Coaching Offerings


for women who are seeking a powerful perspective shift that will satiate their hunger for a meaningful life


(and are tired of trying to ‘figure it out’ alone)


You are a deeply attuned and intelligent woman. You have tried what feels like everything and you keep coming up short. You have this vague feeling of “is this all there is”?



yet you intuitively know there is, so you keep searching…

Stela Murrizi

Probably like you …

in my decade long journey of seeking Self-reclamation, all the stuff I learned about myself and my world gave me pieces of the puzzle.

and like me…


I bet you are hungry to discover the whole damn thing!

if so … 



My goal is educate you into how to discover the wholeness you are looking for.

I do that through the tried&true methodology and context taught by WEL-Systems® Institute for over 30 years.

I coach this way because it works.

Curious which option is best for you? Book a discovery call to find out.

CODE Model Coaching™ is the map to a new context for being that will help you begin to trust yourself and give you to tools you need to intuitively transform your own life.

Stela, here. 

Are you wondering why join my coaching experiences?

Because I take a different approach than most coaches out there.


And I do so because it works.

I see beyond your problem and show you how to notice, own and change the process and context you operate from.

Go big to go Home.

Let’s delve into the big questions that you are too afraid to ask yourself, together.

Because when safely explored, those questions will free you from the confines of your perceived limitations. 

Stela Murrizi