The Illusion of Choice when Living Below the Choice-Point: Instead, leap into authenticity!

In a recent blog post, Louise LeBrun explored the notion of Intimacy with Self from a historical perspective and from a choice-point up perspective. Intimacy with Self is the most critical tough conversation we need to engage in if we are to take ownership of our mind and in the process reclaim our lives so we no longer repeat history but create with intention that which enlivens our Life Force and ignites our purpose. 

In the Predictable Structure of Thought (THE most powerful tool to help us understand our mind), between intimacy with self (as the culturally conditioned version of you) and intimacy with Self (as the Signal from Self, quantum-biological beings that we are) lives the choice point. 

The choice point (while overlooked everywhere else where the Logical Levels of Thought are taught) is the most critical ‘level’ to grok if we want to change our lives. 

This post, by the way, will likely make most sense to those who are familiar with choice-point up living; and if that’s not you, keep reading anyway. 

When we stand at the choice point, the moment we are in NOW, we have the choice to choose from history and limitation (aka who we believe ourselves to be), or to choose from potential and abundance (aka who we are capable of becoming). This is the most fundamental choice we must make in each waking moment. 

Now, here’s where it gets tricky when you don’t understand what I’m referring to above: when you hear choice, you compress it into a familiar box that says you can make different choices from within the confines of how your life “is” (as in, reality). So reality is real and the best you’ve got is to learn how to make better choices within it.  

The problem is that from this way of conceptualizing reality as external and fixed, choosing becomes an illusion. 

Think about this: if what you’re doing is choosing from what you already have, are you really choosing to manifest? Or are you choosing to comply? If you mistake choice for options, then you will be trapped in the illusion of choice, yet your life your never change. 

Moving away from what you don’t want is not the  same as moving toward that which you do want. Creation with intention, or manifestation can only happens when you know what you want to create instead of the box your conditioning has predefined as ‘real’.

From a CODE Model perspective, if you are choosing from what you already got, you are choosing from the past (the green lines). If you’re choosing fourth-level down, you will repeat history and what’s familiar (give or take a few details).

But. If you want to change your life and manifest a meaningful reality, you must redefine who you are. So you must go to your Emerging Authentic Self (6th) and pay attention to your body and what it is revealing to you.

From this space of exploration from above the choice-point, you create your reality rather than react to it. You do not presuppose reality is a given. After all, there is no “real” reality in the holographic constructs of our mind – there is only reflections of what you believe to be real and true, manifested

So if you want to redefine your reality “out there”, you must redefine who you are as a quantum-biological human. You must go above the choice-point and look at yourSelf through those perceptual filters. 

Only then can you have the manifesting a meaningful life conversation… 

So, in the upcoming Engaging and Awakenging Others exploration on March 21st – 25th, we will delve into the historical constructs that taught you to believe you are, and we will explore this fundamental question:

Who do you need to become in order to be able to create your reality? 

Bottom line? If you seek to define yourself from choice-point down “reality”, you will be stuck in trying to create new reality from beliefs, values and attitudes you already carry. The most fundamental limiting belief is that you are not God (you are a child of God, you are made from God, etc. but you are separate from God), therefore you can’t manifest beyond the predetermined storylines already presented as potentially real. 

I’m here to remind you that that version of our story is a lie

You are the godForce manifested in tissue. You are the whole manifesting uniquely. You are wholeness having a unique experience. You are already all you will ever need to manifest your meaningful life. Are you curious to discover what that feels like? To know yourself as The Force of Manifestation itself

If so … first you must engage the tough conversations you are seeking to avoid. You must be willing to let go of the limiting stories you tell yourself and look The Beast in the eye (that’s the never-ending Engaging and Awakening Others conversation). You must look above your historical and familiar cultural conditioning and choose from your Emerging Authentic Self. 

If you want to change the choices you make you have to go above choice point so you discover the essence of who you are. 

If you are, intimacy with Self is the conversation to be in … who do you need to become to make the choices that align with who you are?

Recorded from the ?Unapologetically Unfuckwithable ?yearlong experience all about reclamation of person power, this piece explores:

  • what it takes to perpetually seek “aha” moments of discovery
  • how staying curious will invite you to notice the finer distinctions of discovery
  • how to notice what’s a culturally conditioned response and what’s an authentic exploration of the truth of what I AM and who I’m becoming (not the same thing)
  • and why leaps are hard to make given that everything is intentionally designed to keep us in a box.

Yes, you intellectually know things but do you know how to walk the walk?

Choose to leap, and watch your life transform!


an invitation to an expansive playground…


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