I am Primordial Sound, Emanating. (poem)

I am primordial sound

I am the grunt
I am the squeal
I am the moan
Of endless pleasure.

I am the mother.

The gasp between orgasms.
The soundlessness
Of emptiness,
Of depth
Of infinite space.

Filled with the essence of purity.

I am the deafening silence of winter, pitch black darkness.

I am the screech
The wolfs howl
The soul, devoured.

I am the laughter of innocence.
I am the curiosity, provoking.

I am as raw as woman birthing child.

I am unapologetic and loud.

I am deep as sorrow,
Ancient as grief.
The wailing of a mother
Who just lost her child.

I am the joy of the dance.
The beat of the drums,
I am wild.

I am the movement, free flowing
Barefoot on the ground.

I am a gypsy soul,
Belonging only to The All.

I am the sound of sweetness,

I am the vibration expressing through silence,
I can only be felt,
Once you allow it.

I am as deep
And as layered
as the depth of a single multiple orgasm.

I am sacred.

I am transcendence.
I am transformation.
I am trans.

I am the ferocious roar, demanding.

I am the beat
Of the heartbeat
perpetually in flow.
From body to body
TImeline to timeline
Without a pause.

I am the rhythm of life,

Inhaling desire,
Passion, exhaling.

I am a rhythm as lush
and as tempting
as a woman’s hips, swaying.

I am the whosh of the blood rushing
Through your veins.

You could hear me effortlessly, once.

When I comforted you
In your mother’s womb.

I am the faint
Yet infinitely deep internal
Voice of truth
That you can only hear
In total silence.

I am profoundly powerful
In my authentic delivery of Truth.

I am your voice
Before the language
Of another
Consumed you.

Can you still hear me?


In a world filled with “experts” and opinions-masked-as-truth, I believe it is absolutely imperative to be able to hear the sound of your own vibration.

Join me this January, “Unveil Your Truth, Reclaim Your Self”.

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