Choice: The bridge between the past and the future

For those of you who prefer to hear me read this post, here you go.

I am profoundly aware of the fact that there are lots of different ways to see and move through the world. 

Like most people, I spent the majority of my adult life believing that there was something wrong with me and the way to heal is to find a new strategy that would help me with the quality of my life. I tried everything: from therapy, to drugs, to twelve-step groups, to a library of self-help books, to journaling, to strategizing, to yoga and meditation. Trying to change my life in these ways means I was approaching transformation like most people out there do today: from the bottom – up, by changing the environment, managing my behaviours, and finding the right strategy. I became an expert at strategizing, managing and keeping accurate counts. Although I kept at it for over a decade, incremental shifts is all I got…which means, nothing really changed. Who I believed myself to be was the same, and what I believed about myself still kept me stagnated to the same old. 

The Newtonian – Allopathic paradigm says: I am the sum of my body parts. 

Most of us live in a culture that conditions us to focus all of our attention on the content, the visuals, the audio, the details, the feelings, the story. That’s what talk therapy is — hashing out the details and zoning in on the feelings. Most of us walk around believing that if we accurately know the content of what happened, then it’s real. We have been taught that only once we know the story can we begin to work on it, usually by strategizing to do something differently than we have until now. This way of coming to know “truth” becomes very tedious, very fast.

We are not designed for incremental shifts, because we are quantum-biological beings! 

The WEL-Systems® paradigm says: I am a quantum-biological being. 

The journey through the WEL-Systems® body of wisdom has taught me that I am so much more than I ever imagined I was. Truly. To know myself as the Force of Creation itself, manifesting uniquely through this tissue has been a life changer. 

And, I didn’t get there overnight. I took the outlined journey, and I stayed with it, no matter what

Thought patterns are predictable

I learned how to engage with the models, because they are fucking brilliant. The predictable structure of thought, for example, tells us that there is a predictable structure to thought — thought isn’t random. It is programmable. And the programming starts from before we’re even born!

When I’m willing to give myself permission to notice where my thinking is along the predictable structure of thought, it gives me leverage to notice where I am holding myself hostage to a set of belief systems or a mindset that no longer serves me.

For example: If my belief is that the only way to find resolution inside myself is to focus on the problem at the environment / behaviour level so that I can come up with a better strategy to “fix” what I hold as broken, I will most likely find myself in an unsolvable loop of trying. If I go to a retreat or take another course I’d likely get incremental shifts and catharsis, but my life would not transform. I might know more content, I might be able to tell a better story … and, the quality of my life is still the same. I will never become my I AM through strategy or catharsis because I will be trapped in the programming of who I believe I should be. That is the gift of the cultural conditioning that keeps on giving…

Furthermore, depoliticized (real!) science shows that focusing our attention on content requires that we significantly slow down the speed with which we are able to process information through the body (which is, after all, a quantum biological processor that can process information at speeds my intellect cannot even begin to imagine). I know this too, because I live it. I know that I can process information at the speed of light, with a single breath. After all, my body, just like your body, has more neurological connections than the earth has grains of sand! Let that one sink in! With every thought, all those neurological connections get triggered, almost instantly, and that is what creates our reality. With every breath, we have the opportunity to transform our thought processes.

I am quantum. I am biological. The two are inseparable. Yet, the I AM that I am is quantum. This body, the transmitter of the quantum Signal that I AM, is designed to process at quantum speeds. If you have no idea what I mean, it’s likely because you believe you are the sum of your parts. I am telling you, and you do not have to believe me, you are so much more! 

Society teaches us to stay small.

Yet we live in a society that is designed, intentionally, to keep our mindset small. After all, we are much more readily influenced when we believe someone else has the right answers. We are much more docile the more densely we are focused on trying to prove that we are right in feeling sad/angry/fearful/ashamed. We are much more powerless the more unable and unwilling to notice: we always have choice. 

