Intentionally clearing the clutter …  


  how to “do” business

(& drown in a sea of mediocrity)


Redefining Leadership:

Reclaiming LeaderSelf

(a WEL-Systems® trademark)


Read | Listen | Journal

to discover your perceptual limitations in through this multidisciplinary, self-directed course all about:

aligning with your purpose,

taking ownership of your choices,

and intentionally creating your meaningful life your way.


how to reclaim personal power

it is easy to get pulled outside of yourself with loud voices from the outside

This course is an invitation to turn the full measure of your attention inward

Why would you do that?

If you’re here, you already know:

>>> authenticity is your best competitive edge because people, like you, trust what feels real.


So before you do anything

Check in with your intention.

Check in with your impulses.

Check in with your body

Once you do, this will become the platform from which you then engage and make choices that align to who you are.

In other words, to create an authentic business, you must first become authentic.  

…but what exactly is that, anyway?

Aligning with authenticity is trusting what you intuitively sense, even when you don’t intellectually know. 

(Confusing, right? It doesn’t have to be …)

when you know who you are and what you stand for, you create intentionally that which brings your business (& life!) meaning

and in the process attract those who seek that vibration (and repel the rest).

What ifyou already have everything you need to make this happen!

What if … it is your difference that will make the difference – all you have to do is embrace it.


If you are seeking to become more effective at choosing wisely and authentically so you improve the quality of your life and  those whose life you touch…

I invite you to …








This is an introduction to internal referencing as a framework for creation.


I created this multi-modal, self-paced e-course as a means to introduce you to a new platform of internal referencing as a framework for creation that is unique and intuitive to women

This course is a blueprint for redefining leadership so that you fearlessly embrace that which is innate, intuitive, unique, and natural to you.

In order to no longer be afraid to choose, you must learn how to trust your inner cues to guide you…

 and in doing so … YOUR LIFE TRANSFORMS.

Let’s unwrap the way this course works …

The course is designed to be experienced through the multi-disciplinary approach of reading, listening, and writing.

All the parts are interconnected but not dependent on one other. In other words, if you engage one part of the course and not the rest, your structure of reality will be provoked and you will be compelled to reconsider what it means to become LeaderSelf in your life (and why it maters).

15 Written LESSONS

Women create differently. Drawing on that which is instinctual for and intuitive to women, this course helps you redefine the organic and intimate expression of LeaderSelf as a conduit for creating the kind of change that will breathe life into a very different future. Drawn from the inner truth that lives in women; and taking shape through the process of birthing that flows naturally from the biology of what it is to be female, ‘Boundless LeaderSelf™’ is your invitation to reconsider ‘leadership’ as a theoretical framework, replaced by the intuitive and essential Self.



Boundless LeaderSelf™ AUDIO FILES

Boundless LeaderSelf™ is a way of moving beyond the grand attention paid to an impersonal  process (what we call leadership) and redirect to the point of power, within.  It is a deeply intimate and personal truth, owned unapologetically, that fuels our creations. Boundless LeaderSelf™ allows us to rediscover something essential to feed the soul of ourSelves as Creators; and to nurture our as-yet unexpressed creations”.

More details on the audio files here
(this will take you to Louise Lebrun’s shop – not an affiliate link)

Journey of Reflection JOURNAL

A journaling guide intended to invite you to consider how you contextualize
leadership and how redefining it inside yourself about yourself holds the ticket to your evolution. It is only by challenging your presuppositions that you might
discover how to redefine leadership in a way that holds meaning for YOU
in the creation of your meaningful life.

By the end of the course you will…


Develop the capacity to stop second-guessing yourself and show up authentically once you discover how to redefine traditional notions of leadership and embrace a new-old notion, instead: becoming your Boundless LeaderSelf. 




Unveil the mystery of your superpower: your difference. When you learn how to stand in-your-authentic-difference (despite the culturally conditioned setbacks you have internalized) you will discover just how powerful you are in your willingness and ability to create mindfully. 


Discover how to become more confident and embrace aligning your decisions to who you are rather than what others believe you should, so you shine as the LeaderSelf of your own life! 

My intention for you in this e-course is to help you discover how to awaken to your superpower that is driven by your own unique internal cues, and from there, effortlessly engage with the people and tools that align with your intention. In doing so, you create a life of meaning.

This is only possible when you mindfully and intentionally stay connected to your inner cues to guide you

To that end, in this course we will explore deep, open-ended, and perpetually evolving questions that allow us to expand our worldview about what’s possible in our own lives. The questions to keep in your awareness are:  

Who do you need to become to create a meaningful business (aka life), authentically? 

What choices must you make to help you align to that version of yourself

What gets in the way of you making those choices? 

This course is about enhancing the quality of your life, because your creations are an external manifestation of your internal state. And so in order to evolve your creations, you must evolve first. 

Your internal cues are the key to you reclaiming your Boundless LeaderSelf

Which means … you already have everything you need to make this happen! It is your difference that will make the difference – all you have to do is embrace it so you empower yourself to choose congruently that which is meaningful for you. That’s what we’re doing here together. 


yes that’s my son’s “art” in the background.
Kuz I like keepin’ it real 😉

Hi, I’m Stela …

As a trusted WEL-Systems® educator and CODE Model Coach™, my mission is to educate women like you you into a different paradigm of being so you transform the relationship you have with yourself and in the process discover how to live as the sovereign and Sacred being that you are.

