. The worst ones are those that imprison your mind. The subtle ones you barely have time to notice, because they’ve convinced you you’re too busy to look. 
I’m here to tell you, none of it is true. Let none of it take hold of you
Not even for one nanosecond. 
I’m here to ensure you never feel you’re not enough.
I’m here to ensure you know, in every fiber of your being, you are everything
I am here as your guardian to ensure you know, your mind is yours
I’m here to remind you of all you already possess… 
You are a creator of life, not a taker.
You are a caretaker of the planet, not a destroyer.
You are a lover of Self, of your own internal wisdom. 
You don’t need anyone’s approval — not even mine! 
You get to choose how you create your life!  
As long as you remember… you are everything you were ever meant to be, in this unfolding moment. 

It’s in your name: Declan “A Man of Prayer”.
A sacred man. 
A man of wisdom. 
…A man full of Life! 

I can’t wait to get to watch you unfold increasingly more into exactly who you are

Thank you for the gift of making me your mother. The great reminder that we are each capital M-other to ALL of Life. 
Thank you for the fire you’ve reignited in me, for the joy of Life you’ve invigorated by your mere existence. 
Thank you for the ferocity you’ve enlivened in my entire being! 
Thank you, most of all, for being unapologetically you. 

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