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It takes great courage to take that first step toward accelerated evolution by intention.


I can assure you: you are on the right path.


Like I promised, here are THE most critical educational links that will allow you to being to tap into a world you didn’t know was possible, yet is beckoning you Homewhere you belong.

Choose intuitively what calls you, and engage.


Ready? Here we go …


Journey of Reflection


Evolution demands we interrupt patterns and habits that no longer serve us.

With this complimentary explorative mini-book and journaling guide you will go on a personal journey of Self-reflection to discover what lives underneath your habituated ways of moving through the world and what to “do” to pattern-interrupt what isn’t working, then discover what is.

The best part? FREE email coaching from me during your ten day exploration.

 Accelerate your evolution by delving deep, with intention.

Choice Points

Do you yearn to learn how to live a meaningful life? If so, invite these emails into your inbox and allow them to enrich the quality of your life, on the go. 

Join my community of women seeking to reclaim their personal power by embracing the power of choice to live evolved lives.

In this space I share with you everything I know to help you self-reflect and evolve with intention. This is the best way to stay in touch, so sign up below!

Evolution is just more fun with friends!


The conversation you are having become the parameters that frame what’s possible, for you.

Are the conversations you are having enlivening your Life Force? Are they empowering you to become more ‘you’? Are they inspiring you to evolve into your highest potential?

If the answer is ‘no’, I invite you to this monthly women gathering, talking experience where we explore things that matter to women’s evolution through the WEL-Systems paradigm. 

If you crave to create a life of meaning, come explore and discover: how else you might choose to live your life, today.

In this space, you will be provoked and compelled to discover and implement how to live by intention.

If you are a woman on the path to evolution by intention and Self-discovery, this is the place to be.

PS – Your first experience is FREE!

Some more resources for you to consider …

A critical resource …


To get a sense of what’s possible if we worked together, the starting point is always the same:
The first free hour of the Decloaking an Living Authentically audio files. This is the entry point to the WEL-Systems paradigm. Once you listen to this, you will quickly and intuitively know if this way of moving through the world is for you. If after you listen to the first free hour you know there’s a calling, email me to explore what’s possible for you!

Find me …



I love talking about empowering women. In this conversation with Tessa Ray from The Joy of Decay podcast, we delve deep into issues that matter to women’s souls … we talk about our journey through WEL-Systems-based experiences, decloaking to ourselves and living authentic lives, parenting, the power of the Crone, grief, intimacy, provocation to expand beyond our limits, and so much more!

This is one of my favourite conversation! Check it out here!


In this conversation, Melissa and I delve into what it means to leave the culturally conditioned self behind and follow the impulse of the path of the soul. She and I both met during our Criminology master’s and none of us are doing that thing! Listen to this one here.
(beware: I live in the country so my internet at that time was … not great. But, I invite you to just listen.)


In this conversation, Dean Walker and I embark upon the potential alternatives to sense-making. We take a stroll through my stories of addiction and how I overcame those struggles so many out there call “lifelong”. Called to listen? Do so here.


Wendy McGean and I delve into how to live a life of MAGIC, filled with green dot moments that empower us to expand into our evolution. Listen here.

I’m also on …


I have created a few different channels for women who are curious to explore what else is available to them by sharing our stories. In the Women of WEL-Systems YouTube channel, I have captured some of the conversations women have had throughout the years and shared it with you here. Because hearing the vibration of what lives in these women might be just what you need to get over your fear and courageously choose what else?

Are you looking for short clips on how to lead from within? Then this playlist might be of interest to you.



This is where I share soundclips from rent experiences I have facilitated. These are powerful because they are recorded during live coaching sessions and give you an idea of the depths we delve into in these conversations. 

I also read my blogs for those who prefer to listen rather than read. You will find those here, too.

Curious about the Institute?

Intro to WEL-Systems®

The unique and comprehensive WEL-Systems® body of knowledge offers you a powerful new context and framework for personal evolution and change. These will not seek to define you – but they will make it possible for you to redefine yourself! -Louise LeBrun (founder)

This body of knowledge transformed my life by educating me into a scientific method of Self-discovery and evolution that is reliable, replicable and … methodology of discovering my perpetually emerging authentic Self. After all, life is not ‘static’ … and neither are you!

and finally…

Book a complimentary consultation with me!

Let’s set aside an hour to connect and explore what’s possible for you as you take your next logical step toward your accelerated evolution through the WEL-Systems paradigm. You don’t need to know where this path will take you, you just need to trust your impulses and choose mindfully what your gut instinct tells you. 


Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!