I was at the Freedom Convoy and all I found is Humanity’s Spirit!?

Generosity, Integrity, Respect, Authenticity and LOVE!

And not a single thing less! I was showered with so much HUMANITY …I had forgotten that it was possible…I was treated with more dignity than much of my friends and family have been able (or willing) to muster up these last two years of incredible division.

I saw, with my own two eyes, much past the lies and illusions portrayed by… whomever (who probably hasn’t been there in the flesh). I saw how cooperative everyone was with each other and the police.

I talked to police officers who were happy to be there because “this affects us too, you know”. I don’t care one iota about the politics behind it–I care deeply for the movement and it’s messaging as it stands!

The immensity of the gratitude I felt, of belonging to a moment in time and a group of people gathered in UNITY, I will never forget.

No matter how it goes (and we know who has the bigger guns), I am SO glad I went and was part of this beautiful part of history in the making!

It’s not about the outcome, for me…it’s about the process. The metaphor of WE WOKE UP THE WORLD! Loud, yes. Massive, yes. Determined, yes. And zero fucks given about the bulshit narratives gobbled up by those who have not even been there, or whose agenda are politically aligned and motivated, because THEY KNOW why are they are and they are NOT apologizing for it!

So much LIFE in all of this…I feel the spirit of humanity alive and well!

This is the best picture, as a metaphor for we are HERE, we are LOUD, and we are reclaiming our birthright of PROTECTOR of innocence!
This!!! Exactly, this.

The Polish also know.

As do we, the Albanians.

Last few thoughts here:

I have never hugged so many strangers or cried in their embrace.

I have never felt more alive, more certain, or more aligned with a massive group of individual strangers.

I have never loved police more than I did being here. They were kind, smiling, UNMASKED, and everyone saying hi or nodding.

I felt safer here than ANYWHERE else public (and often private homes) I have been to in the last TWO fucking years!

I was treated with more respect and dignity here than family and friends have been able to muster up in the last two years. For my experience alone, I am eternally grateful to this movement!

PS- Its your governments that are systematically killing small businesses, not the truckers.

The government took their chairs away, not the truckers.

But, as always, it’s easier to blame the people asking for democracy and freedom than it is to dismantle inherently oppressive institutions built on genocide and the backs of slaves and build something NEW, not from the oppressive paradigm of patriarchy but from a balanced mindset! …but first, of course, we need a balanced mindset…and that, starts at the individual.

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