Never mind blatant dogmatic religion, but bulshit New Agey love&light affirmations-to-manifest type spiritual bypassing has not helped, either. It, too, is the by-product of the patriarchal mindset that permeates all cultural conditioning that we have all been exposed to. Cultures worldwide have managed to turn spirituality into a strategy. And by doing so, we have made sure our thoughts are contained in the small container of below strategy. Who did what, when and how. That’s it, that’s all!

We are, as a society, conditioned to bring our thinking only up to strategy; everything else after that is to be ignored. Don’t go there! Don’t you dare! Who do you think you are, questioning God himself! 

Yet in my model of the world, trying to manifest a meaningful life through strategy is neither required nor useful. And, it is the type of mindset that permeates all of our thinking … all our institutions … all of our ways of engaging with each other. Where is your proof?! 

I AM a quantum, holographic being.

The truth is, in a quantum and holographic universe, we don’t need “proof” because proof lives inside our own body. Truth is pulled from the Field, from the Void, from the great unknown, and it is stored in the vibrations of the neurological connections … the whooshing of the blood … the instantaneous gut feelings that always let us know. In this way of living, there is rarely content in content worth knowing.

The only reason for content is to bring our awareness to the moment we are in so we might raise our level of thought and come to the choice point, to make a choice from the moment we are in, from the Signal from Self that I AM. That’s the point of manifesting…not as a strategy, but as a way of being. It really is WHAT we are as the I AM that I am, the Force of Creation. 

A lot of you who have not yet had an experience with me might read all this and not have a clue what I’m talking about. Still, you’re reading, and for that, I command you. Even though your intellect cannot make sense of what I say, your body knows. I know that what I express likely feels different to you. That’s because I live from the deep inner knowing that I AM the godForce, manifested in tissue. What does that mean to you? 

In my reality, there is no reason that a godForce who knows herself would require to see/hear/feel/touch/smell/ the details of her past to know that it’s true, AND, most importantly, to be able and willing to mindfully create her emerging future. A godForce who knows herself as the Field of all possibility, who knows herself as a quantum-biological being, has no desire even to pull at the content in order to be willing to trust herself and her creations. After all, the whole fucking field is available to her! She IS the leaderSelf of her life! That’s the true power outlined in this body of wisdom: reclamation of the godForce that I AM. Not as a catchphrase, not as a nice little mantra, not as a nice-to-have-when-I’m-in-trouble, but the authentic fucking Truth that lives in every cell of our Being!

The desire to know the details of the drama keeps us locked in to our drama.

After all, energy flows where attention goes. If your attention is on constantly trying to make an “accurate” picture of the beast, you will be constantly  pulled toward …you guessed it, the beast itself. Choice point, down. It will hold your attention, and therefore it will monopolize your energy and shape your emerging reality. That’s living at the environment / behaviour level, from the Newtonian paradigm of what’s real is what you can measure/sense/see/etc. Truth is, no matter how much evidence you provide to your intellect, there is no satisfying it. 

If you let the beast own you, it will.

As a species, I believe we are at a critical choice point: we can choose evolution by intention … OR drama. As Louise LeBrun has previously said “there is a bottomless pit for both of them”. The good news: YOU get to choose. Right here, right now. 

If you would like to consider raising your thinking so you are no longer captive to the story, I encourage you to spend some time with the thought processes that keep you captive to the content level. 

More than that, I encourage you to BE with yourself and ponder … 

  • How willing are you to focus your attention on your emerging future as opposed to the details of the past? 
  • How willing are you to let go of the desire to know more and more content and mindfully choose to focus your attention on creating a future of your own choosing? 
  • What does it mean to you to live choice-point up? 
  • What does being internally-referenced mean to you? What does that reality look like? 

If you’re curious to explore how else to live, consider reading this spectacular piece of writing.

Always, and in all ways, you are not alone. 

Consider the level of Choice as the bridge that stands between the past and the future

Louise LeBrun, Founder of WEL-Systems®

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