About Me


Darkness, Revealing

That is the essence of my I AM.

Fuck is my favourite word.
(And that of my two year old son, too.)

Like fuck, I am versatile.

Fire is my element.

The subtle is my domain.

Day by day I embody and express through the ferocious, embodied voice of the Divine Mother.

Day by day I become increasingly unapologetically unfuckwithable.

I am here for the women who sense the violations of the paradigm of patriarchy in their bones, and are seeking to courageously transform into their highest self...for their children, for Gaia, for themselves.

A bit about

the essence of me…


I am a deeply caring and compassionate woman who is equally ferocious and courageous.

My hunger for life is insatiable; in that, I seek deep conversations that nourish the soul.

I am unafraid of your deepest, darkest secrets.

I have an immense curiosity that directs me toward that which most people want to avoid. That makes me a profoundly safe space for exploration and evolution.

I believe it is time to STOP playing nice, pretending, ignoring. It is time to start taking sacred personal responsibility over our lives, and create differently.

Spirit, Manifested

I am obsessed with the evolution of consciousness. With awakening, embodying and expressing the Truth that I AM.

Not the verifiable truth of another, but the wild, bizarre, paradoxical truth that lives inside each and every single one of us. The Truth of the Goddess. Accessing that truth is what frees us from our boxed-in lives.

I work with women who seek to own their power, and live from that empowered space of being.

The journey of perpetual evolution, by intention is not for the faint of heart, yet it is our birthright.

I believe the future of the world is in the hands of women.

I call on the Mothers.

Critical mass can only be reached when women, specifically, awaken to their power, embody their capacity, and LIVE from that place of deep inner knowing and congruency.

It takes women to stay awake, for culture to transform…to evolve…into a culture of:

  • matriarchal consciousness awakened and engaged (instead of transhumanism stemming from the toxicity of imbalanced and internalized patriarchy)
  • reciprocity and interconnectivity (instead of taking without being given and separation)
  • internalized sacred personal responsibility (instead of blaming)
  • personal accountability and holding others accountable (instead of deferring to institutions)
  • courageous fearlessness (instead of paralysis)
  • engaged sacred fire transforming what is to what we choose it to be (instead of wild-fire burning everything in it’s way)
  • internalized knowing of the majestic interconnectivity of all things (instead of separation, disconnect and discontent)

I am clear: without the awakened, unedited and engaged voices of the Mothers, our species is fucked.

Mothers: I call on you. Right here, right now. To dare to step into that which is holding you, your voice, and your children hostage.

invite you to consider the possibility that your limitations become your children’s limitations. 

Choosetoday, to NOT pass the intergenerational bullshit on to your children to deal with. Make it your life’s mission to take personal, sacred responsibility now … so that you may free yourself to hold all perpetrators (no matter their shape, size or power) accountable, courageously shame-free.

Without your voice demanding transformation through accountability, our children are doomed to lurk in the background while predators penetrate their bodies with indoctrination, conditioning, and unknown substances.

Our collective, sacred responsibility is the Protection of our Creations. Our children, our culture, Gaia.

We are at a pivotal point in our history where the choices we make will either turn us into biodigital convergents, OR will honour the union of body, mind and spirit that WE ARE.

The choice is ours.

If we hang on what was, there’s no hope.
If we hope someone else will fix it, we’re fucked.
If we keep relying on institutions to represent the majority, we’re being willfully ignorant to reality.
If we defer responsibility one minute longer, we will find ourselves and our children in a predicament we’d rather not be in.

THAT is why I’m here. For those of you who are attuned to the violations but don’t know how to become your most graciously ferocious self, I am here to remind you: You are attuned and brilliant. It is your cultural conditioning / programming that is responsible for you doubting yourself.

You are far from crazy, though you do live in a crazy-making world.

I believe it is time to stop giving in to it, perpetuating it, recreating it.

The time has come to just STOP. Check in. Notice. What’s congruent? Choose that choice of congruency, because your body told you. As women, we intimately know that. After all, we birth consciousness into a world of matter. We deeply care for our creations, and we are the Protectors of our children’s birthrights.

Connect with me if you are curious about how to integrate the conditioning sufficiently so you stay awake, attuned and engaged, so that you trust the vibration of truth of your experience.

Truth is, there is no final destination…

but there is a powerful starting point.

I am here as a spiritual educator

Not to yet another strategy, but to a different paradigm of being, as outlined in the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge.

That’s how the quality of our life improves.

I know, from personal experience that you too can remember who you are, discover your essence… that which you were before the cultural conditioning that shaped you into a “productive member of society”.

Because being proper and polite, a “good girl” is what has led to our modern-day predicaments.

If you want to find find out how else you could live your life, connect with me.

A bit about my history

and my credentials

My name is Stela Murrizi and I am a proudly certified CODE Model Coach™. I mindfully chose this way of living because it is the most powerful way I have discovered of how to live, from the evolving yet unshakable truth of my body.

I mindfully share what I have discovered with those who are fucking done and instead of dying, choose an alternative, empowered way to live. More about why I became a CODE Model Coach here, and why not a therapist here.

My family’s background is of poets, artists, doctors, and dreamers, persecuted by totalitarian regimes of Communist Albania. I arrived to this country as a refugee fleeing civil war. I sense the immensity of violations in my bones before I find “proof” of what I already know. I always honour my truth before anyone else’s.

I spent a decade in an abusive relationship and immersed in addiction.

Yoga helped, so I became a certified kundalini yoga instructor.

I have been seeking to find my way Home since I was 18 years old. I have spent years in anger management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, psychiatry, medicine, meditation and yogic explorations. I have read countless books and invested in coaching and other healing modalities in an effort to understand and own my traumatic and dysfunctional history, regulate my nervous system and thrive nonetheless.

Through all that, I managed to complete my Masters in Criminology.

What I have discovered from the WEL-Systems® framework for living is an empowering process and an ever-expanding context for reframing what I AM as a human being. In that, I know…the journey Home is evergreen, unique to each individual, and with infinite layers of discovery.

Truth is, there is no final destination…

but there is a powerful starting point.

I see your capacity

for breathtaking transformation.

And I deeply honour it.

Not ready to talk yet?

But are curious about my offerings?