Biodigital Convergence Report, The Canadian Government & The New (Trans)Human

Writing this post was not an easy task for me. It has taken me four full days to write, and there is still so much more I want to contextualize. Still, here it is for you to engage with.

Know that by engaging in reading this post, you are choosing to take the red pill and awaken to a more expansive context from which you can choose to live your life.

As always, you could choose to take the blue pill at any time, turn this off, and go on about your regular day pretending reality is something different than what it IS. From what I notice, most people around me are much more comfortable being docile, compliant, dripping with fear and drowning in dogmatic indoctrination. I respect if that’s your choice, and it’s not the way I choose to live my life…

I choose to step into what’s already unfolding with eyes wide open. What is happening in our world feels a lot like science fiction, but it isn’t. While we could go on our lives pretending this is a problem for the future, that will not change the truth of it: what the government is calling biological convergence is already here. It is part of your daily life, whether you want/choose to face it or not.

While you still have choice, I hope you choose to delve into this unfolding with eyes wide open, breath consciously flowing, body receptive and processing everything (as it is designed to do).  

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, like you need a drink, know you can reach out to me anytime. I welcome your perspectives, and I love engaging in ways that will expand our collective capacity to navigate this bizarre, tumultuous new world we have already entered. That you choose to face it, or not, does not change the fact that it already IS part of your daily reality. Perhaps it’s time to notice , and take charge of your own life, of your own mind….so you become more resilient and resourceful in the face of it all. 

In my world, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is the cause of disconnect and discontent. It lives at the root of all our predicaments … I would much rather choose to navigate my world with passion, compassion, and grace!

As you read this post, remember: Breathing is good!

Here we go….

The New World the World Economic Forum has been envisioning is already here

In my current version of reality, the latest report produced by Policy Horizons Canada called “Exploring Biodigital Convergence” is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. In this report, the authors lay out the pattern for joining biology and technology to form a new human. This new human they envision is one where the biological and the digital are merged in such a way that the two might become indistinguishable from each other.

More than that, the report provides us with a paradigm of the new world that suggests being in a dopamine-dependent-comatose state while directly connected to The Cloud is somehow preferable to being connected in the biological world, our bodies, and our evolving state of consciousness.

This steak scene from The Matrix comes to mind…

“ignorance is bliss”

As I was reading this report and allowing myself to become one with the world they are describing, I did not find myself in a democratic, egalitarian utopia where all my needs and wants are met and exceeded. Instead, I found myself in a nightmare I wouldn’t know I’m having, and I wouldn’t know how to wake up from. Even if I woke up…what would I find reality to be?

These are the kinds of questions that are imperative in my life. While The Matrix up until now has been, in my opinion, cultural conditioning passed along mindlessly generation to generation, now The Matrix is, actually, being plugged in to a virtual world that seems real.

We have now entered a world where the aim of the World Economic Forum, the elites it services, and governments worldwide are openly talking implementing policies and strategies that would plug the collective directly into a virtual reality they propagandize would be our digital heaven, the salvation of the human race, the great egalitarian utopia!

Well, if you follow my blog and if you know me at all, you would know that I do not, not for one quantum instant of a nanosecond, buy into this dehumanizing narrative of a digital utopia. I’ve been a drug addict for ten years, I know well what it’s like to chase that dopamine high…and let me tell you, it is a prison, a version of hell few are fortunate enough to escape. Dopamine highs, no matter what form they take, pail in comparison to actually getting to know one’s Self, one’s essence, one’s unique Signal from The All. But, I may be getting ahead of myself…

For now, consider this statement from the report (all the quotes will be italicized throughout this report) “biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural“. This begs consideration of some of the most critical questions moving forward: What is a human being? What is reality? What is nature? Who gets to decide?

Before I go on, I would like you to know that the technology they describe in this report already exists. It isn’t imagination, it is already real, and it is already in use. The priming for the cultural shift toward merging biology with technology has been happening for several decades now. We have been peripherally given access to information which has functioned to normalize the (mostly unregulated) use of stuff like GMOs, CRISPR technology, gene modification on animals, chimeras, bio-nano technology, nanobots, synthetic biology, the internet of things, etc. Please note: we have been primed over the last several decades to accept this upcoming version of reality not only as plausible, but as desirable. It is considered progress.

