And I am a thought leader in the evolution of consciousness.

I help you discover how to transform the way you relate to your authentic Self by educating you to how your mind works!

…There exists a process and context you don’t know existed yet holds the power to free you from the confines of your culturally conditioned mind!

CODE Model Coach™ | WEL-Systems® Educator | Evolution of Consciousness Thought Leader | Educational Speaker | Yoga Teacher | MA Criminology | Mother & Wife 

Stela Murrizi

Why are you here, on this planet, at this time?
Do you feel satisfied in fulfilling your life’s purpose?
When was the last time you thought about it?

These are simple questions…

but I’m guessing that just in reading them, you felt a reaction in your body.

That’s because your body already knows.

But, what gets in the way of “you” hearing it?
(What and who are “you”, anyway?)

These are the types of explorations we delve into around here …


My guess is you are here because

authenticity matters to you

+ you hunger for the big, the wild, the real, the raw & the soul-supporting conversations of depth that transform matter.

+ you seek to play and have fun in enlivening and enriching spaces & conversations while exploring the stuff that shapes reality.

+ you are awake to something deep and are ready reclaim the infinite layers of your personal power so you create a meaningful & mindful reality.

+somewhere deep down, you know: it is time to live your fullest life  NOW through embodied authenticity and become the catalyst for change you seek to see manifested in the world around you.

If so, you are in the right place…


…this is exactly what I do around here:


My mission is to educate you into a different paradigm of being so you transform the relationship you have with yourself.

(Because it matters to me that women discover
how to live as Sovereign and Sacred beings)

How do I do that, you ask?

+ by educating you to your potential

+ through a tried&true methodology

= that compels you to reclaim accelerated personal evolution as a way of life
so you become the LeaderSelf you were born to be!


The context?  the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge
The framework? CODE Model Coaching™
The process? Quantum TLC™

What if…

the time has come to rediscover who you really are?

What if what you believe to be real is only a small piece of all there is to know? 

What if you discovered a whole new way to conceptualize how you came to be who you are and discover who you are capable of becoming? (Enter: WEL-Systems body of knowledge.)

What if there was a reliable and replicable process to engage in your moment-to-moment existence to help you break your habits and discover deeper layers of your truth? (We call this process Quantum TLC™.) 

What if you discovered a new framework to refer to when shit-hits-the-fan and you want to intentionally accelerate your evolution rather than get stuck in the familiar story? (We call this framework The CODE Model.)

I cannot claim this is the path to Truth; however, I can conclusively claim that it has been my path to discovery and reclamation of my Emerging Authentic Self. 

I believe the time has come for women to rise to their potential, shift their perceptual filters about who they believe themselves to be, and reclaim the territory of their body, mind, and Spirit. 

One conversation at a time…

Join me in this Accelerated Evolution mission to become your unique and essential LeaderSelf and let’s transform how you relate to yourSelf!

Because no matter how much you want to, you can’t give what you haven’t got … But when you reclaim living Fully Alive rather than in “survival mode” you begin to live a life that feels yours

A few kind words about working with me

 A bit about

the essence of me…


I AM Darkness, Revealing

 (Curious about what that means? Read this blog)

I am a deeply caring and compassionate woman who is equally ferocious and courageous.

I thrive in the deep conversations that reveal the complexity of our humanity …and allow us to reclaim the quality of our lives.

I have lived in the darkness and alchemized the pain into joy, so I am unafraid of your deepest, darkest secrets.

In fact, “the dark side” is my playground!

I am not offended by the word fuck. In fact, fuck is my favourite word.
(And that of my two year old son, too.)

Like fuck, I am versatile.

Fire is my element.

The subtle is my domain.

It’s annoying how I can’t do small talk.

I am here to help liberate those who are willing from being taken hostage by secrets and lies.


I believe in the power of liberated women to transform the world.

I have an immense curiosity that directs me toward that which most people want to avoid. 
That makes me a profoundly safe space for exploration of that which most consider “ugly”.

I am obsessed with the evolution of consciousness.
With awakening, embodying and expressing the Truth that I AM (we each are).

I believe the journey of evolution by intention is not for the faint of heart, yet it is our birthright.

I work with women sense the violations of the conventional paradigm in their bones, and are seeking to courageously transform into their highest potential...for their children, for Gaia, for themselves.


Here’s what I have in my arsenal:

The skills to ask the earth-shattering questions that help you go deep and unveil your truth
…so you can liberate yourself from the illusions (secrets and lies).

Lived experience and the courage to guide you through your exploration of your “dark” stuff
…so you uncover your true Self, no matter the problem.

Access and deep knowledge to the body of wisdom that is the WEL-Systems® way of moving through the world
…so you discover the power of process and context (most people have no idea…).


Let’s explore together

The power of mindset! 

The power of your body! 

The reclamation of your Essence! 

The emergence of the LeaderSelf that is your birthright!

The power of conversation from the quantum side of the dotted line … 

PS –

I see your capacity for breathtaking transformation.

And I deeply honour it.

Truth is…the journey Home is evergreen, unique to each individual, and with infinite layers of self-discovery.

There is no final destination… 

but there is a powerful starting point.


This is your critical Choice Point…

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!