WEL-Systems® conversations: The ticket to freedom

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The WEL-Systems® experiences that I facilitate and participate in are not courses or programs; they are experiences. Their purpose is individualized integration of the historical habits that keep us stagnated in a particular way of thinking, out of our awareness.

They are sacred conversations among equals. While there is no hierarchy, no gurus, no teachers, no master, there is a massive educational component to point us toward consideration of the existence of an alternative paradigm that directs us toward honouring and respecting our own inner cues. In essence, the whole point is to show us how to become, and live from, and internally referenced space. 

What exactly is that? Listen to Louise LeBrun, founder of WEL-Systems®, explain what it means to live from an internally referenced space and why that matters in the clip below…



In the process of engaging in these conversations, we are exposed to a new set of beliefs, values and attitudes we might awaken to and begin to embody, not as a strategy, but as a way of being. Not because someone told us to do so, but because we choose it for ourselves.

In these spaces, there is nothing that is good, bad, right or wrong in and of itself. After all, everything is context dependent. There isn’t a singular strategy that everyone must adopt. There isn’t a single mindset that is correct. No one gets “good girl” points and no one gets demerits. The only requirement is showing up authentically for yourself. Owning the truth of your experience, for yourself.

Be yourself, tell the truth.

It’s that simple AND that challenging.

In this way of living, the name of the game is personal evolution for its own sake.

Truth is, some people crave it, and others don’t. Some people suffer in the habits of their minds and those of our culture, while others are comfortable in their discomfort. Some people notice the contradictions, others play pretend. Some people simply must live authentically and connected to Spirit, others would rather watch TikTok. Some people yearn to discover who and what they are, others are fine being another Jane Doe. Nothing wrong with Jane Doe (as a metaphor for the perceived comfort of the status quo), but it’s simply not for me. If you’re reading this, I imagine it’s not for you, either.

For me, after five years of engaging with women in WEL-Systems® conversations, I am crystal clear: these are the types of experiences I would pay money for! Because they free me from the perceived constraints of my own limitations, they invite me to evolve, and they provide the stepping stones to the discovery of my own majesty! I AM.

I rejoice in spending time immersed in these sacred conversations with a small group of other women who dare to step into the sacredness of their being. Often uncertain of what we’ll find in the conversation, one thing we trust is true: our lives are different, because we are different.

Today I received a message from one of the women who participated in a recent WEL-Systems® intensive for the first time. I asked her to notice how she’s feeling after that experience. She simply said she is moving through the world differently. Most of us don’t have the words (initially) to describe how we are different, but we know that we are. Those around us know we are, too. They sense the evolution…they sense the difference, even if they’re not able to calibrate for exactly what’s different or why.

Living this way requires a paradigm shift.

And like with any paradigm, it takes time and effort to be educated into an alternative. It takes time to rewire the nervous system to trust a different truth than that which is spewed down our throat before we have a chance to make up our own mind. It takes time to acclimate. And it takes time to engage from that newfound space. So…kindness with ourselves is critical.

From my experience, once the click happens, we have leaped, and we can never go back.

Who would want to, anyway? Once we’re on this path, we realize …there is so much peace, so much joy, so much fire, so much intensity, so much love, so much exploration, so much space, so much flow, so much expansion, so much deep inner knowings.

And then, of course, we forget.

And the whole point of living from the WEL-Systems® paradigm is that we are encouraged to remember. Not because I (the coach) nudge you, but because you want to. You have tasted the sweetness of living this way and there is nothing else that compares. Once you open Pandora’s box and discover how beauty-full it is … to know yourself differently as that which you were born on this planet to be. What a fucking gift to and from Self!


for those still curious …

I get it; what is WEL-Systems, anyway? Perhaps the founder herself can shed some light through this blog post on “WEL-Systems: Discovering what it is by eliminating what it’s not!

Prefer listening? I have found the this introduction to Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files to be an awesome starting point for anyone who is curious about how else they might consider living their life.

Ready to delve in and have a personal experience of what it means for you to be in these conversations? Join me and a small group of women, talking, in this monthly exploration of Self: “Igniting Your Potential(yes, this is a monthly offering AND there is no obligation to join every month; you get to choose when you show up).

As always, if you’re curious yet uncertain, talk to me and together we’ll explore what’s possible for you.

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