This is why the federal government of Canada can put out this report on biodigital convergence to let us know: is now at our doorstep. And, dare I say, already inside our bodies. A quick but important aside: If you still believe the push for the injection of mRNA technology into our bodies was only to fight a virus, I encourage you to read how RNA has been used since 2019 to deliver sequences to regulate the expression of a particular gene. The question that is raised in my mind is: what is the message being delivered or to be delivered to almost 90% of the Canadian population? I honestly don’t know.

While there is so much I want to say about what the release of this report means (as a metaphor), I will try to keep this post relatively short (there will most certainly be more!).

My main goal with this post is to share with you that this report exists, and that it is not the domain of SciFi or conspiracy theories. Instead, it is the domain of an emerging future that is already happening (I wonder… who is directing its emergence?).

My secondary goal is to ask you to consider, inside your Self, some bigger, critical questions that the report simply does not address. But I will. And I encourage you to as well. (If you think of some I have not included, I would love to hear from you!)

Let’s get the basics straight: The transhumanist revolution is here.

The world billionaires with power have envisioned for decades (perhaps centuries) is here. Synthetic biology is here. Biodigital convergence is here. The shift in culture and mindframe around the integration of human and nanotechnology is here. The willful yet mindless surrendering of our human rights is here. The demise of the industrial institutions is here. The emergence of global governance is here. The transhumanist revolution is here.

Here are the publicly declared goals of this revolution, as per the headlines of this federally produced report. Notice which ones stand out to you:

“Altering the human genome – our core biological attributes and characteristics.”
“Monitoring, altering and manipulating human thoughts and behaviours.”
“New ways to monitor, manage, and influence bodily functions, as well as predict, diagnose, and treat disease.”
“Biohacking with implanted digital devices to enhance bodily functions.”
“Nanobots and nanomaterials can operate and precisely deliver drugs within living creatures.”
“New ways to change or create other organisms”
“Synthetic biology draws inspiration from biology, engineering, computer science, and physics for the design and construction of new biological entities.”
“New ways to alter ecosystems”
“Changing and eradicating entire species.”
“Altering the natural environment at scale.”
“New ways to sense, store, process, and transmit information”
“Turning organisms into biocomputers.”

*Now take a deep, slow, mindful breath, and read on.*

Just because this new paradigm is here does not mean we have to go into it mindlessly. I believe this is an incredible time to be alive! To be able to notice, and resourcefully respond in the creation of our own lives is a magical experience we get to create, for ourselves. And we do not need permission.

However, we have to be awake. Aware. Engaged! We have to be willing to not only notice, but face the truth of it all and allow that truth to be digested and metabolized inside our bodies. Only then can choose meaningfully, for ourselves.

For me, it is imperative to expand the context from which I live my life. While I have been bracing against this emerging reality for two years, I now am certain: it is here. And I’m not willing to capitulate to my perceived powerlessness so easily… After all, power is a state of mind!

How I experience experience truth and reality is dependent on the context from which I operate from. that is what directs the narrative and the conclusions I derive about myself, about truth, about reality, about power, about …all of it.

As you read this blog post and the report itself, I encourage you to keep in mind the context within which this is all contextualized in both collectively and, most importantly, individually (to you). Nominalizations like transhumanism, neocapitalism, and global governance (aka totalitarianism) help me make sense of what’s unfolding collectively.

PS: I am not me without my body

The personal context from which I mindfully choose to live my life from, the largest context available to me in this moment, is that I AM a quantum biological being. I AM the Life Force itself, manifesting in matter. I AM the whole expressing uniquely in this body. I AM consciousness having an experience of itself in the physical, 3D realm. I AM the Signal from Self expressing in this tissue. I AM the quantum, and I AM the body. The two are indistinguishable. I am no longer “me” if I am separated from my body. If my mind, as it would have evolved up until that moment in which it is extracted and plugged into a digital space, was uploaded into a digital world and I no longer had a connection to my body: I WOULD NOT BE ME. And I would certainly never have access to a larger context than that which would be available to me by virtue of the algorithms (or as in our current world, by virtue of cultural conditioning, beliefs, values and attitudes). The larger, more expansive context is only available to me through my body.

