Individualized coaching

as unique as you.


While there is no one size fits all when it comes to what works, my superpower comes from the intuitive-backed-by-science application of the predictable structure of thought.

How you think is predictable, and therefore ‘hackable’. Find out how to deCODE your mind so you come to know your Self.

Let’s go beyond your problem and transform your life. Guaranteed.

You take the lead, I ask the big questions.

You know your details; I know how the process of becoming more works.

That’s my unique gift: shining light in the dark, trusting … that’s where the gold is.


Package examples

Because we are all different

*these are not definitive of all that’s available. To create a unique coaching package for you, email me to get started.

One off problem oriented session & 1 week email support

This is for you if  you find yourself in a particular challenge and are seeking to help recontextualize your problem. Perhaps, there is no problem at all…only a vague feeling of “is this all there is?”

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau, perhaps you have tried everything and don’t know where else to turn, perhaps nothing makes sense.

This three hour clarity session will help you make sense of your problem, differently. Followed by a week of support. 

Investment: $333

Ongoing monthly support

This is for you if you are seeking to delve deeper into your unconscious and discover the undercurrents that run your life. 

Package  1: 1 two-hour coaching call a month and unlimited email support 

Investment: $333


Package 2: 2 two-hour coaching calls a month and unlimited email support

Investment: $555


Just email support

If you enjoy exploring your inner landscape through intimate writing, this form of support could be perfect for you. Unlimited email support for the month.

Investment: $222


“The power to transform does not lie in any particular ‘correct’ assumption. It lies in your willingness to tell the truth – out loud and in the presence of others – about the assumptions you carry.”

-Louise LeBrun, founder of WEL-Systems®



& FAQs

What type of coaching do you do? 

I am a certified CODE Model Coach, and my whole reason for coaching in this way is because it works. To find out how this type of coaching transformed my life, check out this piece on why I chose this type of work, and why I didn’t choose to be a therapist. To listen to how this paradigm transformed my life, you can do so here.

How do I get started?

Just email me to get started and I’ll guide you from there. What are you bumping up against that you need assistance with? 

How do you determine the cost?

The costs are determined based on the results you get after spending time with me. I charge $123 / hour, more or less. Sliding scale is available under special circumstances. 

How do payments work?

E-transfer is preferred, but I’m willing to accept PayPal.

Free resources to help clarify the process and why it works (hint: how we think is predictable; if you know to ask the higher order questions, you can see the patterns playing out and choose differently).

This blog post clarifies why this process works and how. Hint: it is based on the Predictable Structure of Thought, which means that it outline the process of how we come to know our truth.

Low cost resource

New Paradigm: New World is an incredible purchase that will help you begin to reframe how you hold what’s real and true for yourself. After all, there are lots of different ways to see the world… how’s your worldview working for you? (unfortunately only available on Apple devices)

Is this experience right for me?

Find out in this blog post.

Are there any requirements to work with you?

I am looking for women who are seeking to transform beyond their current perceived limitations. You’ll come in with a problem, and you’ll leave with a paradigm shift. If you’re curious, there is always more to discover… 

Can I email you with questions?

Of course! Just message me with anything that comes up for you. I’ll do my best to support you in your evolution.



How would working together help you become a more empowered and joy-full you?