Personal transformation requires an increasingly deepening connection and trust of our body. Becoming friends with the messages presenting in the body is critical to being able to hear the Signal from Self without too much interference.

Kundalini yoga is called “the yoga of awareness”. In my experience, for good reasons. Anything you are looking for from yoga, Kundalini has it — breath work, movement, meditation, strengthening, stretching, chanting, relaxation. The whole package. Whenever I think of the power of Kundalini yoga, I remember Russell Brand summarizing it so concisely…

There are uncountable stories of people healing themselves through Yoga  & Meditation. But one of most touching ones to me is and has always  been, Russel Br

I have been practicing Kundalini yoga non-dogmatically for over 13 years. I chose to become certified three years ago in order to deepen my connection to mySelf and the power of this technology. After being pregnant and spending this past year with my little man, I feel more than ready to share this gift with the world.

I am currently offering live classes bi-monthly

  • the first and third Saturday of every month (to view on calendar, click here)
  • at 9:00 AM EST
  • Over Zoom
  • Cost of each class is $5.00.

Kundalini Yoga Live & Unlimited Library Access

At this time, I am offering two live classes a month and unlimited access to the library content, which I am updating continuously.


Pay By Class

Pay per each live class.


Unlimited Access to Library

This is to support me in growing the online library as we continue to grow together!


If you are interested in finding out more…

Personal Transformation

A Kundalini Yogis Perspective

Why choose to practice Kundalini yoga? Here is a favourite piece I wrote that may shed some light…

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