Why I Became a CODE Model Coach™

I knew I wanted to become a certified CODE Model Coach since the first day I was introduced to the WEL-Systems® paradigm and it’s magic, in the most unlikely of places (federal government work). Fast forward three years and what feels like a lifetime of integration of my history and discovery of mySelf, and I am now in the process of getting that certification. I can’t fucking wait! In answering “why” I want to continue with the certification process, I allowed the question to rumble through me for weeks, and then one day, it all flew through me and I answered …

I am the first of my long line ancestors afforded the freedom to be able to choose, to create my life in whichever way it is meaningful for me in each unfolding moment. What a gift I have given mySelf — one I am eternally grateful for and intend to honour, as if my life depends on it, because it does. 

To have chosen to descend into this chaotic world of matter, at this time, sometimes I think I must be insane. Then, I wake up to mySelf and I know: this is the perfect time. I chose this life, all of it, because it afforded me the opportunity to awaken to mySelf. I don’t know if I would have had this opportunity at any other time. I trust that in this lifetime I am upgrading all that I’ve endured in all my lives, past, present and future. In that way, I know I’m upgrading the entirety of the collective consciousness of The All that perpetually is.

I can write in this way, today, and I know those who live this paradigm know exactly what I am talking about. There is a freedom that the process of CODE Model Coaching™ has afforded me: the opportunity to awaken to and continuously choose mySelf. The question of “what is most important to me about being alive?” has become a way of Life. In each moment of my existence, I get to ponder this question and rejoice in the aliveness I feel by simply being in its essence. 

By engaging this process, my Life has transformed. From the conversations I am having, to the people I befriend, to the way I interpret Life: it has all transformed. Fundamental to all this has been the transformation of my perception of what a human being is; what consciousness is; what Life is. I have no sense of any complete “answers”, and yet I notice myself continuously asking bigger and bigger questions. Questions that fill me with curiosity about mySelf. Questions that enliven me, even in my darkest moments. I have come to deeply trust the darkest places within myself. I know, and am just beginning to embody, the genius contained in the polarities within me (and therefore the entirety of consciousness). 

There is genius in it all, even when I feel I cannot possibly know it; in fact, especially then. 
To have awakened to a paradigm that embodies matriarchal consciousness has been no accident — I chose this. Everything that has ever happened to me in my life (past, present and future) has led me to this exact moment in time and space where I AM awakened to that space within me; I AM that paradigm, expressing. Evolving. Moving. Flowing. 

Space. Movement. Flow. The formula to Living! Breathing, Quantum TLC™ as a way of Life. A way of standing at the choice point of creation and creating from there. Yet at the same time, letting go like never before. A willingness within me to shed all that is old and stagnated, and awaken all that is alive and vibrant!

I have no interest in awakening anyone else who doesn’t hear the internal call. But for those who hunger to awaken to themselves, to that aspect of consciousness that IS what they are, I know no better process than that of CODE Model Coaching™. It isn’t the complete knowledge neatly contained in but a few books and posters; it is the lived experience of my own Self. It isn’t that I know the models inside out — it’s that I live the Truth of my own experience, moment to moment, visibly and out loud, to the fullest extent that I am able to. It isn’t that I require the certification (though my intellect is surely going to rejoice!), it’s that I am creating that which is meaningful to me already. And I see no other way to be.

I AM the CODE Model™. I trust my body (increasingly more) and I sense my Signal from Self, strong as ever. When I don’t, I know I’ve lost my Self. And, I know how to get back home, to myself. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me — I know, this moment of chaos is yet another invitation to my own evolution. Another upgrade in the programming of this quantum biological processor that “I” (the Signal) manifest through. 

Everything I am now experiencing is magic! From the people I get to play with to the creations I create to the everyday conversations I choose to have. I stand in a place of peace, of freedom, of deep intuitive knowing (even when I have no fucking clue!). I am able to notice polarities and paradoxes and know my own Truth, in the moment. I know I am a stream of the interconnected consciousness that sustains all of Life. In fact, I know I am all of it. I know my senses are holographic — I know I create and sustain my own reality. Life is a metaphor, am I noticing? Everything that presents in my world is mine

I now intuitively know — I am here to ferociously guard that which is meaningful to me; that which is life sustaining. I am here to become a living expression of what I know mySelf to be. I am here to experience the totality of what it means to be alive

I’ve discovered that, for me,  it isn’t enough to play in other people’s creations — as the Creator that I AM, I am here to play in my own infinite reality. I know I don’t require certifications for that; I already AM the CODE Model™. What I intuitively deeply desire is to have the experience of the certification process, not for the paper, but simply for the sake of my own evolution…for the expansion of the context from which I choose to live my life and create my creations. 

In living my life through the WEL-Systems® paradigm I have discovered the power of my perpetually evolving Self. The deep rooted internal sanctuary that allows for my becoming to unfold. What a gift to Life! 

The future we create matters.

Who are you capable of becoming as you keep your attention on your intention?

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!