I Just Noticed My Phone Is A Manipulative Little Thing…

Our habits have been hacked.

As I sit in my office space immersed in my work, I habitually picked up the phone, literally for no reason other than a useless habit. I looked at it and there was nothing new there. So I put it down. The instant that I put it down, my Google phone (yikes, I know …) dings. I picked it back up to look at it, and again, there’s nothing new there. For whatever reason, a “click” happened inside of me in that moment when I realized that my phone is manipulating me.

You see, the Pixel-whatever I use as my personal cell device dings every time I pick up my phone and then quickly put it down. The reason for the ding is notifications for the new-old emails that sometimes one’s I have already opened up. Whoa. 

Talk about manipulation from a tiny little device! Talk about a massive pull to the default! Talk about an intentional distraction!

In that simple yet immensely invasive act, Don’t put this down, says Google. I’m here to distract you from creating your life’s purpose, says Google. Stay ‘connected’ to a virtual “reality”, says Google. Stay distracted, prefers Google.

I had noticed this trend before, but it confused me more than anything. I thought maybe their algorithms are off, or something. But, Google wouldn’t do that, so I no longer believe that. I believe this is an intentional use of their algorithms to keep me on my phone, because they know: once I’m on it, I’ll be distracted, forget why I went on and simply…browse.

How many times have you gone on your phone to check something and next thing you know an hour has gone by and you have wasted your time (aka your life) on nothing of substance or value?

It pays to pay attention.

I believe it is intelligent for the powers that be to keep us distracted from ourSelves, from our lives, from our creations, from our purpose. So long as we are distracted, we are not paying attention to the world they are creating. And the world they are creating for us is increasingly ever-ugly. Biodigital convergence is already here. In this Great Reset world, algorithms that supposedly know us better than we know ourselves are used intentionally to keep us “super-squeezed”. I really loved this blog post by Tessa Lena and the way she delves into what it means to be moving toward this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where who we are is changing and how we are kept small is becoming increasingly more effortless on the part of the billionaires who control this agenda.

As Louise LeBrun says in her latest blog post:

Decades of cultural conditioning – supported at every turn by others equally conditioned and rewarded for being so – leave us wondering what’s true and what isn’t.  In my era, that cultural conditioning came from the process of parenting and its many surrogates (i.e. teachers, doctors, priests, ministers, government, etc.).  In today’s era, it comes from technology… having gone from desktops, to hold-ables, to wearables to implantables.  Today, for a much younger generation, there is a direct line to the constant press of the collective voice that claims to know how another should/must be.  In today’s world, the droning is 24/7. The Borg have arrived.

To exercise the choice muscle, there must be Space to do so.  A pause.  A quiet moment when the now-become-a-whisper of our own internal cues can be discerned.  Without that pause, there is no alternative to what is always present.

PS – Please listen to the audio file at the end of the blog post.

Am I choosing Life, or am I choosing to run from it? 

This is the only question, that perhaps matters most in the creation of our meaningful life.

We live in a world where the rich-and-powerful are creating so much intentional noise, by so many experts and so many flashing lights and so much indoctrination…all of it competing for our undivided, 25-hours-a-day–8-days-a-week attention. The powers that be are not asking nicely, they are extorting us into becoming who they want us to be in this “fourth industrial revolution”. Few billionaire men making decisions on our collective behalf and condescendingly yet unapologetically fucking with our lives, unashamedly drilling into us “it’s for your own good”. Yet women are conditioned to spend their life offended by the word fuck.

Are one of the few who is fucking done with all the bulshit?

If you are beginning to notice the narratives that strive to keep you disconnected from yourself, I invite you to join me in the Unapologetically Unfuckwithable: Embracing the Crone that I AM yearlong experience coming up this November (two spots left!). This is a conversation about becoming powerful in the creation of your meaningful reality. First step is always …notice, differently!

I Choose Life.

The distractions are only distractions from what matters to you. It’s easy to get pulled in to the vibrations of fear/shame/rage/despair that are prevalent in our world. The pull to the default is as intense as it is massive … 

I, for one, mindfully choose not that.

What else might I create if I were to pay attention to my own inner cues such that they guide me toward that which is meaningful to me?

If you’re curious about exploring such places and spaces inside yourself, I encourage you to talk to me.

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Are these explorations meaningful to you?

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Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



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