Vegan Resources

If you are committed to your own personal evolution and veganism is of appeal to you, I applaud you and am happy to help. Here I am putting together a list of resources that might be helpful to your in your path, and this is a list I will be updating as I find more information / resources. Trust your Self, trust that you know what you know, and chose courageously that which has meaning in your life.

As you navigate this path, know that the science shows, in addition to the plethora of other benefits, eating a vegan diet prolongs you life

If you are interested in reading about my four year long evolution to veganism, read on here. Comments, questions, feedback always welcome.

Getting Started

If you’re building your pantry from scratch, I’d start putting together these ingredients. For an extensive list which I adore, check out Oh She Glows. She even has a printable list! Pick what you prefer, and build slowly, it feels SO GOOD to have so much abundance!

Tips: 9 Essential Tips for Vegan Beginners

Essentially, eat any combination of these:

The culinary abundance is phenomenal! Plus, learning to experiment with WHAT ELSE is possible,
WHAT ELSE might you like, can be so empowering in allowing you to become more YOU!

Learn More about the Lifestyle

Meal Plan

Cooking Tips



Eating Out

While this can be tricky, I always find a dish no matter where I go! If I have to ask the kitchen to make me something special, they always accommodate (and I eat vegan, gluten-free, and low FODMAP, so trust me, JUST vegan is easy!)

Work Out

For those who want a healthy lifestyle, yoga is fantastic and all yogic philosophies emphasize the importance of a veggie diet…so, all in alignment there. And no, you don’t have to worry about protein!


Local Helpers (Ottawa area)

  • Deb Gleason, an ex-homicide detective turned Holistic Nutritionist who is very well informed, deeply intuitive, and cares tremendously (highly recommended!!!).
  • Amy Longard, Registered Dietitian.
  • Susan Macfarlene, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist.