Redefining Leadership


 A free resource for those who are feeling powerless in creating other-than a life of mediocrity…

It’s time to challenge your perceived powerlessness and take action on your own behalf. 

No, this free resource won’t transform your life; but it will get you thinking differently.

The questions in this resource offer you a powerful line of inquiry designed to help you reframe leadership so you discover you are safe in showing up for your life. 


These are integral questions designed to show you the impact you can have in your own life.)

Looking to redefine how you hold leadership so that you can begin to reclaim your personal power? 

Of course you are – you get that you are at the center of your creations.

You are The One, so it’s time to step up and lead.

Because this is your life. 

yet taking ownership of leader likely feels unfamiliar. 

time to do so, anyway.

Take this from a woman who’s walked through fire and discovered safety in the magnificence of my own imperfection, leading. I won’t promise the world through this free Journey of Reflection – but I will promise a series of powerful questions that will help you unpack how you hold leadership in your own life so that you notice your own self-sabotaging

After all, if you don’t take the lead in your life, who is


Here is what you will delve into inside Redefining Leadership— 

Demystify the context from within which you define leadership for yourself. 

Navigate through mindsets and belief systems that normalize mediocrity and begin to trust that you are born for so much more … 

Explore the distractors that keep you from noticing how much power you have over the quality of your own life. 

Hi, I’m Stela …

As a trusted WEL-Systems® educator and CODE Model Coach™, my mission is to educate women like you you into a different paradigm of being so you transform the relationship you have with yourself and in the process discover how to live as the sovereign and Sacred being that you are.

Six years ago, I came to a realization: despite having done everything “right-by-the-book”, my externally-near-perfect life was killing me. I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing, that would be the death of me.

A deeper part of me also knew, there has got to be another way. That’s when I discovered the WEL-Systems paradigm and what it means to live internally referenced. The profound, visceral transformation I experienced incited my deep calling for educating women on how to live this way.

So now I use this tried & true methodology to compel you to reclaim accelerated personal evolution as a way of life so you become the LeaderSelf you were born to be!

Do you ever wonder: what do you need to pay attention to in order to take the lead in the creation of your own life?