The truth of it is, it can be difficult to make decisions that align with our authentic Selves in a world that ruthlessly pressures us to conform to the norm. The lies are deeply entrenched in the cultural conditioning and dogma that surrounds all modern institutions, and most of us simply go on replicating that which we have been taught.

To break free from the chains of cultural conditioning, we must consciously chose our own choices. For a plethora of reasons, for me this has meant veganism. It has been one of the most profound shifts toward internalizing the Truth remaining dormant deep in my Soul: we are all interconnected. From that spiritual space where I am everything and everything is me, I simply cannot make the conscious choice to harm another sentient being. For me, veganism is the path of the Soul.

Vegan Resources

You can start here for some information and resources I’ve found helpful on adopting a vegan lifestyle.

A bit about my long journey to veganism

Read about how I slowly but surely got here.

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