When biology and technology are indistinguishable from each other

How the pandemic transformed culture

The history of human civilization has followed a particular trajectory. First, there was the agricultural revolution. Then, the industrial revolution. Now, we are in the midst of the roll-out of the transhumanist revolution. All of these cultural revolutions have required a particular mindset to ensure the majority of the population conformed to the new ways of life.

What is the type of collective mind-frame do you believe would be required to ensure the successful implementation of global governance within the transhumanist revolution?

What comes to mind for me at this time in my life are the following: utilitarianism and singularity of mind.

Utilitarianism ensures the collective good is prioritized over the rights and freedoms of the individual. Nobility, in this mind-frame, is measured by one’s willingness to sacrifice the individual for the greater good. To me, this sounds a lot like the propaganda of Albanian communism (where I was born and raised). Sacrificing the individual for the proclaimed greater good came in the forms of sacrificing our body, our rights, our freedoms, our autonomy, our sovereignty, and so on for safety. Those who “did the right thing” and complied, were given conditional rights and freedoms and were given permission from the State and society to righteously consider themselves a good Samaritan and pride themselves on their noble act of kindness for the greater good. The noble people were rewarded both with conditional rights, freedoms and praise. Good citizens! You get to (conditionally) participate in society (so long as you continue to comply). As for the rest? Not to worry. They’re just the minority.

If you thought I was describing communist Albania just then, think again…

The second mind-frame that is required to ensure the successful implementation of global governance within the transhumanist revolution is the mindset of the hive, where singularity of a collective mind is idealized. How was this implemented? Perhaps you were astoot enough to notice that during the pandemic people who disagreed with the conventional (self-proclaimed legitimate, blasting-in-your-face-24/7) narrative have been exhaustively censored, actively disgraced, socially shunned and systematically displaced from engagement in society. Their research, thoughts, perspectives, ideals, morals … all were censored and outcast. People lost their jobs, their reputations, their ability to express a perspective. To me, this was the most massive warning sign that we have entered a world we could not come back from.

Like in a hive, when the queen bee makes the rules, the worker bees have to agree, or else (they are outcast). In our world, western governments made sure you’d lose your rights, your jobs, your family, your privacy, your social status, access to social resources, etc. if you didn’t comply. The mantra was, quite blatantly loud, “you’re either with us, or against us”. You are either right or you are wrong. Black or white. If you dare suggest there are colours in the spectrum, you are banished from the kingdom! However, this either/or mindset has no room or capacity for the much more expansive both/and considerations. Are we to believe this is random? Accidental? Reactive? An unfortunate consequence of the severity of the pandemic?

I don’t fucking think so.

I believe the western world was intentionally and strategically kept in a trance induction that distracted and polarized them while the powers that be were rather… ruthless in their insistence of a needle in every arm. They did everything a good bully would do to pressure us into giving them our arm. I didn’t know why they were doing this, but I knew it felt highly fucking wrong no matter how much they tried to shame me into submission. Now, as I expand my context for what happened here, I believe I have an idea.

Transhumanism is now redefining what is a human being.

In my short lifetime, I have come to experientially (re)discover that I AM the Life Force, manifested in the physical realm. I AM consciousness itself expressing uniquely. I could only come to this experiential conclusion through my body. Many people who immerse themselves in meditation come to the same conclusion, though they might use different words to describe what they experience or they might not have a context within which to frame their experiences. Nonetheless, the experiential revelation is uniformally that a human being, like life itself, is sacred, infinite, divine and immanent.

While this is my experiential reality, I realize that it isn’t that of most people on the planet. Cultural conditioning is brutal in it’s delivery message: there is a God, and you’re not it. To the conventional mind trained by the God of Science, human beings are mere rational, logical, Newtonian beings whose consciousness dies with the death of their brain. No mystery there. From that perspective, I can see how the transhumanist promise to live in a digital nirvana forever in a server without a pesky body might seem rather seductive. After all, our bodies are only here to carry our giant brains (and thus consciousness) around, right?

