Re-Framing the Parenting Conversation: Invitation to Expand

As I stand in my world today, I believe there is no conversation more significant, more meaningful, more impactful than the one regarding the re-framing of parenting. While most parenting conversations revolve around advice giving and “how to” parent from a historically or scientifically driven perspective, Naomi Irons and I go way beyond in this conversation.

Personally, I am not particularly interested in the “how-to” conversations stemming from history that assume someone else, out there, knows what’s best for my child. Instead, I choose to parent from a place of trust of my own internal sensory cues and let that guide my parenting decisions. Parenting from the space of deep trust and self-intimacy feels safe, solid and expansive.

So far, so great.

In this conversation titled “The Power of Presence” Naomi Irons from the Poetry of Predicament podcast, Take my Hand Initiative: Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, and I delve deep into what it means to parent for the birthright of human potential. …let the massiveness of that latter part of the sentence sink in for a second. If you choose to listen to the podcast, know that this is an expansive conversation is framed around the WEL-Systems® paradigm and it invites you to become more as you listen.

I know this was a fun, exciting, meaningful conversation for both Naomi and I. In the end, that is all that matters.

I hope you enjoy, and if it calls you, contact me to let me know what it moved in you. I’m always happy to chat!

If the conversation inspires your curiosity, check out these resources. All of the individuals listed here I have a personal relationship with and I know, first hand, how incredible they are…

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For now, my son is calling for my attention. Nothing sweeter in the world.

Finally, the link to my podcast interview…Enjoy!

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