My First Ever Retreat: Cultivating connection, women in ceremony

As winter is here, I have found myself craving some interaction, relaxation and connection. With that in mind, I have created my first day-long wellness retreat at the gorgeous Gaia Wellness Centre!

The intention? Connection through ceremony, including yoga, breathwork, aromatherapy, meditation, and most importantly, conversation.

If you are curious about it, check out the attached flyer I created (took me forever! lol). 

The date I am considering is December 16th, just before the wilderness of the holidays. 

The experience is for every-body! I will provide modifications as needed, and props as well. The intention is relaxation and ease! Everyone is welcome. 

Please check out the flyer and let me know if you are interested.

Share this email with women in your life that you think might benefit from a day of relaxing, connecting and just being!

Sat Nam

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