Dear Declan: Pay attention, differently

For those who prefer to hear the passion in my voice when it comes to this piece, I encourage you to listen as I read it.

My dear, sweet boy,

I have started writing some of these letters to you and have not yet posted them publicly. They are intimate, and they are powerful. They are love letters in a language different than most. They are this mother’s attempt at pointing to you the process with which people are readily manipulated because of the context within which they live their lives. These letters aren’t easy; they are the Truth of my experience as a deeply concerned mother who notices things differently than the average Joe out there. And yet…you and I are surrounded by various types of average Joes: how willing are you to pay attention, differently so that you are not also duped by the proclaimed powers that be? How willing are you to stand in your Truth even when the external pressures mount and demand that you bend and capitulate to fit in? 

I am choosing to write these letters and post them publicly because I know I am not alone in what I see unfolding “out there”. I know I am not the only mother who is deeply concerned. And… I know that I choose not to hide in the closet, pretending, because there is no power there. 

Instead, I choose to express the Truth of my experience out loud, trusting the process. 

These are transitory times for our species. 

Most people are being manipulated into stepping into the world of biodigital convergence. This is the promised land of the modern cult we call (politicized) science, with (corporate) algorithms as God. The current prevailing ideology, which builds upon thousands of years of a particular type of mindset I call toxic patriarchy, has convinced the majority of people that the billionaire elite, technocrats, scientists, politicians, and the legitimate institutions of the day have their best interest at heart. They trust what the Government of Canada has planned for its citizens. They trust the narrative that the inevitable merging of humans with technology is the evolution of the human species. They trust that the more they disconnect from our (eons long demonized) bodies and connect to the promised land of the Cloud, the better (virtual) lives we’ll live. These people, I believe, look forward to the day they get to be in full control of their (virtual) reality because they feel they lack control in their lives. 

While the government and corporate propaganda makes this biodigical convergence seem like the wet dream we’ve all been waiting for, I encourage you to consider some higher order questions about what this might mean for our collective future. 

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who are noticing this new world order trend and they are choosing not-that. Most people in this camp, you see, are also terrified of the future they’re facing. They feel powerless in knowing how to move forward because they don’t know how to live in a world that demands they create their reality out of imagination of what could be rather than what is. These are the people who are not mindfully stepping into the conveyor belt toward extinction, but are trying something else. That gives me some hope because in learning how to farm, how to built tiny homes, how to secure their parameters, how to handle guns, etc. they are also discovering how to build something different than the status quo. While this component at the environment / behaviour level is essential, in my opinion, it is also not enough. Because unless we are actively pursuing discovery of how our minds work, we are gullible and therefore malleable. If we don’t know how to handle our differences with respect, integrity and generosity of spirit, we will be scattered and divided also (thus, gullible). 

In my model of the world, we must, first and foremost, get to know our own minds (or there will always be someone out there who knows us better than we know ourselves). 

If I achieve one goal in my lifetime, I wish it to be that you grow up knowing your true Self, your essence, your I AM. It is only by knowing this that you do not fall victim to another’s construction of the world. If you notice the patterns playing out in the world and choose mindfully that which is meaningful for you, I know you will be okay.  

To live in this world and not be of it.

I encourage you to be ultra courageous. I encourage you to pay attention, differently. I encourage you to be willing to stand alone, and find a supportive community. I encourage you to feel, because the impulses in your body will never lie to you. Yet every single institution that we have collectively built and continue to legitimize is nothing but a self-replicating machine that requires your gullibility to thrive. Your attention feeds its validity. It cannot exist so long as you pay it no mind. Instead of bracing against what is, I hope you choose to notice, and simply choose to create meaningfully. This type of creation is the antithesis of how people are taught to create in our society. 

