Guided Reflections

Let’s journey and explore your inner landscape together.


Is there an issue you are experiencing and you don’t know how to make sense of it?

Are you looking for answers that feel right there yet are somehow out of reach?

Are you seeking to uncover the deeper layers while discovering the answers you are looking for, but have no words?


Your body knows the answers. My role is to guide you on how to listen, and together, we follow where the impulse takes us.


Investment: $222 for a two hour exploration


All about guided reflections

an opportunity to discover some concrete answers

What it is

A two-hour experience of delving deep within, with an intention to discover the answer that you’re looking for.

It is an exploration of your inner landscape, leading us to the answers we are seeking to discover.

How it works

We connect and talk about what the issue you are facing is. We set an intention, and then I guide you toward a hypnotic state and ask you questions to explore. Together, we follow where the journey takes us … there is no predetermined destination.

I follow your lead, because the answers live in your body. All I do is guide you toward them by asking the critical questions needed.

Why it works

Because you are in a hypnotic state, receptive to the higher-order questions without resistance. When resistance shows up, we explore that. It is that space that holds you hostage and unable to sense past the resistance — that’s what I’m here for. To hold space for you to keep going deeper.



& FAQs

How do I get started?

Just email me to get started and I’ll guide you from there.

What is the cost?

$222 for a single session (up to 2 hours; $40/30 minutes past that).

How do payments work?

E-transfer is preferred.

Can I email you with questions?

Of course! Just message me with anything that comes up for you. I’ll do my best to support you in your evolution.