Living as a multifaceted, multidimentional being.

There is something magical that happens when I stay actively engaged in WEL-Systems® based conversations.

Because we are multifaceted and multidimensional beings, there is no template on “how to” live life to the fullest. As such, we must come to make peace with the fact that living fully is a process that we must choose to engage in, and perpetually re-discover, in the moment we are in.

There is no manual. There is no agenda. There is no structure. There is no logic. There is no predictability. There is no certainty. There is no predetermined order. (Those are the domain of the intellect. And the more we grasp at this level, the more we find ourselves unable to cope. This, of course, is evident by the quality of the life we are living.)

All there is is a willingness to stay engaged in the messy process of living, breathing. This necessitates we stay in the tough conversations…the conversations inside ourselves that we would rather avoid. Those are the conversations that free us from the constrains of believing we need to “lock them down” (though there is intelligence to the strategy, as with everything we do).

Lock IT down.

Lockdown achieves nothing but stagnation. Anything stagnant rots. Freedom of movement is a biological imperative. Literally nothing is stagnant in the universe. Everything has a vibration, a frequency. Everything constantly moves.

As modern, civilized (LOL) individuals and collectives, we have become really good at prioritizing our fears and intellectualizing that we must lock IT down. Usually because someone told us it is safer to do so. The internalized illusion being, of course, that safety comes from escaping the thing that’s presenting and we have labeled “terrifying”, “shameful”, “hopeless”, “dangerous”…

But, here’s a fun fact: that which you try to escape will forever follow you. IT will not be avoided. IT will manifest in metaphors everywhere, demanding you pay attention. IT will be embraced. Sooner or later. So the more you try to control it, the more IT controls you.
(The universe that I AM has such a magnificent sense of humour …)

There is no negotiating with IT. IT runs the show as an undercurrent that you are largely unaware of …because you’re not paying attention.

What’s the IT that’s running she show of your life? What’s the IT that’s controlling you? That’s keeping you from living a majestic, magical, joy-FULL life?

IT is layered.

I bet you IT is layered in layers of historical beliefs you have internalized as real. I bet you IT lives under the surface of the surface, waiting … I bet you IT is speaking to you in a language that you are intuitively familiar with but intellectually ignorant to. I bet you IT has given you countless clues that you have ignored, silenced, diminished, numbed. Fuck the pain away.

Try, if you must, but I hope you eventually realize: IT is powerful. More powerful than you give it credit for. You think you intellect can save the day. I bet you’ve tried. How many years of therapy? How many courses, webinars and gurus? How many pHD’s?

The Era of (the pathetically pitiful) Patriarchy

As a modern, civilized (LOL) species, we continue to replicate the very same shit we’ve always done since the dawn of The Era of Patriarchy. We change the content around, we replace “genocide” with “slavery” and “slavery” with “ghettos” and “ghettos” with “the hive“. We go from shunning one group of people to the next, blaming them for all our problems. If only they would … fill-in-the-blank. Most recent example, of course, being “if only they would inject themselves with mRNA for life. THAT would solve all our problems!”. Discrimination running rampant, “good people” replicating it, consumed by their own internal irreconcilable turmoil fuelled by the voices they have been told they should believe, never giving it a second thought.


None of that has anything to do with me. I continue to live my life and notice…where am I tripping my own evolution? Where do I put up my own roadblocks that keep me stagnated? What are the stories I continue to hang on to? What are the details of the undercurrents that are out of my awareness but keep running the show? In her blog post, “Mindful Choice vs Habituation“, Louise LeBrun asks us to consider asking ourselves some explorative questions to discover how we know what we believe we know.

Because we are multifaceted and multidimensional beings, remaining actively engaged in our own evolution must be a mindful choice. To choose to delve deeper, and deeper still, until the day we die, not because we get brownie points, but because we become more ourSelves. It’s true, freedom isn’t free, so …what are YOU paying attention to? For me, evolution for its own sake is the name of the game. It is THE thing that keeps me going. It is THE thing that allows me to live my life, my way…the way the godForce intends it to. Fully. Authentically. Present. In the moment.

