One-On-One Coaching

Discover internal freedom

& embody your unique Self

Learn how to be friends with your mind, your body and your life through CODE Model Coaching.

CODE Model Coaching™

is unlike anything else you’re likely to have encountered

It is an opportunity to show up fully as and for yourSelf.

It is an opportunity to unapologetically be honest with yourself so you can begin to trust your inner knowings.

It is an opportunity to exhale the cultural conditioning that has been lingering internally and inhale your potential.

It is an opportunity to discover the essence of what you ARE and create from there.   

It is an opportunity to fully decloak what lives inside of you, first and foremost, to yourSelf so you can own it all and create intentionally. 

It is an invitation to experience the massiveness of your being so that you can reclaim the wholeness that you are

It is an experience of unfurling, of evolving into the version of yourself that lives deep down in the essence of who and what you are

It is an opportunity to expand beyond the stories that keep you small and remind you: you are more than capable. 

It is an educational process of transformation to a an awakened matriarchal consciousness paradigm.

It is a perpetual journey of deep dives leading to the way Home. 

WEL-Systems is not a technique or a practice…

It is a gateway to a paradigm shift.

Now more than ever

do we need women to step in to their birthright as leaders, healers and protectors of Life

work with me to

  • become internally referenced
  • live your courage and compassion
  • trust and speak your truth
  • be rooted in your power
  • discover your essence, your I AM

Are you READY?

If you feel you have tried everything

and yet you still feel fucking crazy

I hear you.

The conventional allopathic paradigm has failed us all. Patriarchal dogma has infiltrated all aspects of our daily living. It seems noone can hear themselves anymore.

The external noise is too loud, full of strategies about how to change our behaviour so we can do better.

What I have discovered in my journey is that it is not about doing, but about being.

Working with me you will be invited to consider how your choices are impacted by your emerging identity within the context of who you are capable of becoming.

Living through the lenses of the WEL-Systems®  paradigm taught me so much about mySelf.

Waking up, and staying awake, to the essence of what we are requires we educate ourselves into a different paradigm.

Living authentically and congruently requires mindful Presence.

Embodied living requires we mindfully create our reality by making considered choices in the moment we are in.

The only choice worth making is the one that feels authentic to you, to your essence, in this moment.

Do you know how to make mindful choices that align to who you are capable of becoming?

As an educator to living the WEL-Systems® paradigm, I am here to welcome you as you are, and show you how to live aligned with the majesty of each unfolding moment so that you create a majestic life of your own choosing. 

Why live like this?

You can

Choose to live present, embodied, empowered.

The process of personal evolution demands that we dare to bear witness to the unique vibrations of truth that presents to us through the impulses of our bodies. We call it intuition.

You are in the right place if

you are ready to dive in and…

  • discover a different, enlivening way to live
  • no longer deplete your life force
  • transform your energy, aliveness and ease in life
  • appease your yearning for freedom, truth and passion
  • trust your innate wisdom
  • reclaim your personal power
  • do the deep inner “work” that is required to evolve and become your youest you
  • live authentically connected to your purpose and passion
  • honour your soul’s rhythms.
  • rediscover your way Home
  • live vibrantly alive!
our coaching partnership

Curiosity is my love language

The state of your body shows us the physical manifestation of your thought structures and breathing patterns.

Let’s explore together …

What is the internalized programming that runs the show of your life out of your awareness?

What are the binds that have held your thought structures and breath patterns in place?

Together we integrate them by engaging:

  • a life-altering process called Quantum TLC™
  • intuitive guided meditations specifically designed for your unique experience

As we mindfully choose, we integrate and let go, digest and metabolize so that we continue to evolve, reclaim and become

Are you curious to learn more about what I mean?



The manifestation of disease in the mind and body is highly predictable when we live in denial of our visceral truth. Lack of intimacy with self leads to lack of intimacy with others which leads to lack of intimacy with Life itself.

Invest in your Self

work with me

While each package will be created based on your individual needs, here is an example of what you expect working with me:

  • 1 hour discovery call to get to know each other.
  • One 180 minute introductory call to set intentions, learn about each other and explore the WEL-Systems® journey.
  • Follow up calls last …as long as they last. Set time for two hours, every two weeks to dive deep into the pain, transforming it into power and possibility.
  • Unlimited digital support on Signal and via email, giving you coaching, support, feedback and resources when you need it most.
  • Notes with action steps, journaling prompts, and recommended materials after each session.
  • Resources and Connections – I offer all my favorite tools, resources and support to connect you with the educators, healers and programs you might desire after working together.
  • Time commitment: 3-month minimum package.

Investment for individuals: $800 per month.

Connect with me now to create a life with more freedom, authenticity and joy.

It all starts with a single conversation…

Is there chemistry between us? Let’s find out …