Revelations of Truth, Information In Flow, Quantum TLC™

As I sit here covered with my grandmother’s blanket on my couch, I realize just how much energy it takes to access and bring to awareness deeply burried truths…

Truths I’ve been carrying since my mother’s womb.
Truths I’d rather look away from.
Truths within boxes burried deep.
Truths that, although out of my awareness, often run the show of my life.

After a massive wave of awareness and integration, I am left energetically depleted, yet full of life. Full of a deeper inner knowing that I have no words for, yet that I’ve hungered to satiate my whole life.

Words, the domain of the intellect, can never capture the essence of the experience.

The point, for me, is to BE in the experience. To invite it. To allow it. To be curious about it. To be courageous in it. To integrate it. To intimately know it.

Riding that wave of experience is what Quantum TLC™ is all about. This is the process that has transformed my life from the moment I discovered it.

I knew since then, it was not a technique. Not a how to. Not a step by step.

I’ve discovered since then, Quantum TLC™ is the wave of Life that I AM moving through the body. It is the wave that I AM that lets me know I am alive. It is the surrender of myself to my Self, to essence that I AM. It is the sweetest surrender to the part of “me” that knows a truth ready to be revealed, heard and integrated. It is that vulnerable moment of willingness to be revealed, first and foremost to myself.

The wave of Quantum TLC™ that I AM moves through the tissue of my body. It lets me know to pay attention. Not to the content, but the message transmitting. It is the invitation to stay with it until my body stabilizes and I know a different truth about myself. A truth I have no words for. No content. No need or desire to describe. In that, I know I have transformed.

It is the most difficult process to stay with when I would rather distract myself with habit; yet it is the most natural, effortless way of BEING when I choose to stay IN the moment of my experience, experiencing. Unstoried.

Yet it takes story to ignite the wave. And, it takes willingness to let the story go once the wave is present.

I have learned to truly respect the paradoxical and polar nature of the laws of the universe.

And in that, I can appreciate the layers upon layers of infinite self-discovery and evolution. There is a magical reason the journey through WEL-Systems® is that of a mystery school and not a course/program/certification. It isn’t a one and done.

It is magic revealed as each layer of discovery yields to the next, infinitely.

Let that sink in.

There is no “done”.
How can there ever be?!
By it’s very nature, life is mystical. Revelations are a journey of ongoing discovery, not a given to be known and done with.

In my life, there is no more deeply intimate process for LIVING fully in the moment, authentically present to my Self than giving myself permission to be vulnerably immersed in the experience of the wave that I AM, moving. Quantum TLC™.

And, as the wave moves, there is nowhere else I’d rather be than immersed in it, fully.

There is no greater joy than being in the essence of the experience, in the moment of the moment, fully Present.

There is no more powerful commitment to self-responsibility. Self-discovery. Self-exploration.

And yet, so few know it even exists as a possibility. Fewer still dare to discover more about it. Fewer than that know how to be in it. Fewest still know to trust it fully…to respect it infinitely. In my world, the latter are the lucky ones, not because fate has it so, but because they dared to choose it for themselves.

Yet Quantum TLC™, that wave of information that each of us is, is the birthright of each and every single one of us alive on this planet.

It’s just a matter of giving ourselves permission to claim that birthright as a possibility for ourselves.

I wonder …
Are you remotely curious?
Are you willing to discover?
…Do you dare allow yourself to go there?

If you’re curious about discovering more about the process of Quantum TLC™ and how it can transform your life, check out my upcoming conversation this January called Unveil Your Truth, Reclaim Your Self.

If you have questions or curiosities, I’m only but a message away…

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!