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“The WEL-Systems® body of knowledge does not define us. It gives us a process through which we can constantly redefine ourselves in a meaningful way.”

Louise LeBrun – Founder of WEL-Systems®

The Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files are a Self-directed experience of a deeply personal journey of mind. They were created with an eye to the future and the escalating challenges we would face. With intention, they offer up an exploration of the process of mind that recognizes and respects that only you can effect the change you desire in your life. This audio program can show you how to go about doing just that. It will not define you but it will help you discover how to redefine yourSelf. ~ Louise LeBrun

In my experience, the most powerful gift you can give yourself, today!

Fully Alive has grown in many ways – in its clarity of expression; in the size of its intention and the message it carries; and in its invitation for you to accelerate the path of your own awakening. In a rapidly changing world, how we used to do it is no longer big enough, fast enough or courageous enough to pave the way for redesigning ourselves and our lives. ~ Louise LeBrun

Change doesn’t have to be hard, or a struggle, or take a long time. Phoenix Rising! offers a powerful new context for rapid, profound and generative change. Based on the cutting-edge science of quantum biology and the latest thinking on how human beings function, Phoenix Rising! offers an alternative to the ‘therapy’ model and shows you how to call up and engage the power of what you already have – and how to use it to work for you instead of against you. ~ Louise LeBrun

Tired of having the same old conversations, the same old way? Want to bring more meaning into your discussions with your friends, family and colleagues? Be the one to make the difference and let this book lead the way! Consider how life could change for you as you share this information with others before your next chat – and let new information weave its way through your thinking and your discussion. Without new information, your chances of having a more meaningful conversation are slim. Consider how much more powerful life can be when we allow the truth of our experience to be part of how we live. – Louise LeBrun

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