From that ideology has stemmed a culture that has glorified the notion self improvement in an upward trajectory, but only at the physical level. We have all been conditioned to believe we are never enough as we are. We can never own enough. We can never hoard enough. We can never be beautiful enough. We can never be enough. …and so on…

Enter, the promise of a new and improved human! “Digital technology can be embedded in organisms, and biological components can exist as parts of digital technologies. The physical meshing, manipulating, and merging of the biological and digital are creating new hybrid forms of life and technology, each functioning in the tangible world, often with heightened capabilities.” I want you to pay attention to the “heightened capabilities” part, because that’s what matters. As we are, we are not enough. In this new biodigital world, we would be more enhanced humans than what we already are.

Although the report fails to address such considerations, I can’t help but wonder… what does all of this mean for human rights? Who will get these “heightened capabilities” and who will not? Who will decide for whom? And will we still have free will to decide for ourselves? What are the moral and ethical considerations of manipulating individuals and unborn fetuses to have “heightened capabilities”? Will we still have agency over our bodies when another decides the body we are born into and the programming we will receive to become? How will these hybrid creatures be used to advance the agendas of the powers that be? What is the role of eugenics in all of this?

With the release of this report as the metaphor, we have entered a society where human, animal and machine hybrids are becoming indistinguishable from each other. This, of course, necessarily impacts what we consider real and true. “As we continue to better understand and control the mechanisms that underlie biology, we could see a shift away from vitalism – the idea that living and nonliving organisms are fundamentally different because they are thought to be governed by different principles. Instead, the idea of biology as having predictable and digitally manageable characteristics may become increasingly common as a result of living in a biodigital age. Any student of biology today will have grown up in a digital world and may consciously or subconsciously apply that [new] frame of reference to bioinformatics and biology generally.” This purported cultural shift would lock-in the mind-frame required in this biodigital world.

Think about what that might mean, for a second. People (or whatever version thereof) will no longer know the difference between biology as vital and alive and digital as mechanical and dead. Instead, they will assume it is normal for biology to be manipulated to our temporary desires and wishes, like a machine that is constantly being improved to suit our needs. I wonder, will the notion that life is sacred and not to be violated become a distant subconscious memory of a long ago forgotten past?

Perhaps it won’t matter because our “neural implants” would ensure our virtual reality will be programmed to satisfy our unique desires and needs, even if our physical body is floating in a salt-water pod.

While the report paints a rather idealistic picture of what life would be like in this new world, they how us how it is in our individual best interests to follow the program of the algorithm. It even gives a cool (nightmarish) scenario for us to imagine! However, the report completely neglects to mention anything about who programs the algorithm? What criteria do they use? Whose version of, say, health would they prioritize? Would my own desires be considered when the algorithm decides what course of action I must take? Would I be able to override the algorithm? Or would the neural transplant override my desires in favour of the algorithm? Would I even know if I can override it? Or would I simply obey its instruction and do as I’m told? Within the collective hive mindset, do as you’re told seems like a more likely possibility…

In this biodigital world, I believe human agency will be a thing of the past, because humans as we know them will be a thing of the rapidly forgotten past. “By tapping into the nervous system and manipulating neurons, tech can be added to an organism to alter its function and purpose. New human bodies and new senses of identity could arise as the convergence continues.” Whoa.

In this version of utopia, billionaires, technocrats and the government get to determine my function and purpose. If I am programmed to serve the powers that be, I wonder what my purpose in life would be? What would their interest be in programming me a certain way? Would I even know, at least theoretically, that my kind once had agency? Free will? Or would I simply be some animal-human-machine creature whose functions are assigned by it’s technocratic rulers? In that case, am I even human still?

This is not the first commercial that will fail to deliver on it’s promises

Commercials, after all, are simply lies.

To be honest, writing this blog post has exhausted me. I’ve spent four whole days writing it and there is still so much I want to say (perhaps when we have our brain-to-brain communication, none of this will matter, anyway). The truth of it is (for me), that this is a HUMANGEOUS topic and there are so many tenants that to try and capture it all in one blog post is … impossible. However, I wanted to make sure I posted this report and give you bits of my perspective. Because I’m tired of writing and editing, here are the last few bits I want to share with you about this implications of this report…they are in no particular order.

I believe the people who are buying into this commercialized version of what transhumanism has to offer them have no idea what they would be getting themselves into. To me, living under the control of algorithms while believing that is real life is a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from (no, literally, the algorithms wouldn’t let me).

