Think about the last conversation you were in … 


Did it enliven your curiosity?

Did it inspire you or motivate you to evolve?

Did it nourish your deep inner knowings?

If the answer is ‘no’, then join us for a different conversation, focused on…


A monthly gathering online of a small group of women on the path to evolution by intention and Self-discovery.

First Monday of every month
@5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST
over Zoom
$45 for three hours of personalized group coaching

Pause and consider: 

How would life feel like if you were to know yourself as whole? Unique? Essential to your world?


Perhaps, you would satiate your hunger for meaning, authenticity, courage, passion, a life well lived.

Perhaps, you would embrace your power and create a life of meaning. 

Perhaps, you would free yourself from the habituated pain that has held you hostage. 

Perhaps, you would trust yourself to know how to make congruent choices rather than replicate habits. 

Yes, all of that is possible.

If you choose to claim it…



I believe the conversations we engage define the parameters of what’s possible for us.

It is only through conversation (with phenomenal women) that I learned how to embrace and embody the essence of who I AM…

and therefore transform the quality of my life.

In fact, I went from “Hi, I’m Stela and I’m an addict” to “Hi, I’m Stela and I AM the godForce manifested in tissue”.

From my lived experience, I have deduced that

getting to know yourSelf as the Truth of who you are is to give yourself the gift of sovereignty and freedom.    

you can shift the context about who and what you are as a human being

and in that instant,



How, you wonder …?


Through paradigm shifting conversations

intended to awaken your essential nature & introduce you to how else you might choose to live your life, today.







Open-forum conversations intended for:
Expansive education
& radical evolution. 

through the WEL-Systems body of knowledge.  

When & Where:

First Monday of every month
@5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST
over Zoom




how to reclaim personal power

What you can expect: 

Monthly thematic educational conversations

designed to help you get to know yourSelf

and reclaim your personal power

by transforming your relationship with your mind, body, beliefs, values, habits, and behaviour

through the process of Quantum TLC, within the context of WEL-Systems and the framework of CODE Model Coaching.

The topics of conversation differ monthly and are based on issues that impact women today. 

The conversation is guided by participant interests.

Your job is to ask for what you want in the moment

My job is to ask the higher order questions that will help free you from your perceptual limitations and to educate you to the WEL-Systems empowered way of living.

(it’s cool if you don’t know what any of that means, I didn’t either when I started). 

These explorations happen live, over Zoom, with a small group of women (maximum 8).


+ A deeper sense of knowing yourself.
+ A deeper understanding of how you came to be who you are.
+ Aware of a different way for you to consider how you hold truth and reality.
+ A felt sense of connection and community with a group of committed women seeking to reclaim their personal power.
+ Educated to an alternative, empowered way of thinking and being.
+ Empowered to make congruent choices.
+ Ignited to your own Potential!


First Monday of every month
@5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST
over Zoom




With a new perspective comes a new realization.

With a new realization comes a new choice.

With a new choice comes a profoundly different life.

-Louise LeBrun

If you hunger to be in a different conversation that empowers your evolution,

this is the place to be. 



This is new to you and the uncertainty can feel scary. Engage your curiosity, anyway. How else will you discover what’s possible for you?



There is no prep work for you to do, no one else to be. Simply show up as you are, and let the process take the lead…


By the end of one conversation, you’ll know if this is for you. My guess? You’ll leave wanting more. Why? Because of the expansiveness you will feel inside your being. 

Curious about what we talk about? Check this out>>>

Oh, and as my gift to you …

your first call is always free.

Some kinds words

Clients have shared with me…


Accessible? Check

Affordable? Check

Commitment-free? Check

For the cost of two fancy coffees (plus tip!), you can immerse yourself in a paradigm-shifting conversation that ignites the essence of you by educating you to what’s possible when you learn the process to integrate wholeness. 

It all starts with a rediscovery of:


How else might I choose to live my life, today?

Personal empowerment lives in the quality of your conversations.

Join us for…


Women Gathering Monthly

$45 per call

Monthly thematic calls with no strings attached
(as in, you choose which months you show up; I believe in choice: there are no minimums). 

A safe space to discover what you might not yet know about yourself and your potential that when discovered, will transform your life!

Group and individual coaching during the call to help you reframe how you hold truth and reality. 