In a previous blog post millions of years ago I wrote about the default is the cult. I stand by that. Because the default is the all-consuming ideology that seeks to suck you in before you’re even born. They try to convince you that someone else always knows what’s best for you better than you. Always someone external to you has the truth, and all you have to do is listen to the right people and find the right strategies and behave in the right way and live in the right neighborhood. This, my pure love, is an attempt to suck you in to become externally referenced, relying on anyone and everyone but yourself to discover what’s real and true and what should be meaningful to you. Why? Because it’s fucking easy peasy to control and manipulate people who only know to look for external validation. All the powers that be have to do is keep shifting the narrative and making someone wrong for not being able to keep up or not playing by the rules. 

Yet their power games are ineffective on those who know their own inner Truth and simply choose to live life from the impulses in their belly. (Can you guess why the desire to disconnect us from our bodies, then?)

This is why I encourage you to pay attention, differently … so that you remain master of your own mind, master of your own domain. This is not taught in any conventional cultural beliefs, values or attitudes worldwide. It isn’t taught in self-proclaimed legitimate institutions. It isn’t upheld by them, either. In fact, if you look around you might notice: most people are terribly unhappy, profoundly disconnected, committed to living a lie, status-quo replicating machines. They know not what critical self-reflection is, but they are well trained in strategizing how to sustain the ideology of the default while coming out “on top” because they have status or money or externally validated power. Even those supposedly counter-culture end up creating and sustaining culture because their focus is constantly in fighting what is rather than mindfully creating what they wish to see. That’s simply how energy works… where our attention flows, energy grows. 

*deep sigh* 

Living as an internally referenced quantum-biological being.

I don’t know where to start with this and where to end. I just know that it is a critical, evolving piece for me to write, to you, for you, and for everything you are a metaphor for: pure potential. If you know how to pay attention, differently you become the leader in your life, and none of the blah-blah-blahs (no matter how invasive and loud) will matter in how you mindfully choose to shape your meaningful and evolving reality. 

I share these thoughts with you because I have come to discover that there is nothing in the world that is more powerful than you knowing your essence… your truth … yourSelf. 

If you know yourSelf, you are powerful in a way that no one can take from you, because you are internally referenced. That means that you know how to listen to your ultimate Truth that is presented to you through your body. Many people with the right intentions will try to convince you that you can be in two paradigms at the same time. Take it from me: that simply isn’t and can’t be true (at least, that’s the truth of my experience). You either are internally referenced (a quantum-biological being) OR you are externally referenced (a Newtonian-Allopathic being). Trying to live with one foot in each world because you’d rather sustain your current default than expand your consciousness will only serve to confuse you. 

Which side of the dotted line you choose to live from is your choice?

As I heard Louise LeBrun, my friend and mentor say to me recently, internal versus external referencing are two diametrically opposed paradigms. You cannot be in both at the same time; you either are internally referenced OR you are not. True power comes from living from an internally referenced space. Choice, in the moment you are in, from the impulses of Truth inside your body, is the only tool with which you get to practice your power. 

You are lucky, because you are born into this family who cherishes you for being exactly who and what you are and will never try to diminish you or ask you to make yourself smaller so you “fit in” to an inherently dysfunctional culture (and paradigm). You are the chooser, every step of the way, and all we do as parents is guide you toward your most meaningful expression of yourSelf. I know that you know what that means. 

So, you get to choose what paradigm you trust and therefore live from. I encourage you to trust your intuition, your innate Truth compass that you were born with that resides solely in your body. You disconnect from your body, you disconnect from your Truth, you disconnect from yourSelf. It really is that fucking simple! 

And, in that exact moment of disconnect from Self / Truth, you become vulnerable to someone else’s story. The instant you allow room for confusion, fear, rage, or any low vibration sensation to take over is the instant you become vulnerable to be penetrated by another’s ideology. And their ideology, my dear son, always has an alternative agenda that they are not revealing to you. After all, the war for your mind is the greatest war of all time. 

This war for mind control is as ancient as human history itself. External referencing has been normalized throughout all cultures because it is the fundamental tool with which mind control occurs.

