Decloaking & Living Authentically

Acquire capacity to claim a new paradigm for living.


because transformation is possible when we intimately know the essence of our being

& have a process to engage to walk the walk.



This is one of those things you embrace by leaping first

 & trusting the newfound process as you emerge anew.

The journey? WEL-Systems® body of knowledge
The framework? The CODE Model™
The process? Quantum TLC™


Thursday September 26th – 30th
10 AM – 1PM & 3 – 6 PM EST
over Zoom

I’m willing to bet…

you’re searching for something different


you have spent your whole life yearning for a life of meaning? Searching for something BIG?

you have learned more than you ever wanted to know about spiritual healing, leaving agitated – when all you really want is your life back?

you have spent your whole life feeling like a rat in a cage, bracing against “reality” when all you really want is to feel free?

And despite it all, you know *in your bones*:


there must be more to life than you have been taught to believe there is…

Indeed, there is ….


If you crave to live a life of meaning


then Decloaking and Living Authentically

is for you!

because you are …


on the precipice of something big, but don’t yet know what that is.

done holding back from jumping courageously into your full potential.

seeking to uncover the lies you’ve internalized as real and discover the Truth of who you authentically are.

ready to quiet the external noise and learn how to listen to and live from your most intimate truth, as emerging from within.

tired of the same-old, the pain, the rage, the sadness, the despair, and is looking to discover how else you might consider living your life.

seeking accelerated evolution, even if you don’t know what that means.

seeking to empower yourself and each other while building a wealthy community of empowered women who deeply care.

If you’re reading this, you know: it’s time to get your life back.

By reclaiming the territory of your body and your mind so you get to know the joy of your essence.

I want you to know

Who you have been, is not who you are capable of becoming. 



who you have been conditioned to believe you are

(& how your mind-body-spirit connection works)

is *highly* predictable.

If you knew that your mind is hackable (because it is predictable), would you want to know how?!

Point blank: we cannot live empowered and meaningful lives when we don’t know ourselves. This is *why* I’m facilitating this experience: I want to teach you how to pattern-interrupt your habits and own your mind so you can live sovereign and free.

(You don’t really believe we live in a world where almost everyone is in pain by accident, do you?)


 If you want to know yourself better than the powers-that-be know you…
join me for an intimate conversation that is guaranteed to blow your mind.


…after all, that’s what a paradigm shift is.

What if you chose to live your best life, today?

…because it is possible.

paradox is: it must be chosen.

In the five days we spend together

You will learn all things WEL-Systems®

(because of it’s transformational power)

Introduction to the “tried-and-true, simple and powerful models that become the stepping stones along a pathway to being in charge of your own life.”

In intimate conversation over five days, we explore together the journey through the models:

>> how you come to be who you are (and who you are capable of becoming)

>> the structure of your reality that holds you captive to your circumstancces (and how letting go of ‘knowing’ to be in the unknown is the key to creativity and possibility)

>> how to live in “aha” moments perpetually, with intention

>> how your upbringing (inclduing birth order) has impacted who you believe yourself to be (and how to free yourself from that)

>> what are the strategies you developed to survive (and how to notice them so you let them go)

>> how cultural conditioning has shaped your internal landscape (and, once uncovered, how to replace those beliefs, values and attitudes)

>> how choice in the moment is *the only* thing that creates our reality (and learn how to make congruent choices)

>> how the choices you make are dependent on who you believe yourself to be (and how to uncover that)

>> how the interplay of Signals Dancing™ impacts your reality (and how to begin to notice)

>> what your body is as a quantum biological processor (and the implications of that reframing)

>> how your body is the *only* device that can process the information moving through it (at quantum speeds!)

>> how the essence of what you are is quantum, not allopathic (and why mindfully choosing to stand on the quantum side *profoundly* transforms your life)

>> how to live from a space of clarity of internal cues and make choices that map to your becoming

>> what is the CODE Model and what makes it so powerful as a framework from which to deconstruct my thoughts and body responses (this is the ‘map’ of our mind-body-spirit interconnectivity)

>> what is Quantum TLC™, what are waves, why is this THE most critical component of this whole journey (hint: it is the essence of our being)

Come play with us to discover…

how an understanding of proccess
and a reframe in context about what you are as a human being 
is *the IT* that holds the absolute power to transform the quality of your life,
should you so choose.

(let’s face it, you’re here because nothing else has worked)


Lives, Transformed

Jennifer Hatt


I lived and released a lifetime in the five-day experience.

My recent Decloaking experience was a rebirth of my life in the quantum paradigm, pushed this time from a foundation solidified by knowledge I invited and allowed to penetrate, models and structures I labelled as ‘Newtonian strategies’ that in fact draw me deeper into mySelf and my own awareness. I am a prolific storyteller, and for years even as I evolved as a quantum being in a human experience, I have used storytelling to dim my light, slow my progress. Why? Deeply held cultural beliefs that I was ‘too much’, beliefs that I have fiercely defended and railed against for most of my life, a brilliant and exhausting start-stop that kept me spinning in place under the illusion of progress.

