Kind words about working with me…

Here are a few things that I have come to know about Stela over these last years.  There are many words I could use to describe who I have come to know her to be:  fierce… courageous… fearless… unrelenting… edgy.  She hears and sees things and is unwilling to look away and pretend that she does not.  Her grasp of this WEL-Systems® body of knowledge is broad and deep; her trust in the natural unfolding of its expression is without question.  All of these are formidable and compelling and immensely powerful in the dance of perpetual evolution for its own sake. What makes me trust her with my life and yours… trust without question both her willingness and ability to stand with me as I take a stand for myself… is the depth of her compassion and caring.  Her willingness to stay… present and engaged… without judgment and without the need to protect herself.

Such immense RIG for herSelf and others… and all of it, expressing in wave after wave after wave of her own great joy in this Life-altering journey of discovery!  Does not get much better than that.

Louise LeBrun
(Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute)

A mother's transformation through chaos

And here I am in a time where the world is in chaos, my entire life has been chaos, and my little family is often in chaos. Yet I keep emerging to experience calm in it all by integrating it as I go. Not a coincidence!

Becoming a better mother...

Stela is a brilliant leader. She shows up in the full immensity of her whole self and is so committed to living this process as she gets curious about her own life and her own inner world.

She models it out loud and shares from that place as she educates on a very beautiful way to move through a chaotic world.

Thank you Stela, your ability to be crone while embracing all of the layers in you that come up in your life unapologetically and out loud, has created an invitation for myself that has completely shifted my trajectory 180-degrees.

Stela is committed to your evolution as she is her own. She will go as far as you are willing, and may even push the edges a bit to places you did not believe possible and, of course, they are.

Stela is smart, brave, and devoted to this body of knowledge as a way to live. She has the technical knowledge and confidence to notice, invite, challenge, and hold firm in conversations that may be intense, but lead to great revelations and shifts in perspective. I am good at lying to myself. Stela challenges what feels ‘off’ to her and holds space for me to own my stories and choose: run the pattern or live differently?

I trust Stela to hold the highest level conversations and the tough conversations, if needed, to invite everyone to reclaim their own divine selves.

Jennifer Hatt (2024) is is a professional writer, author, consultant and CODE Model Coach™ connecting personal evolution to the writing experience.

Stela, I was honoured to be a part of your first Decloaking and Living Authentically. You fucken rock! Your awareness of the little parts of us that hide, YOU reveal.

You stayed present to what was moving through me and my boundary. You stayed present to yourself during what it called up in you. I hear Louise (LeBrun) say often: as CODE Model Coaches, the people we engage with can only grow to the level WE allow OURSELVES to grow, reveal and be seen, and you, Stela, demonstrated fearlessness within your growth! A sense of curiosity within yourself and within me.

Really this was a magical moment for me and because of that, my life is different. Your willingness, and fearlessness, helped me and I want people to know that.”

– Karina Evangelista (2023)

I attended a six day residential WEL-Systems Retreat with Stela as facilitator. This experience was the highlight of my life! Stela is simply extraordinary as a coach. She is the godForce embodied, wisdom, calm, ultimate generosity and intelligence speaking to, and uncovering that place in me. She is that self realized and courageous soul that dares to see your truth call you up on it. There are no words to express my gratitude and knowing Stela. I know she can hold me in complete safety and take me where I want to go.

-Randi White (2022)

So much energy flowing through me and tears for the gratitude, RIG (respect, integrity and generosity of Spirit) and love towards you right now. Thank you for seeing me. I want to say YES!!! YES, YES, YES! I am so happy to be able to join Crones AND Decloaking! This is what I wanted, so much, and here it is. Wow. The beauty of how this co-creation came into being is just sending shivers down my spine. I know I am in the right place. And yes, I want to say again, I do have deep RIG for your creations. I can stand firmly in my own experience and say, you, Stela, have changed my life. You have added tremendous value to my life. When I found you at the retreat I wept in your arms because I felt that I had come home. What you offer is like nothing and no one I have ever experienced before. I have found meaning and expansion and awakening in your offerings. Louise (LeBrun) says you can’t give what you don’t have. You have all those things, that is why you can create the experiences that propel women towards the expansion, meaning and awakening that you carry so strongly and soundly in your body. You are magnificent and you are my beautiful friend. I am so proud and grateful to be one of those women, unfurling into her potential. I thought life was an experience to be suffered and prayed often that it would end as quickly as possible for me. Today I experience true joy in my waking moments. Something they told me could never be, and yet here it is nonetheless. They said it couldn’t be done, and yet I did it…..with you and Sheila (Winter Wallace) and Lousie (LeBrun) guiding me even when I couldn’t see it, even when I didn’t want it. How do I say thank you? How does it truly get any better than that?

Anila Rehman (2023)

I was hoping for a way out of something I didn’t understand but it was all pervasive throughout my all parts and times of my life.

I feel like I had been living a life in which I had little to no control or power. 

I felt defenseless against the waves that washed over me and tumbled my life any which way without warning. Drowning me. 

I was looking for an end to the pain that was a chronic condition for me. I had for several years now been waking up with and going to sleep with an intense anxiety gripping my insides. Rat in a cage. 

All the things I had tried, all the places I had been, all the way I changed and changed and changed again were still not “it”, I never made it out. 

I don’t know what the answer was, a miracle or a cure or just put me out of my misery please?

What I wanted was real avenue out of the mess of my very existence. What I got is a whole other email that I’m working on lol.

But I was at the point that something HAD to work, something HAD to give or else….. Actually I was at the point that it BETTER give ….and it did.

I DID find my road out of perdition. Sometimes life just felt like that… an endless, horrifying hellscape. I had heard in the healing world that universe was made of bliss and peace, but my physical and emotional experience here on earth was of one of no peace anywhere. An endless state of pain, failures, crises, punishment and shame.

Decloaking was the first time the concepts of bliss, peace, safety, freedom became real for me. In realizing what’s really going on in me and out there, I felt for the first time free and powerful in my life. I really am a creator of reality, like really actually its not just an esoteric concept, and I saw how I do it too… 

Hope this is meaningful, but let me know what you are using this for, because if it’s for a testimonial I am actually almost done writing one I’ve been working on! I can incorporate some of this free flow writing, but the one I’m working on is probably going to make you blush as it is haha! 

PS. Did I mention you are The Goddess of Decloacking?

– anonymous (some women want to share their story, but not their name. I love them all!)

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Now, I invite you to come play with us, and discover …

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the intelligence of the habituated strategies you’ve developed to stay safe

a new a process that allows you to reclaim your wholeness

the power of being witnessed in your vulnerability, uninterrupted

the power of the choice point

safety is an inside job

how to reclaim intimacy with your best friend: your Self

the transformative power of a full and conscious breath

how to take back your life 



Stela Murrizi

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I know how the structure of our mind works.
I know that my history does not define you, but is an invitation to your greatness.
I know how to decipher the message of the pain, disease, discomfort.
I know how the body works.
I know what I AM (we each are) as a quantum-biological being of light!


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