Email support as you navigate your transition to the WEL-Systems way of being.

Day: first Monday of every month; 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm EST (unless otherwise specified via email)

yes that’s my son’s “art” in the background.
Kuz I like keepin’ it real 😉

And just who am I?

Hi, I’m Stela Murrizi and the essence of my being is to guide women like you to live a congruent life through making mindful choices.

I work with women who are willing  and ready to walk the walk. I can teach you how, because I went through the process myself and I live it daily (and therefore I trust it 100%). 

Why do I teach this stuff, you ask? Because, this way of living gave me my life back. And now I use it to guide women like you evolve into your highest potential* by getting to know yourself.

My job, as I see it, is to help you discover the process that leads to a mindset shift about who and what you are so you get CLEAR about what matters to you and how to live it – without breaking the budget – and without ever taking another self-help course or reading another “how to” book.

Everything you need is already in you. All you gotta do is discover how to unlock its potential… 

Work with me if you’re looking for a no-bulshit-call-it-like-I-see-it type person that is also compassionate and kind…

Kind words about working with me …

Here are a few things that I have come to know about Stela over these last years.  There are many words I could use to describe who I have come to know her to be:  fierce… courageous… fearless… unrelenting… edgy.  She hears and sees things and is unwilling to look away and pretend that she does not.  Her grasp of this WEL-Systems® body of knowledge is broad and deep; her trust in the natural unfolding of its expression is without question.  All of these are formidable and compelling and immensely powerful in the dance of perpetual evolution for its own sake. 

Louise LeBrun
(founder of WEL-Systems)

Karina Evangelista


I hear Louise LeBrun often say: as CODE Model Coaches, the people we engage with can only grow to the level WE allow OURSELVES to grow, reveal and be seen, and you, Stela, demonstrated fearlessness within your growth! A sense of curiosity within yourself and within me. Really this was a magical moment for me and because of that my life is different. Your willingness, and fearlessness, helped me and I want people to know that.

I attended a six day residential WEL-Systems® retreat with Stela as the facilitator. This experience was the highlight of my life! Stela is simply extraordinary as a coach. She is the godForce embodied, wisdom, calm, ultimate generosity and intelligence speaking to, and uncovering, that place in me. She is that self realized and courageous soul that dares to see your truth and dare to call you up on it. There are no words to express my gratitude and knowing Stela. I know she can hold me in complete safety and take me where I want to go.

Randi White

I work with women who are hungry for something BIG!

Here’s how to know if that’s you:


+ You are looking to understand the essence of your being, the meaning of your life. 
+ You are hungry for depth and breadth
You have tried what feels like everything under the sun and are nearing the end of your rope. 
You are seeking lasting transformation, not catharsis and glimpses of what’s possible.
You are seeking something practical and concrete to engage in daily life and when shit-hits-the-fan. 
You are seeking to understand how you came to be who you are so you might free yourself from the confines of the past and delve ever so deep into your own future potential. 
You are intentional about how you move through your world and are seeking how to become more
You have been around the block and are looking for deeply transformative experiences, and in that, you are ready to take sacred personal responsibility for yourself. 
You are creative and curious. You love exploring your internal landscape and you are perpetually exploring your inner landscape, curious about what you’ll discover next. 
You are a seeker who is seeking something BIG to help enrich the quality of your life
You are looking to simplify rather than add noise to your life. In fact, you may be done with the external noise and are looking for internal peace. 
You just *know* there is a way of life out there that delivers you to your highest potential, even though you haven’t found “it” quite yet. 
You are done trying to escape or numb your problems (since they keep following you, anyway)
+ You are ready to take ownership of your life through navigating the chaos.
You are finally starting to grok that becoming the best version of you is what’s best for everyone, so you are ready to put yourself first.
You are seeking to become better educated about who you are, and how to live from that space of knowing thyself. 
You are ready to create a meaningful life for yourself and those you care about. 
More than anything, you want to feel whole, worthy, acknowledged, cherished, valued by yourself (although you still think someone else can give you that missing piece).

+You are seeking to discover the purpose of your life: why are you here, anyway?
+ You feel like our species is running out of time, yet you seek expansion in the midst of collapse
You know you are part of the leaders of the new world. You may be terrified, but you know it
You are looking for a way to trust your body. To do that, you know you have to better understand the language of your body.

