I call on the Mothers: Embrace Your Inner Crone

I believe the future of the world is in the hands of women.

Women, mothers to the creation of Life, give a shit. Because of that, it falls on us to awaken, embody and express from the matriarchal consciousness that demands we let go of what isn’t working and engage differently.

After all, critical mass can only be reached when women, specifically, awaken to their power, embody their capacity, and LIVE from that place of deep inner knowing and congruency.

It takes women to stay awake, for culture to transform…to evolve…into a culture of:

  • matriarchal consciousness awakened and engaged (instead of transhumanism stemming from the toxicity of imbalanced and internalized patriarchy)
  • reciprocity and interconnectivity (instead of taking without being given and separation)
  • internalized sacred personal responsibility (instead of blaming and shaming)
  • personal accountability and holding others accountable (instead of deferring to failing patriarchal institutions)
  • courageous fearlessness (instead of victim paralysis)
  • engaged sacred fire transforming what is to what we choose it to be (instead of wild-fire burning everything in its way)
  • internalized knowing of the majestic interconnectivity of all things (instead of separation, disconnect and discontent)

I am clear: without the awakened, unedited and engaged voices of the Mothers, our species is fucked.

Mothers: I call on you. Right here, right now. To dare to step into that which is holding you, your voice, and your children hostage.

invite you to consider the possibility that your limitations become your children’s limitations. 

Is this what you want?

Choosetoday, to NOT pass the intergenerational bullshit on to your children to deal with. Make it your life’s mission to take personal, sacred responsibility now … so that you may free yourself to hold all perpetrators (no matter their shape, size or power) accountable, courageously shame-free.

To do that, it takes a profound ability to not only know yourself, but trust yourself and from there, draw sacred boundaries that are impenetrable …unless you say so. Discover and explore the part of you that is unapologetic, because you know what’s at stake. Engage that part of you that is unfuckwithable, because your life belongs to you. Evolve, with intention, into your highest potential … in every choice you make, with every breath you take.

Without your voice demanding transformation through personal accountability, our children are doomed to lurk in the background while predators penetrate their bodies and minds with indoctrination, programing them to accept the violations.


The Crone is birthed in FIRE! The Crone is birthed in outrage. She emerges from the cocoon of compliance and goes …fuck you, I’m not doing this anymore.

– Louise LeBrun
A sound file from a recent talk with Louise LeBrun, where this brilliance came out of her mouth.

And … no one will save us from ourselves.

YOU have to step up and step in because YOU care.

Sacred responsibility is the Protection of our Creations. Our children, our culture, Gaia, the I AM that I am.

We are at a pivotal point in our history where the choices we make will either turn us into biodigital convergents (already in the works), OR will honour the union of body, mind and spirit that WE ARE and …evolve.

The choice is ours. And we can only make it right here, right now.

If we hang on to hoping what was will one day be, we’re doomed.
If we hope someone else will fix it, we’re fucked.
If we keep relying on our patriarchal institutions to represent the majority, we’re being willfully ignorant to reality.
If we defer responsibility one minute longer, we will find ourselves and our children in a predicament we’d rather not be in.

THAT is why I’m here. For those of you who are attuned to the violations but don’t know how to become your most graciously ferocious self, I am here to remind you: You are attuned and brilliant. It is your cultural conditioning / programming that is responsible for you doubting yourself.

It’s time to trust yourSelf.

You are far from crazy, though you do live in a crazy-making world.

I believe it is time to stop giving in to it, perpetuating it, recreating it.

The time has come to just STOP. Check in. Notice. What’s congruent? Choose that choice of congruency, because your body told you. As women, we intimately know that. After all, we birth consciousness into a world of matter. We don’t birth with our minds, we birth with our intuition. We deeply care for our creations, and we are the Protectors of our children’s birthrights.

The time has come to mindfully let go of what isn’t working and consciously create the world we want to live in … the world we want our children to grow up in. To do that, we need to step up and claim our fullest potential. We need to integrate the Crone aspect of ourselves NOW.

The Crone is the unfuckwithable wise woman that lives inside ach and every single one of us. You do not need to be a certain age to embody her. You simply have to awaken to her … because you know, inside yourself, it is time.

If you are curious about what is the Crone (other than the patriarchal image of the ugly old and lonely witch), I encourage you to check out my upcoming year-long offering (yes, it is a commitment … because it takes time to embody transformation).

Embracing the Crone that I AM:

The Art of Giving Zero Fucks

12 monthly WEL-Systems® based conversations
held over Zoom
November 2022 to November 2023
9:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST
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Furthermore, and in preparation for, I encourage you to savour and devour the following audiofiles to help you contextualize within yourself WHAT is a woman? …and, what does it all mean in the creation of your meaningful life, today?

Sensual, Sexual & Spiritual Beings ($50, found here)

Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission (free, found here)

Curious about what it could be like for you to embrace your Crone in your life…

If you find the possibility of that conversation terrifying, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.


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