When He Looks in the Mirror, He Knows: The Essence of What I AM (poem)

When my son looks in the mirrorHe sees the universeReflected backIn his twinkle. He stares preciously Into his own eyesThe windows to the Soul,With a smirk that knows:He has been around beforeThousands of lifetimesAnd here he is againIn that sensual momentWith himSelf. He delightsIn the body he has chosenTo have this earthly experience. He stares… Continue reading When He Looks in the Mirror, He Knows: The Essence of What I AM (poem)

Distorted Love and Embodiment Practices

When I have fully transformed into every quantum space within me to shed my conditioning and get to know my Self as the magnificence of the godForce that I AM, when I have come to taste the deliciousness of my beloved essence, when I have come to prioritize my spiritual well-being above all else, I notice: distorted love is everywhere. And for me, the decision is divine: I am unwilling to participate in it any longer. 

Material Illusions Don’t Seduce Me: I know mySelf

You think the illusionary beasts you unleash to tame me should scare me, but I have tasted true freedom and my wild burns so hot it is blindingly untouchable. I have, after all, recently returned from the underworld who took me in its darkness, loved me tender, and spat me out as a ferocious warrior into this world of material uncertainty and mass-hypnosis.

I am Primordial Sound, Emanating. (poem)

I am primordial sound Emanating. I am the grunt I am the squeal I am the moan Of endless pleasure. I am the mother. The gasp between orgasms. The soundlessness Of emptiness, Of depth Of infinite space.