+ You are eager to discover your own power, stand in it and emerge through it. 

This experience is not for you if:

+ You are looking to keep doing what you’re doing and seeking validation.
+ You are certain about your worldview and prefer not to challenge it. 
You are looking for temporary catharsis and not transformation. 
You do not want to take response-ability for yourself or your life.
You would rather keep blaming anyone else for your problems. 
You are looking for an expert to fix your problems. 
You are genuinely uninterested in how else to live. 

…if you do choose to participate, you will leave the experience with having a greater sense of how else you might consider reframing a problem, how you came to be who you are, and who you are capable of becoming.

Since you don’t know me, I get being cautious.

And, here’s what I promise you


I will show up authentically in my wholeness to witness your unfurling.

I will hold space for you to show up exactly as you are while you express the truth of your experience as it presents in the moment.

I will support you in your expression of decloaking to yourself.

I will encourage you to exhale the cultural conditioning that has been lingering and inhale the essence of who and what you are.

I will educate you to the fundamentals of how you came to be who you are through the WEL-Systems models.

I will educate you on how to engage the most expansive process of self-discovery and transformation I know (Quantum TLC™). I will show you, in the moment we are in, how to engage this life-affirming process.

I will educate you to see yourself and your world through different perceptual filters (what happens if you take off those rose coloured glasses?).

I will never weasel out on you; I will consistently encourage you to go deeper. These conversations are for women ready to reclaim themselves.

I will always treat you with utmost respect, integrity and generosity of Spirit. I will never assume you are small, broken or insufficient no matter what.

I will never have answers for you; I will always look for the intelligence in what’s presenting and ask expansive questions so that you may see it, too.

I will look for the patterns in your life, the undercurrents that run the show. I will not solve your problems.

I will be your mirror to the aspect of your consciousness that you seek to awaken, embody and express.

I will show you how the only guide you need is the connection to yourSelf/the Signal that you are (this is the context/paradigm I live my life from).


Join us monthly for Igniting Your Potential to discover how else you might choose to live your life, today.

Just wonderin’


How is this different from everything else out there?

This is an educational, introductory to WEL-Systems® experience. It is for those who know the talk, but want to learn how to walk the walk. This is not a workshop where you learn about something out there; it is a conversation where you discover about yourself.

How do I get started?

Just email me and I’ll send you the Zoom link for that month. It’s that simple!

What are the details?

Day: first Monday of every month
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST
Cost: $45

How do payments work?

E-transfer me $45.

Why is a three hour group coaching experience so affordable?

Because I want you to show up and try it out.
Because I want you to stay connected in an ongoing basis.
Because the point of community is connection.

Are there any additional costs?

Nope! I highly recommend any and all WEL-Systems based explorations as they will deepen you experience.

Is this conversation right for me?

All you have to do is talk to me and then show up and check it out for yourself. Commitment free.

Are there any requirements for this experience?

Nope! Just show up and be yourself.

What is CODE Model Coaching™?

To find out more about this unique type of coaching, check out my one-on-one coaching page.

Why do you facilitate WEL-Systems conversations?

Plain and simple: because this paradigm transformed my life. I went from addict to knowing and loving mySelf. Read a bit about that here “the ticket to freedom”.

What is the WEL-Systems paradigm?

To find out more about this life affirming body of wisdom, check out the website.

What is Quantum TLC™?

To find out more about this transformative process of living, check this out.

How have these programs impacted your life?

If you are curious about how this body of knowledge transformed my life, I encourage you to listen to this podcast, read “Why I became  CODE Model Coach, You ask?” and “Why I am not a therapist“.

Can I email you with questions?

Of course! Just message me with anything that comes up for you. I’ll do my best to support you in your evolution.


If you made it all the way here…

YOU’RE MY TYPE—I weigh decisions like crazy, too

while you don’t know what you don’t know,

you now know that an empowered way of living is possible …

…all you have to do is find out how.

That’s what this monthly women’s gathering experience is all about.

First call is always free.

You literally have nothing to lose.


Ignite Your Potential


This [body of knowledge] will offer you the opportunity to move beyond the content of your thoughts and begin to notice that there is a far greater framework within which your thoughts take shape and from which they emerge.  Change that (a higher order expression of Being) and you change your life!

– Louise LeBrun (founder of the WEL-Systems Institute)

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!