In the hive mind where everyone is directly connected to The Cloud everyone thinks the same there is noone to disagree with. There are no alternative or ulterior perspectives. None left to censor. There is only what there is available via the program. Everyone moves in the same direction (on the conveyer belt). Censorship at it’s finest!

Some of you today might believe that if you were living in this dystopian SciFi world you would know it and you would rebel. From where I stand, that’s highly unlikely to happen. Overriding our programming is immensely challenging, even in a world where agency is still available to us. If it is so hard in a world where our minds have been historically hijacked by cultural conditioning, imagine a world where algorithms run the show while being directly connected to our brains while our bodies decay away!

I don’t believe transhumanism solves our human predicaments just as I don’t believe GMOs solve world hunger (30 years later, that should be evident by now). There is something else at play here, and proclaiming the solution is technocratic seems rather fucking ignorant. The greed for power and control can necessarily never end in a democratic utopia achieved, not even by technology…that is a modern day myth. Still, the illusion seems real and so instead of waiting to evolve in alignment with the rest of the natural world as part of rather than separate from, humans are opting to up the ante in an effort to satisfy our adolescent need for control and manipulation.

Just as an example of how ridiculous this commercial is, under the category of “democratization”, the report talks about how anyone can experience the blending of digital and biological by buying a home kit with the ability to modify DNA of small scale organisms…apparently inconsequentially! I wonder why the report neglects to critically assess and highlight any potential ethical implications of what could happen when we alter our environment to the point of it being unrecognizable. Are modern day humans (couched in the essence of a certain kind of unmatched arrogance) even able to predict the impact of what one single mutation in a gene could have on the species, the ecosystems, and the planet? We certainly can’t predict, because there are interconnecting and intersecting factors that will only be revealed once the butterfly effect determines. Our failure to consider and incorporate how evolution on this planet works will be our downfall.

It seems critical to say here how it has been rather easy in modernity to ignore how Mother Nature operates because we have been ignoring her ways and desecrating her body for thousands of years. Yet no matter how hard we try, evolution simply does not work like that. The will of one species cannot modify the entirety of the ecosystem (or, can it?!). Instead, evolution is slow, adaptive, responsive not to the will of a particular species (or few people within it) but to the collective ecosystem. Leaving the evolution of a new species at the hands of greedy and illusioned billionaire technocrats seems to me to be incredibly dangerous and profoundly fucking stupid.

In my reality, this is not progress. This is dangerous to our very survival! So long as we continue to believe technocratic advancements are necessary, advantageous and progressive…we will forget we ever could thrive in their absence. Perhaps, we already have. We seem to be addicted to the promised dopamine hits that would come from this immersion in a biodigital world. It makes sense that we desperately crave technocratic advancements to both escape our current reality and to create a reality that is in our control. And so this is the world we are collectively creating. The illusion is too seductive to pass up. After all, we want to live forever!

Some *critical* questions for us to consider

since the report surely didn’t

I would say it is rather wildly irresponsible (perhaps intentionally so) for the federal government to release such a report to the public without addressing profoundly essential cultural, ethical and moral implications of the future they are proposing, where “synthetic biology machines that can be programmed to create entirely new organisms“. The writers of this do not mention potential power conflicts that could arise. They do not address potential misuses of the technology when concentrated in the hands of the global elites (and the governments they own). They don’t mention who would control such technological “advances” at all. They simply bypass any considerations that speak to power, control and manipulation. They simply assume that biodigital convergence is the best way forward, and expect you to as well…

Call me crazy, but as a natural critical thinker, I believe it would be imperative to contemplate larger, more important and far reaching potential questions and considerations that shape reality.

In no particular order, here are some questions I believe are worthy of consideration as we move forward within this emerging technocratic existence. Please feel free to share with me questions that come up for you!

What would a world designed for and by global elites with the power to literally program what the collective thinks look like? What would it mean for the world to leave the implementation of biotechnical convergence in the hands of a few global elites, technocrats and government officials?

In this new world of biodigital convergence, who gets to decide what a human being is? Who gets to decide which biodigital interferences and how much of each make one human (or not)?