I know different and choose accordingly.

Mahalo and much RIG to you, Stela, for being fiercely you and fiercely committed to all who choose to step into their own power … completely unfuckwithable … a gift to us all.

I attended a six day residential WEL-Systems® retreat with Stela as the facilitator. This experience was the highlight of my life! Stella is simply extraordinary as a coach. She is the godForce embodied, wisdom, calm, ultimate generosity and intelligence speaking to, and uncovering, that place in me. She is that self realized and courageous soul that dares to see your truth and dare to call you up on it. There are no words to express my gratitude and knowing Stela. I know she can hold me in complete safety and take me where I want to go.

Randi White

Karina Evangelista


Stela, I was honoured to be a part of your first Decloaking intensive, and you fucken’ rock! Your awareness of the little parts of us that hide, YOU reveal. 
You staying present to what was moving through me and my boundary, you stayed present to yourself during what it called up in you.
I hear Louise LeBrun often say: as CODE Model Coaches, the people we engage with can only grow to the level WE allow OURSELVES to grow, reveal and be seen, and you, Stela, demonstrated fearlessness within your growth! A sense of curiosity within yourself and within me. Really this was a magical moment for me and because of that my life is different. Your willingness, and fearlessness, helped me and I want people to know that.

Truth is …

Decloaking is not just any conversation – it’s one that will change your life.

It is not a training or therapy.

It is not a practice or technique.

Decloaking is a default pattern interrupt.

It is a new perceptual filter that encourages you to get to know yourself differently.

It is an opportunity to discover and own what’s meaningful for you.

It is a small group, life-altering experience that transforms who you are and awakens your potential to design your life.

What price would you pay to be able to

design your life, by intention

Let that one sink in.

Truth is, you are a seeker. So you will keep exploring what else is out there that will help you get to the “it” you’re looking for. So, you could keep trying … 

…online courses and self-help books that satisfy your intellect that leave you feeling powerless yet again.

My truth about it from my lived experience? If your intellect could have transformed your life by the implementation of the perfect strategy, it would have by now.

The key is the body.

…coaches, retreats and gurus that provide you with understanding and catharsis, but no process to transformation.

My truth about it from my lived experience? Nothing worked because it all operates in the paradigm of externally referenced. Which means seperation from internal cues.


The key is learning how to live internally referenced.

…bulldoze through life with same strategies hoping to get different results, but you already know: what you got is what you’ll get. 

My truth about it from my lived experience? Historical and familiar ways of moving through the world are NOT working. Will you choose to wake up to that viscearl knowing?


The key is learning is embracing the unknown.

If you are adamant on trying the same old you’ve tried a thousand times, I won’t stop you.


I am a HUGE proponent of choice. And what I know is that there comes a point when we are fucking done wasting our lives on that which no longer serves us.

And, it takes immense courage to step into that which we intuitively sense will show us how to know ourselves and pave our own path.

This is why the journey of self-exploration and discover through WEL-Systems intensives is a “bottomless pit” as Louise LeBrun (founder of the Institute) described it. Or as a client recently said: “this is something I could chew on forever”. YUP!


Self-betrayal has immense costs. Discovering the essence of your being so you intentionally design a life of meaning is priceless.


for this Introductory WEL-Systems experience



What’s included in the cost:

Five days of group coaching as introduction to WEL-Systems way of moving through the world.

Education to the models and how they apply to you, right here, right now.

The Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files (mandatory for this experience as they provide the larger context from which to contextualize our discoveries).

A workbook with all the models for your new reference points.


“Without exception, it is in that place where our deepest secrets are kept that our greatest treasures can be reclaimed.”

– Louise LeBrun


What you’ll leave with

a greater sense of knowing your essence

>> new process to engage when a challenge presents
>>introduction to a new paradigm of what is a human being
>> transformation through choice
>> ability to know how to make congruent choices
>> clarity of intention
>> introduction to new beliefs, values and attitudes that serve you moving forward
>> re-frame of how to interpret a problem so you derive at its wisdom
>> ability and willingness to trust yourself
>> learn to live from the inside-out
>> awaken to your blind spots and how to stay perpetually awake
>> awaken to the undercurrents that run your life and transform them
>> learn a new process to break your habits
>> walk the walk of spiritual teachings
>> practical application of Quantum TLC
>> feel free and powerful in the creation of your meaningful life!

Here’s how Decloaking transformed my life

from “I am an addict” to I AM the godForce, manifested

WEL-Systems® has given me my life back. The past does not define me, the moment I live in is where potential lives, and the future unfolds from the choices I make today.

Stela Murrizi – From my testimony post Decloaking, found here.

Some kinds words

Clients have shared with me…


About the experience

Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from everything else out there?

This experience is an original WEL-Systems® creation. The experience is not a course, or a workshop, or a training. Instead, it is the experiential introduction to an alternative process informed by the quantum paradigm. It is an opportunity to reframe what you are as a human being so that you go beyond solving your problem to transforming your life, and know: I AM safe.

How do I get started?

You secure a spot by reaching out to me. Reach out even if you are considering participating but have not yet made up your mind.