For example, I didn’t have to participate in the CODE Model Coaching™ certification process for the second time. I didn’t have to participate in Decloaking and Living Authentically with the wizard known as Sheila Winter Wallace for the third time. But I crave these conversations with every fiber of my being…mainly because I have not found them anywhere else. And I’ve spent 20 years looking.

The truth is, every time I participate in such intensives I discover something new about myself.

An interesting and fun side note: I noticed during the last group call that the first time I participated in the Decloaking experience I did so for the culturally conditioned me, “Stela Murrizi”. (Strange, I called myself an addict, back then.) The second time I was pregnant with my son, and so participating showed him, neurologically, how to decloak to himself. Then this time, the third time, I participated as my Self, as the -evolving- I AM that I know myself to be. Life is fucking magical when you pause and pay … attention!

There are a lot of people who move through the process outlined in the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge and treat it as a one-and-done. That’s not the truth of my experience. I choose to stay engaged in these conversations because I know viscerally: there is always more, and this is the space where I get to wander freely, discover and integrate. I stay engaged for myself and for the future I am mindfully creating and stepping in to.

I stay engaged as a means of staying accountable to myself, in the presence of a mindful community of women who welcomes me and encourages me to perpetually evolve.

After all, the way it works is simple: empowered women empower women. It all starts with me, here, now.

I stay engaged as a means of integrating what is to make way for the next layer of it’s expression. That means that the fun of perpetual search and discovery never ends!

It really is fun to let go!

It’s liberating, too.

To let go of resistance. To let go of fears, angsts, rage and hopelessness. To let go of stories and voices and cultural constraints as old as time.

Because… the only way through, is in. That’s how we integrate the truth that those energetic frameworks carry while not holding on to it as an identity. That’s how we discover there is so much life beyond all of that. That’s how we acclimate to that truth and discover, there is more.

Recent discovery: No more dabbling with that which matters to me

I have come out of the two most recent aforementioned experiences more grounded, more certain, more unwavering. It’s like I can see my path more clearly –though, to get there, I manifested THE single most massive stye on my eye I could have ever imagined!
The universe that I AM really does have a magnificent sense of humour!

And here’s what I see so clearly now: the time of dabbling, for me, is over. Quantum TLC™ is magic, because by staying in the conversations, by breathing Life into the dark, I have integrated so many nagging elements that were lingering. And there’s always more… And for now, while I acclimate to my new-found nervous system, I trust, from the depths of my quantum spaces, the mindful choice to pay attention to my intent and my chosen path. I no longer will derail. I no longer will distract myself. I no longer will dabble with my meaning-full creations.

You see, the shapers of the global culture don’t dabble. They are clear about their intention. And the more I dabble with mine, the more time (and therefore life) I waste on giving my precious life force to creations that don’t matter. Having noticed, I now choose to focus my attention on what it is I mindfully choose to breathe life to, instead. I choose to focus on the path I envision for myself. I choose to mindfully cultivate that which matters to me in the creation of my desired, manifested future.

After all, the mind is holographic. My perception of reality is entirely created by my point of reference. How expansive is the context from which I live my life from? How much is hidden from me? How much do I want to reclaim, so that it does not continue to run the show of my life? What do I choose to pay attention to, moment to moment to moment? If that brings me joy, if it brings me life, if it brings me closer to my desired future, then that’s where I’ll go. If it’s dragging me down into fear, despair and outrage, then I better pay attention to what I’m not yet noticing such that when I do, my life will be mine again.

I won’t tell you what to do with your life. I am starting to not care. I am starting to truly trust the process of the godForce, creating. And, I am clear about my own direction, my own intention, my own creations.

