I am not a therapist: I am a CODE Model Coach™, and here’s how it’s different

As a CODE Model Coach™, I am constantly in pursuit of my own evolution. Because of that, I trust that the people who come in my life are there as aspects of my consciousness to awaken me to a deeper layer of self-exploration yet unexplored.

Recently, I found myself writing an email to a client. I share this email (having removed all references to the person) because it was profoundly transformational for me to write. To send it, I chose to let go of any notions of fear around ‘losing’ a client or being judged or the million other thoughts that went through my head and instead, I chose vulnerability, courage and trust.

At the end of the post, I will share with you a few other written pieces and places for your own exploration, for those who are interested.

So, here goes: why I am not a therapist, but a CODE Model Coach™, instead.

In the last few conversations we’ve had I have felt myself playing the role of therapist. But… I am not a therapist. I am a CODE Model Coach™. I choose mindfully to be that because it is what has profoundly transformed the quality of my life. This is why I choose to filter all my experiences in life through the perceptual filters of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge. I do that because I know the power contained in shifting perceptual filters about not only my experience, but about who I show up as in the world, and most importantly, WHAT I show up as (a conditioned human with stories and limitations OR the godForce expressing uniquely in tissue). 

A critical part of being a CODE Model Coach™ is knowing what my Signal from Self is. My signal is I AM Darkness, Revealing. As I type that to you I let out a deep exhale because I feel deeply inside my bones that I have not been showing up as that which I AM, fully owned, for our conversations. I have allowed my internalized conditioning of playing “nice” to interfere with my Signal and in the process I showed up as therapist instead of CODE Model Coach™. However, I have now owned the truth of that for myself and from now on that I AM is who will be showing up to our conversations.   

I am here, on this planet at this time, to disrupt the deep comma of the cultural conditioning (aka the lies we keep replicating to ourselves) that is killing us. I am here to help women safely discover the Truth that lives inside, waiting to be integrated ….freed. I am deeply curious about the truth that you carry …  about who YOU are in the world? Not your name, your job, your issues, your problems, your upbringing …but you. Your essence. Your I AM. I am interested in why are you here, on this planet, at this time? These are not questions we can intellectualize our way to — these are explorations that require a different way of thinking, a different mindframe… they require an education to a different paradigm

Those are the conversations I am here to have, and those are the conversations I believe you sought me out for. I believe you are looking to find your own depth, and I know I am here to help those who seek to discover. 

And, I am very clear: In order for our lives to change, we have to change … our identities have to change. For that to happen, we have to allow who we have believed ourselves to be (until now) to die …to transform …to evolve. We cannot change our identity, until we are educated to a different way of being

The discovery process of our Truth is not easy. There is no quick fix. There is no figuring it out and coming up with a solution and a nice strategy you can play out once and there–it’s done! This is a process. This is a journey. It is infinite in its layers. It is not a one and done. It requires a profound commitment to re-educating ourselves to the process and to the context. In my extensive experience with the personal evolution realm, I have found the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge to be complete. Please let that sentence sink in for you, and notice what you notice…

This is the space where you and I get to show up and be our Self, discover and own our truth, integrate what’s real, consider what else, become who I AM (in perpetual flow). The place where power lives is in the congruent choice of the moment. Do you know how to make congruent choices? Do you want to be able to? Because congruency = authenticity = alignment = ownership of mind = sovereignty = meaningful life. 

What I have to offer is transformation, not catharsis. 

What I have to offer is the opportunity to take your life back. 

What I have to offer requires a deep personal commitment on your end, because you crave a meaningful life. You crave to discover what you need to let go of to become more yourSelf, reclaimed. 

I know that this journey isn’t for everyone. I can totally appreciate that. However, for the people who find their way to it and who deeply crave ownership over their lives (their minds), this is a profoundly impactful process and paradigm.

And it is a process and paradigm unlike what you think you already know. Because I guarantee you, if you knew what I knew and were committed to living how I live, you’d live a deeply enriched life of perpetual discoveries. 

Please take a moment and be honest with yourself: Is that what you seek? (What do you seek?) 

What I know is that being able to share this process with those who seek is sacred to me. It is not “my bread and butter”, it is literally my life. It is why I’m here, on this planet, at this time. 

Why are you here? If you don’t know, would you like to discover? What else is out there that you don’t know you don’t know that, when discovered, could profoundly transform the quality of your life? What lives inside of you that needs integrating in order to be freed? What are the deeply rooted lies you tell yourself that when discovered will allow you to reclaim parts of yourself long ago forgotten? There is a process by which you can live your life and respond to major stressors in ways that expand your capacity for resourcefulness and resilience…are you curious to learn how to live it? There is a reframing of stressors through shifting perceptual filters …are you curious to find out more? Are you curious to discover who you are capable of becoming as opposed to who you’ve been told you should be?  … I have a million questions here, but…I’ll stop here. By now, you already know if this is the path you’d like to pursue… because your body demands that you do even if your intellect goes what-the-fuck.

Know that I am HERE, curious, grounded, engaged…both willing and able to help you evolve to the extent that it’s meaningful for you to do so. 


If this blog post sparked your curiosity about how this body of knowledge could transform your life, today, consider reading and listening to any of the following resources.

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