If the collective “we” is part animal – part human – part nanotechnology, what percent of which of these would one have to have to be considered human? Who would get to decide what percentage of what would make one human (and thus worthy of legally protected rights)? How many of “us” would continue to be considered humans with rights? Who will be deemed worthy of human rights? Who gets to decide? How would that definition shift depending on the new and emerging definition of human?

Who do you reckon will program the algorithm that will control our thoughts, culture and reality? (Who would you trust with your whole being to do that with your whole being?) Will future humans be individuals with their own ability for thought or a collective hive replicating the preprogramed status quo? Will individuals be able to think for themselves? What is the role of (the already disappearing) free will and choice in this world of digitized mind control? Will individuals be able to override the suggested algorithms and choose for themselves? Will free will, agency, and body autonomy exist? What will the new human be programmed to ever consider such historical notions?

Finally, let’s talk about the definitely dreaded and unspoken dirty word: eugenics. In a world where what a human being is totally up for grabs, I wonder how many of us would continue to be considered humans? How many would become technocratic slaves? Who will be programmed to serve for military purposes? Who would become entertainment? Which version of the hybrids will be used for inconsequential medical experimentation? Who gets to decide? And who is decided upon?

In one version of the transhumanist revolution, many of us would live in our virtual reality world. How many of us would have choice in whether we live in VR or RR? How many of us would wither away in our pods while our minds are connected directly to The Cloud? If our consciousness is directly connected to the cloud and we are being sustained by dopamine hits that keep us “happy” (while owning nothing), what is happening with our physical body? Perhaps we can fuck our life away in our virtual reality, but in this reality, our bodies are decaying. Just like the steak scene in the Matrix, would we even care? Would we even notice? Does it even matter?

While I would like to see our federal government report addresses these kinds of questions rather than policy recommendations solely related to how to move toward this (now unfolding) future, I am not holding my breath. Because, here’s what I also know…

Our government is owned by the World Economic Forum

Trudeau + Singh + Freeland = do what Schwab says

The hypocritical, no-conflict-of-interest-here-look-away cherry on top.

Let’s talk for a moment about who the government of Canada has hired as the Director General of the Policy Horizons Canada, as the visionary leader of this transhumanist movement. Kristel Van der Elst, a World Economic Forum member, the former Head of Strategic Foresight at the World Economic Forum, and and CEO of The Global Foresight Group. This woman literally knows the detailed ins and outs of exactly the future the WEF has had in mind for over 20 years! Her job in our federal government is to help implement it.

This should come as no surprise to those who have known for a long time how the WEF with their transhumanist, global governance agenda have infiltrated every aspect of our federal governance. If you have the courage to visually see just about how many members of our currently elected government belong to the WEF, check this out. It is a great visual metaphor for who dictates — sorry, I mean owns — ah fuck, I maybe I mean nudges? our governmental decisions. Perhaps this is a story for another time, but we live in a world where where federal governments are being dismantled in favour of global governance.

Did democracy ever even stand a chance…?

All I know is, that at the end of the day, all that matters in my life today is choosing mindfully how else might I choose to live my life, today…

The arrogance of our ignorance will be our downfall, because, despite it all, ignorance is never bliss.

So, if you’re called to, for yourself, consider some of these questions as you move along your day…

How doe the ideologies that we hold as true shape what is reality?
How does our individual and collective cultural conditioning shape our beliefs about what’s real?
Who gets to determine which version of reality is most real?
Whose version of reality is the most real?
Who gets voice and who is silenced in their interpretation of reality?
Who has the power to shape the collective mindset?
Who directs cultural ideals that shape the context from which the collective operate from?

What is truth?
Who has access to it?
Who is intentionally kept from it?
Who benefits by perpetuating the mantra of collective ignorance is bliss?
What does the implementation of biological convergence mean for your own life, today?
Does it change what you know yourself to be? Ultimately, what is a human being?

Entertainment recommendations

To watch something entertaining while contemplating the potential complex nature of biodigital convergence in your life, check out Black Mirror.

Another great show I would recommend, paradoxically on Prime, is called Solos. It touches on some pretty fundamental stuff of what it means to be human.

Notice as you watch: what feels real, to you? What feels far-fetched? Are any of those potential realties ones you’d choose to live in, if you could choose?

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& you don’t have to do it alone.

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