What is the cost of the experience?

The cost for these explorations is $2222, paid via an e-transfer once you sign up. If you require payment plans, talk to me. If you already own the audio files, the cost is $1999.

What’s included in the cost?

  • The Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files. Listening to these audio files is mandatory as they provide the larger context from which to contextualize our discoveries. If we are going to expand our mind, we must expand our framework of mind …that’s the point of decloaking.

  • If you already own these, your cost for participation is $1999.

  • A workbook with all the models for your new reference points.
  • Snacks, tea and coffee.

What about overnight accommodations?

Talk to me! I have options available.

Are there any requirements for this experience?

A requirement of this experience is that you listen to the selected audio material individually, engage with the group as the wave moves in you, and stay Present as each woman reveals the truth of her moment. 

What is CODE Model Coaching™?

CODE Model Coaching is unlike any other type of coaching you’re likely to have experienced because it operates from a paradigm that declares: I AM the whole manifesting uniquely. To find out a bit more about this unique type of coaching, check out my one-on-one coaching page.

What is the WEL-Systems® paradigm?

This body of knowledge provides the educational foundation requires to leap into the matriarchal paradigm. To find out more about this life affirming body of work, check out the website.

How have these experiences impacted your life?

I went from knowing myself as an addict to knowing myself as a godForce. A big leap, indeed.

If you are curious about how this body of knowledge transformed my life, I encourage you to visit “Why I became a  CODE Model Coach“.

Can I add a one-on-one package to this experience?

Of course! If you are looking to add additional support as we move through this experience, message me to create a package that meets your needs.

Is this experience right for me?

To find out if this is the “right fit” for you…email me! Generally, this experience is for any woman who is ready and willing to reclaim the quality of her life. Transformation is possible! 

  Why work with me?

Because I’ve been there & I deeply care.


But more than that, I live the power of the paradigm. So I can show you, in real time, how to also walk it. Because … talk is cheap.

So, allow me to guide you in a new process as you discover what is beyond the horizon in your own life, discovering… it is safe to be “me”, right here, right now.

Empowerment through safety and freedom is your birthright.

Are you willing to claim it?

Here are a few things that I have come to know about Stela over these last years.  There are many words I could use to describe who I have come to know her to be:  fierce… courageous… fearless… unrelenting… edgy.  She hears and sees things and is unwilling to look away and pretend that she does not.  Her grasp of this WEL-Systems® body of knowledge is broad and deep; her trust in the natural unfolding of its expression is without question.  All of these are formidable and compelling and immensely powerful in the dance of perpetual evolution for its own sake. 

But what makes me trust her with my life and yours… trust without question both her willingness and ability to stand with me as I take a stand for myself… is the depth of her compassion and caring.  Her willingness to stay… present and engaged… without judgment and without the need to protect herself. Such immense RIG for herSelf and others… and all of it, expressing in wave after wave after wave of her own great joy in this Life-altering journey of discovery!  Does not get much better than that.

Louise LeBrun
(founder of WEL-Systems)

Here’s what I promise you

I am here, with you.


I will show up authentically in my wholeness to witness your unfurling.

I will hold space for you to show up exactly as you are while you express the truth of your experience as it presents in the moment.

I will support you in your expression of decloaking to yourself.

I will encourage you to exhale the cultural conditioning that has been lingering and inhale the essence of who and what you are.

I will educate you to the fundamentals of how you came to be who you are through the WEL-Systems models.

I will educate you on how to engage the most expansive process of self-discovery and transformation I know (Quantum TLC™). I will show you, in the moment we are in, how to engage this life-affirming process.

I will educate you to see yourself and your world through different perceptual filters (what happens if you take off those rose coloured glasses?).

I will never weasel out on you; I will consistently encourage you to go deeper. These conversations are for women ready to reclaim themselves.

I will always treat you with utmost respect, integrity and generosity of Spirit. I will never assume you are small, broken or insufficient no matter what.

I will never have answers for you; I will always look for the intelligence in what’s presenting and ask expansive questions so that you may see it, too.

I will look for the patterns in your life, the undercurrents that run the show. I will not solve your problems.

I will be your mirror to the aspect of your consciousness that you seek to awaken, embody and express.

I will show you how the only guide you need is the connection to yourSelf/the Signal that you are (this is the context/paradigm I live my life from).


We are in this journey together

Curious about WEL-Systems®?


Start here

About me & Accelerated Personal Evolution

Curious about my journey? Get to know me and my work by listening to this episode with Tessa Rae from the Joy of Decay Podcast. So fun!

The WEL-Systems® Institute

This body of knowledge will not define you. It will give you what you need to redefine yourself. The starting point for a paradigm shift about who and what you are as a human being.

Decloaking and Living Authentically

Listen to the first ‘CD’ from the audio files and notice if it deepens your hunger to discover more. If so, message me.

Still unsure? 

Truth is, because this is a paradigm shift, it’s hard to know what you don’t know. The good news? That’s exactly the fecund space for possibility to unfurl…

If you’re curious, you’re halfway there.
So don’t be shy, listen to your intuition.