Six years ago, I came to a realization: despite having done everything “right-by-the-book”, my externally-near-perfect life was killing me. I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing, that would be the death of me.

A deeper part of me also knew, there has got to be another way. That’s when I discovered the WEL-Systems paradigm and what it means to live internally referenced. The profound, visceral transformation I experienced incited my deep calling for educating women on how to live this way.

So now I use this tried & true methodology to compel you to reclaim accelerated personal evolution as a way of life so you become the LeaderSelf you were born to be!

This course is for you if …


You are seeking to create a life of differentiation in a copy&paste world (your smart cookie, you). 

You are seeking to make the predominant voice in your creations yours (because not doing so is costing you the meaningful life you seek to manifest).

You are seeking to create congruently, from a place of alignment and authenticity.

You want your creations to have impact, attract the ‘right’ people in your life and repel the rest. 

Yet how hard is it to know how to trust yourself, but you really want to.

You get that standing out by being yourSelf is your superpower.

…and you are ready

And as a special bonus… 


You are invited to our monthly Igniting Your Potential group coaching experience (valued at $45) as my guest, giving you the opportunity to integrate that which you learn through the course in a group CODE Model Coaching experience.

This is an excellent opportunity to discover: you are not alone! 

Get started today for $69

Some kind words …


So MUCH Joy!
So MUCH Space … everything I read in your course I know and have encountered before; to read it in the sequence you offer, in the tone and words you offer, invited such beautiful flow in all I held within, an alignment of disparate sparks of awareness and chunks of knowledge into a single seamless process.
Owning that the world I want is as real as I am willing to engage and allow it, that I am creating it now in incremental bits and that’s no longer fast enough for me, that I can create it in quantum infinity if I choose, has cleared SO much crap: old stories that feel ready for the compost pile. I’m sitting here smiling in the sunshine through my window and the sun of my existence feeling endless beams beckoning; ways to connect and share and who to connect with, all flooding my being in this moment and I’m just allowing it all in, suspending the need to act and do, just allowing the penetration, knowing the impulse to do will come when it’s time.
Conception in this moment, of ME as Leader, here to create the world I want. 

Jennifer Hatt
(CODE Model Coach, Author, Publisher)

The most courageous expression of leadesrship we can be is to live an authentic life – one moment at a time.

– Louise LeBrun

Just wonderin’


What exactly am I buying?

This is self-directed e-course that has a three-pronged approach to learning more about yourself and what gets in the way of you making congruent, aligned, and authentic choices. This is an educational, introductory to WEL-Systems® based course with a reading component, an auditory component, and a journaling component.

How do I get started?

Once you purchase the course, you will have access to everything in it. I will send you a few emails with instructions and reminders. Please note that you will receive a separate email from the WEL-Systems Institute to download the Boundless LeaderSelf audio files. (No, you will not be added to another email list)

What are the Boundless LeaderSelf audio files?

These are a critical component of this course; they are files you download and can listen to on your own time and space. They are created by the founder of the WEL-Systems Institute, Louise LeBrun. I am using them because they are powerful and I don’t intend to recreate the wheel. I suggest you get more details on the audio files by clicking here

How long will the course take me to complete?

This is a self-directed course which means that you take the lead on how fast you want to complete it. There are XXX written lessons, six and a half hours of audio files, and questions on the journaling guide can be answered at your own discretion. You could complete the course within the week!

Why WEL-Systems? 

Because after looking for over a decade, I finally found what I was looking for: the process for the journey ‘Home’. I live and breathe this paradigm. You might consider engaging for yourself because the WEL-Systems Institute has been a pioneer in transforming women’s lives through cutting-edge practical wisdom for over 30 years. 

What is the WEL-Systems® paradigm?

To find out more about this life affirming body of wisdom, check out the website.

What is Quantum TLC™?

To find out more about this transformative process of living, check this out.

How have these programs impacted your life?

If you are curious about how this body of knowledge transformed my life, I encourage you to listen to this podcast, read “Why I became  CODE Model Coach, You ask?” and “Why I am not a therapist“.

Are there any additional costs?

Nope! I am always open, honest, clear and direct so you will never have to worry about such things with me.

What’s your refund policy?

If this course doesn’t add value to your life, just email me and let me know. I want you get what you’re looking for! 

While there is a no-refund policy due to the nature of the course, I will be happy to explore how else you might choose to use the $69 invested (in services or other courses). 

Can I email you with questions?

Of course! Just message me with anything that comes up for you. I’ll do my best to support you in your evolution.


If you are ready to stop second guessing your decision-making, embrace your individuality as your superpower, and explore the power of your LeaderSelf


then delve right in!




15 Written LESSONS

Exploring how women create differently, why that matters, and what it means for you in the creation of your meaningful life!  


Boundless LeaderSelf™ AUDIO FILES

Boundless LeaderSelf™ is a way of moving beyond the grand attention paid to an impersonal  process (what we call leadership) and redirect to the point of power, within!

Journey of Reflection JOURNAL

A journaling guide intended to challenge your presuppositions about leadership so that you discover how to redefine leadership in a way that holds meaning for YOU in the creation of your meaningful life.