Being in the Flow of Life

Today is the kind of day where my womb is inviting me to cocoon. To stay put. To introspect. To go within and experience the totality of being.

Today is the kind of day where my body is asking for rest. Nothing to do. I simply be. With my body, with my senses and sensations. Fully feeling.

I am whole.

I have no desire to be anything but that which I am, in this very moment. The simplicity of being is enticing. I take every chance I get to become one with it.

In my perceived discomfort, I recognize the power of the Flow of Life. Being so in tune with myself, my body, my Spirit. Aligned. Alive. Sensing.

I notice myself smiling at the notion of trying to medicate and silence these sensations in the past. The notions of “pain is bad” because it keeps me “unproductive” are but distant memories of a now well integrated past.

Today, in this moment, I know. I AM the Flow of Life, and it is me. I ride each wave of sensation with grace and gratitude.

For we are the living expression of the miracle of Life. Magic. Animalistic. Boundless beauty.

Forever Flow.

I honour it all.

I cherish it all.

I embody it all.

I invite it all.

I allow it all.

I become it all.

I AM it all.

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