Soul Portrait: Moon Cycle & Winter Solstice

This Soul painting is a dedication to the phenomenon that is representative of the feminine, life-giving force: The Moon Cycle. Inspired by a powerful, life-altering meditation, an intuitive vision, and the potent work of Alberto Agraso from whom the Soul portraits idea came from, this personal Soul painting holds particular significance for me in my life in this very moment.

In my 31 years on this planet Earth, I have never really been aware or experienced the connection between femininity, intuition, and the cycles of the moon. This powerful Winter Solstice day, however, has forever changed that for me.

This Winter Solstice has, to my surprise, profoundly influenced my life. I only know this because I paid attention to my body, my intuition, and the wisdom gathered throughout the centuries that is now disposable at my fingertips.

This month my moon cycle happened to coincide with the actual moon cycle. Some see this as coincidence, I know now that it is not. I do not usually pay attention to the moon cycles, however something called me to look at the calendar and notice that in fact, my moon cycle has been coinciding with a full moon for a number of months now. Finding this out during this Winter Solstice reassured me –this cannot be a coincidence –nothing in the Universe is.

In an influential meditation I experienced yesterday, I asked myself an important, life-altering question. The answer revealed itself to me through an upward sweeping wave through the left side of my body–the nurturing, feminine side. I knew at that moment, that the answer to my question was an unequivocal “yes”. I proceeded with my day, confident in what I knew that I knew.

I knew I had been craving to paint for a few days now, and I kept postponing it to Saturday (today). It’s like I knew that I wanted to paint, I just wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Today, I woke up with an idea I imagined in my sleep last night. I woke up with the sketch in my head –I knew exactly what I needed to paint.

Like I said before, this paining is representative of my Soul as I experience it today. As a life-giving, fierce force whose monthly flow sheds the old and prepares for the new, she carries within her the seeds of life, patiently waiting for years for the right fertilization that will allow her strong body to grow, sustain, and birth the mystery of life, consciousness itself.

I cannot express why I chose to impregnate her with the moon over the Earth or the Sun. I know only that this is the image I woke up with.

Coincidentally (though actually not), the Full Moon today is in her home sign–Cancer, a watery, feminine, and manifesting sign. Cancer, as it turns out, is the family, the roots, the mother’s womb, the safe, nurturing space where life is formed. Did I intellectually know all this last night and this morning when I was painting? Absolutely not. And yet, I intuitively knew and allowed it to influence me as it would.

Cancer, as it turns out, is also my preciously pregnant sister’s sign. So, I am choosing to also dedicate this Soul painting to my sister, who is the water to my fire and the mother of my divine niece.

My Soul knows today, that mothers have the purest hearts. They adore and protect their children not only in their belly, but most importantly throughout. …at the very least, as a generalization conceptualized by my Soul, they intend to. This is why in my Soul painting her heart centre, the energetic centre responsible for love and connection to the divine, is open and radiating a protective, white light that surrounds her whole being and the world around her. She knows only to give what’s in her heart, pure love.

Since the Full Moon is in her home sign today, it means that it is more powerful than ever. This, I have now experienced first hand myself and I have trusted to believe what I know that I know. Because, I know.

The internet tells me that at this time, there is a Mercury (facts)-Jupiter (intuition) conjunction which allows for an opportunity to bring both parts of the brain together to access the naked Truth. I know, too, that when women are on their moon cycle (uninterrupted by hormones or other drugs, of course) we are not only more intuitive, but our cognitive abilities change, so this is a great time to explore and stay in close communication with ourselves pertaining to our needs. Without intellectually knowing, I gathered an illuminating insight into my personal life and I painted on canvas what my Soul called for. Today I am filled with a deep appreciation for the unconscious connection to the divine that intentionally reveals itself to us, if only we would chose to listen.

Indeed, the moon has a clear message for me at this time: it is time to switch gears, to take life in a new direction. I know exactly which direction that is for me.

Do you know yours?

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!