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Letting Go to Get Clear: FEEL!

What does it take? To give ourselves permission to be … other than the culturally conditioned “self” we’re taught to be? What does it take to give ourselves permission to feel … other than the “appropriate” feelings at the “appropriate” time and length? What does it take to simply be ourselves, and tell the truth? … Continue reading Letting Go to Get Clear: FEEL!

Let’s talk about boundaries, baby!

This is a conversation about intimacy with ourSelves.
It is a conversation about how to become so fine tuned to our own internal cues that nothing else matters.
It is a conversation about paying attention to the cues as they move, value and judgement free.
It is a conversation about letting go of the stories, socializations and strategies that keep us confined to a boxed-in version of who a “good woman” should be.
It is a conversation about noticing and claiming the penetration of patriarchal mindsets in every nook and cranny of our existence. It is about beginning to wake up, and pay attention, differently.  … Continue reading Let’s talk about boundaries, baby!

Women Gathering

Experiences Coming up Women Gathering Uncensored Conversations from the right side of the dotted line. A space to connect on a monthly basis to educate yourself to a different way of being, through conversations that… Continue reading Women Gathering

The Unexpected Encounter That Enriched My Life: No such thing as coincidence

Having met you today was no accident. For a few days now (maybe at most a couple of weeks) I have felt like I must declutter (my physical space as a metaphor for my mind, also). I have taken on a lot, plus being a full-time mom to a two year old precious-breath-of-life boy. Your honest perspective on something as simple as my booth sparked this wave of energy moving that now feels a lot is being / will continue to be released and integrated. … there’s this metaphor of simplify that seems to be coming up for me. The drapes I’m adding to make things appear prettier may be distracting from the essence, the core of the thing I am presenting to the world. … Continue reading The Unexpected Encounter That Enriched My Life: No such thing as coincidence

On Schizophrenic Governance: And keeping the public constantly guessing

Our governance is intentionally schizophrenic. The more unpredictable, the more last minute, the more they can keep us on our toes and walking on eggshells, the more legitimate we believe their lies to be because we live in a constant state of anxiety, unpredictability, uncertainty over what’s next. The whole point is, don’t get used to anything!… Continue reading On Schizophrenic Governance: And keeping the public constantly guessing

A Joy-Full Mother’s Day

Instead of teaching our children WHAT to think, let’s teach them HOW to think!

We have become really good at teaching (through modeling) the content of our culture to our children. Be polite and say thanks, even if you don’t mean it. Otherwise, to speak the truth of your experience (not-thankful) is to be considered rude. So… we teach our children to be insincere and live in contradictory internal states so they don’t offend another. We teach them to be dishonest so they can manage an external appearance labeled “polite” and “good”. We teach them to shun their truth so they do not have to face the shame imposed on them by authority.

In essence, we teach our children that shunning themselves is better than living in fear of being shamed by another.

I can’t help but wonder ….what is the intelligence of that?! What is the fucking point?! How can we expect our children to grow up to be sincere inside themselves if we are teaching them to not be?! …and all this for the sake of optics, for the sake of external approval, for the sake of …hopefully fitting in.
Continue reading A Joy-Full Mother’s Day


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