That’s what cultural conditioning is: simply someone else’s story repeated over time and space so that everyone capitulates their truth to the truth of the era they are born in. Parenting is the delivery mechanism of culture, and culture shapes parenting. It is fractal in nature. To live captive to the lies of the culture, in my opinion, is a rather unpleasant life. Whether you are living the unexamined life of the well-read intellectual or that of the hardworking peasant, it’s the same thing. When you don’t know yourself, when you don’t know how the structure of your mind works, when you don’t own your mind, you are likely going to live a rather miserable life, captive to someone else’s “shoulds”. And what I’m telling you is: it’s all a matter of choice. You are the choice point, itself! 

Make yourself bigger than the story you’re being told. Soar above it all and notice all the nuances. Do not limit yourself to a tunnel vision reality based on the constructed (and often contradictory) “facts” that are constantly being used to manipulate and confuse the unnoticing population. Redirect is a powerful control mechanism. As is shame, fear, scapegoating and divisive rhetoric. Self-loathing, too. 

How’s any of this about you?

While today’s political conversations revolve around mandating masks (despite all the evidence to the contrary) and hospital shortages (that they’re choosing not to fund), I am aware of not capitulating my power to the bogus narratives that permeate the default. And, I am acutely aware of the world they are trying to create for your generation, a world where the abomination is normalized. Some examples of what to expect include … 

  • global governance as opposed to local governance (despite everything we currently know of what works) 
  • digital IDs used to control the behaviour of a population based on a reward/punishment system (it’s been working in China for over a decade, so why not?!)
  • censorship of what you can and can’t say, where the global elite determine what’s appropriate and what isn’t (enter Bill C-11 in Canada, among all the covid shenanigans)
  • inability to make up our own minds about anything because everything is censored and controlled (if you haven’t noticed over the last three years, you’re living under a rock)
  • programmable money that can be rationed, thereby effectively eliminating the middle class and the West (while the West is moving toward CBDCs, BRICS is backing up their united money by gold)
  • rationing of natural resources while blaming people for climate change (check out what’s happening in Europe where my aunt couldn’t water her plants in UK)
  • normalization of disconnect from Self through technology, ensuring we spend most of our waking time on virtual reality through implanted technology so we don’t know where “I” begin and technology ends (VR and Neuralink are already here) 
  • discontent and disconnected but illusioned with contentment and virtual connection (social media, anyone?) 
  • eating solely genetically modified foods while living in tight, constricted places (who needs space anyway when you live in virtual reality most of the time)
  • hybrid and shared spaces where everything is rented and nothing belongs to you (yet simultaneously everything belongs to the global elite, who control who they rent it to and when)
  • everyone is crammed in megacities because it’s easier to keep resources in one space (forget about country living and fresh air)
  • … the mantra has been introduced, and we are to buy into it: in the fourth industrial revolution, humans are to “own nothing, be happy”.

We are a species profoundly ignorant to what’s good for us. For thousands of thousands of years the elite of the day have shaped our perception of what’s real and true in order to ensure they continue to shape the world the way they want to, uninterrupted. The Jesuits knew: give me a child until they’re seven … Today we irrefutably know: children under seven live in a hypnosis-like state, thus they are profounly malleable. If the global elite manage to succeed, and unfortunately evidence points to they are, our only tool of power is to know our minds so that we are not vulnerable to their imprinting. Because while mind control has always been the goal, we are now at a praecipes where once they penetrate you with their devices, it’ll be damn near impossible to know what’s real and what’s their created fiction. 

So, my dear son, I end this train of thought here (and there will be more): so long as you know yourself as Creator of your reality, so long as you remain internally referenced, so long as you commit to living a life of meaning from the inside-out, you will be just fine in the midst of the mind games going on around you. Noone can fuck with someone who is inherently unfuckwithable. And you are unfuckwithable when you know yourself. See where I’m going with this? 

For the women who give a shit, for the mothers and grandmothers and aunts who are out there noticing, I encourage you to come out of the closet and have conversations that expand your mind, so that you can hold an expansive space for the littles you care about. You cannot do this from the paradigm of the world you currently operate from. Consider, if you will, that potential lives in the unknown…

If you’d like to talk to me or join any of the upcoming monthly conversations, I encourage you to get in touch and we go from there. What would your life look like if you were to become more courageous? Email me to have that chat!

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