On Schizophrenic Governance: And keeping the public constantly guessing

If there’s an essence that I can pick up from what’s going on today in this country (and worldwide), it’s schizophrenic. Our governance is intentionally schizophrenic. The more unpredictable, the more last minute, the more they can keep us on our toes and walking on eggshells, the more legitimate we believe their lies to be because we live in a constant state of anxiety, unpredictability, uncertainty over what’s next.

We have inherently incompetent people making consistently indecisive decisions, always claiming everything is temporary and perpetually future pacing what they’ll do next.

Have you read the new travel “lifting” of restrictions? It’s a mess. In one day, without rhyme or reason or warning, the committee of “they” decided: people who choose to remain jab-free can board airplanes and travel overseas. WHAT?! We are temporarily not imprisoned within these borders!? Great, I’m outta here.

Then all the overwhelm I feel inside of me because every single plan I had about my summer has now been thrown off. In one day I found out that I am allowed to travel and that my work is inviting me back.

What. The. Fuck.

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This is all part of the classic cycle of abuse— this is the abusive parent being ‘nice’ while all the while warning us not to get too comfortable, because they are still in power. Have your freedoms(ish) back this summer, but…don’t get too attached to that, yet, because come fall, ya never knowwwww.

So we all go along to get along. We frantically check all the new rules and regulations and wonder if we can have some freedom back, and if so, how much. Instantaneously we want to make decisions about our life, vastly different decisions than what we had planned, because, quite frankly, if we don’t change our minds now and do the “it” that we’d been waiting for, we don’t know in the fall if we’ll be able to.

Our rights and freedoms were taken away in a heartbeat. Now, they are being rationed just as impulsively (all the while repeating the mantra that it’s science). And, best of all, they continue to warn not to get used to this iteration of reality, either! Pfft.

Meanwhile, third mandated dose, coming right up (for your own good)! How badly do you wanna part of this society?!

The whole point is, don’t get used to anything. We (the state and it’s minions) will continue to keep you in a state of high alert, because …well, it’s easier that way to implement our Biodigical Convergence plans, which include a digital passport linked to a social credit system linked to your digital money and linked to your carbon footprint.

Coming right up…rations!

It’s fucking insanity, what we have collectively accepted as the new normal in order to …not …get a virus…that we all got, anyways?!! It’s rather mindboggling, to me. But hey…what do I know?!

If you’re called to listen to my two cents about what is going on right now with this type of global governance we have all moved into, I encourage you to listen to my latest YouTube video, here.

I don’t control the image that is selected (because I legitimately don’t know how and welcome any advice) but …how perfect is this one for the contempt and hilarity all in one that I feel! LOL.

I always like to leave you with something resourceful to consider for your own evolution as you move through the world. Today, my thoughts are around adaptability. How do you become more adaptable in the face of an increasingly unpredictable external reality?

The first thing’s first: we have to begin telling ourselves the truth that lives inside our bones. We have to be willing to face ourselves. To not lie to ourselves, or manipulate ourselves into believing something else that isn’t. For a great read on this, try this blog post on how we have become masterful liars.

We have to stop. Stop lying to ourselves. Stop making excuses. Stop telling ourselves why we can’t or why we should. Just … stop.

Reenter, and be with the experience of what IS. Not what you think should be or should have been, but what IS. Here. Now.

Let go of expectations (I know all of this is easier said than done; yet it must be done if we are to move forward toward our desired future rather than constantly trying to dodge a bullet). Make loose plans, but let go of the expectation for any of it to materialize.

How good can you get at being able to deepen your breath to the base of your spine no matter what you’re presented with?

  • How good can you get at trusting your body to tell you the truth of your experience?
  • How good can you get at listening to your intuition and making decisions from that space of deep inner knowing?
  • How good can you get at telling yourself YOUR truth?
  • How good can you get at being willing to stand alone, trusting your own self over anything external?
  • How good can you get at seeking alternatives to the conventional?
  • How good can you get at staying in the tough conversations, especially the ones you have with yourself?

The external reality we have all been navigating has become immensely unpredictable. The more resilient we can become, the better equipped we are with the skill of adaptability, the easier it will be for us to navigate whatever comes our way.

I believe this isn’t over for us. We have a long way to go before we settle into a new normal… the choices we make along the way will determine what our new normal looks like, both collectively and individually.

I don’t know what might happen collectively, though I have a good guess. I know that I am in the process of creating a different reality than that which embraces transhumanism and the Metaverse as a way of life.

Instead, I choose my Signal from Self to guide me, and my the path lead where it may …

What different choice will you make, for yourself, today?

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



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