Who you are, is Goddess

This poem is for the pre-teen girl who has forgotten her eternal beauty, because this world has taught her that instead of it being ugly, she is.

It is heartbreaking what she has already experienced, what she has witnessed, and how she has been consistently put down.

She has been made to feel worthless, small, insignificant. Because the adults around her have been taught to feel worthless, small, insignificant. The cycle has repeated itself many times over, and on and on the cycle goes.

She is sad, seeking attention, validation, admiration.

Love, really.

That’s what we all seek when we perceive ourselves as a burden rather than a powerful goddess walking this planet.

I hope she remembers her goddess-ness.

I hope she remembers the pain is temporary, and the wounds that now seem sore and open, someday, when she is ready, they heal.

And those healed wounds give her the strength she needs to be vulnerable in the world, to be in it, but not of it. To be present for those who have no other.

She understands their pain, and she does not allow it to become an inhabitant in her body.

She cares so deeply, so intensely.

And she is wise: she knows she can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

That’s the way our universe works. She, too, a powerful force of nature, knows that she can only give to those who seek…the rest, she must watch struggle.

Until they are ready.

Someday, when the pain and anger transforms into gratitude and play, she knows: all is well, and it was all worth it. For this is how she grew into the goddess that she is.

But first, she must break the cycle. She must choose to see the world differently than how she has been taught.

She has to let go of the external voices that demand external validation. She must go within, to the Source, the Soul, the essence of her own infinite voice.

That is where she will find Truth.

Abundance over scarcity.

Beauty over ugly.

Love over fear.

She must remember, this is her choice. No one outside of her will save her. She has the strength that she needs, contained in every cell of her beautiful body, to chose a life worth living, for herself.

She is young, and she is mighty.

She is vulnerable, and she is strong.

She is developing, and she is wise.

She is the force of the entire universe, contained within herself.

She is all of the worlds beauty, because she is who she is, and allows it to be so….

She is the source of the beginning, light, life.

She is love itself.

Are your habits hurting you?

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How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!