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Stela Murrizi

 With a decade of educational experience in a variety of fields ranging from Criminology, health & well-being, Stela couples her experience with days in the trenches recovering from addiction, mental & physical dis-eases, and a background of surviving violence to ensure listeners walk away with practical and relatable real-talk

Hi, I’m Stela Murrizi

& I am deeply passionate about the power of a paradigm shift

(through the WEL-Systems lens)

That’s what took me from believing myself a broken, deficient, addicted refugee with a plethora of so-called lifelong pathologies to knowing myself as, and living my life as, a divine being, experiencing.

Since I discovered this way of being, I made it my life’s mission to educate curious souls about the practical application of the power of their mind. 

After all, our thoughts shape our intention, our intention shapes our choices, and our choices shape the quality of our reality.


Professional Bio

the short version

As an educator, coach, and international speaker, Stela Murrizi is a thought leader in the evolution of human consciousness. As a certified CODE Model Coach through the WEL-Systems® Institute, a pioneer in the application of integrating the mind, body & spirit connection through Quantum TLC, Stela speaks to the practical power of a paradigm shift through a proven methodology and context. 

Everything about Stela’s business is centered around helping women live authentic, impactful, and meaningful lives. Stela’s passion for empowering others emerged once she discovered how to do that for herself. Two decades of an endless stream of crises led her down many rabbit holes. In her unwavering search for authentic, spiritual living, she pursued many winding and interconnecting paths that led to her the work she does today.

Her Master’s degree in Criminology revealed the choices people are pressed to make today given the chaotic environment they are navigating. What we label ‘criminals’ are made, not born. 

Distributing the newsletter she developed, wrote, and formatted on campus as a peer health educator taught her how predictable human behaviour really is (imagine this: distributing the newsletter to students throughout the campus wearing a “let’s talk about sex, baby” bright green t-shirt, with candy and condoms – can you guess the gendered responses?)

Her work as a crime prevention analyst revealed the depth of intellectual knowing that institutions have yet choose to ignore when it comes to application. 

Her decade-long relationship with drugs illuminated the lengths people go to to cope with pain. Her Kundalini yoga training unlocked the interconnectivity between body-mind-spirit. 

Her years in public service helped her notice how the values people internalized led to their “golden handcuffs”.

Ultimately, what helped her connect all the dots and their divine intelligence is the WEL-Systems body of knowledge. It is in this domain that her search for spiritual meaning became visceral. That’s when she knew: she’d stumbled upon something magical… and the evolution of consciousness became her life’s mission.

how to reclaim personal power

Why choose me?

what you see is what you get

If you know you can judge a book by its cover because that’s the one you’d delve into anyway, I’m your gal. I live my life like an open book and I both willing and able to delve into any topic, however taboo, that speaks to the nature of our existence and evolution. I rejoice in the deep dives into the dark and mysterious aspects of what it means to be alive today!

If you’re ready to talk about just what it takes to own your mind so you create a life of meaning with Presence and intention, I’m all in!

What I like to talk about

All things accelerated personal evolution.

Finding Joy in Chaotic Environments  | Understanding How Your Mind Works | Integrating Cultural Conditioning and Embracing Authenticity | Embracing Accelerated Personal Evolution Why Your Body is the Key: I AM Quantum Biological | Your Authenticity is Your Boundary | Letting Go of Fear & Embracing Full Living | Becoming LeaderSelf & Why that Matters | Own Your Mind: How Programming Works | Parenting for Potential and Evolution | Your Intuition Knows: I AM Internally Referenced | Discovering the Power of a Paradigm Shift | Embracing the Process of Transformation

here’s a sample from a recent presentation…

My mission: Speak to what’s possible when it comes to embracing our human experience while trusting the body to lead us into finding the Spirit within.

My mission is to spark the sacred in each person listening so they know they can choose to embrace a methodology and mindset that holds the potential for their liberation.

If your audience is seeking to embrace their Boundless LeaderSelf…