In that, it matters to me that the psychopathic criminals out there are intentionally and actively severing everything alive and organic, and along with it our ability to connect to our own essence / spirit / soul / self / godSelf / godForce / quantum / consciousness. What comes to mind is the scene from His Dark Materials where Lyra discovers what the the powers-that-be are doing: separating the children from their daemons. (If you’ve read the books, The Golden Compass, even better.)

And, there is nothing at the content level I could do about that. No matter how many jabs I take or don’t take, the bullies will never be satisfied until I capitulate my mind to accept being a “biodigital convergent” who is “happy and owns nothing” while locked up in a smart home within a megacity hive nearest me, all in a cashless society where access to all resources is rationed and dependent on how good a girl I’ve been.

So, I figure I better live my life, my way, now

In my life, I have never experienced such a manipulative attempt to shun me into compliance than what I have experienced here, in this “free and democratic” country over the last two years. The undercurrent of the threat of exclusion has never been more present in my life, and I fled to Canada through Greece as a refugee seeking asylum from civil war and political persecution in Communist Albania. Let that one sink in.

I am sufficiently educated now to know that there is no stopping the trajectory of that moving train. And, I am aware that I have options, because my life is mine.

I can choose to put myself in the victim position and succumb to the massive pressures of the external world, OR, I could turn my attention inward and wander … how else might I choose to live my life, today? This question puts me in the creator position. No matter what happens outside of me, I get to choose.

And here’s what I choose: my life is my creation. I choose, mindfully, not to participate in the creation of that bizarre destructive collective reality no matter what, and instead, create a different one. A mindful one. A meaningful one. A reality that stems from internal Truth, integrity, generosity and respect. A reality that can only be created from and in the moment I am in.

There is no higher order of accountability than being accountable to my I AM.

You see, I stand firmly on the right side of the dotted line (the quantum paradigm), because I know what is available to me from both. I choose what brings me joy, life, expansion. I choose magic!

A magical life is not handed to me; I have to create it …by engaging meaningfully, for my Self.

That means that I mindfully engage in transformative conversations that defy logic, intellect, understanding (yet that are deeply rooted in sacred science that touches the essence of the esoteric).

That means that I consciously create safe spaces of exploration for discovery of what remains actively hidden under the surface, that when embraced …will create more space for movement and flow in your life.

Secrets and lies are killing us. Secrets we keep from others, and lies we tell ourselves. Lies we tell others, and secrets we keep for ourselves. You no longer have to live a lie.

I believe the time for awakening and embracing the vibration of Truth is NOW.

For those new to the WEL-Systems® based conversations…

  • I invite you to consider the upcoming and ongoing Uncensored: Conversations from the Right Side of the Dotted Line (Stay tuned & get excited! Dates & topics to be determined over the summer. If you have a topic or question you’d like to explore, reach out and let me know).
  • I also invite you to Sheila Winter Wallace’s monthly Conversations that Heal because they are truly incredible conversations (this is where I began to dip my toes in, and my life transformed. Talk to Sheila about anything!).

For those ready for a deeper dive …

…into discovering and owning their own internal truth, I invite you to consider the Unveil Your Truth: Reclaim YourSelf experience coming up January 9th, 2023 (we gather weekly for six consecutive weeks).

For those who hunger to embrace trusting themselves …

I invite you to consider participating in this year-long experience I have created called Embracing the Crone that I AM: The Art of Giving Zero Fucks. This experience is for women (trans, non-binary, however-you-identify) who hunger for a deep dive into:

  • beginning to trust your instincts,
  • let go of what brings you no life,
  • draw clear boundaries inside yourself,
  • and in the process become unapologetically unfuckwithable.

The time of the Crone that I AM is here.

PS – If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out my Call On The Mothers. Here’s the harsh (yet liberating truth): it takes the Mothers (the birthers, the Creators, the women who deeply care) to engage unedited and make a difference in the creation of a meaningful future. We get to choose how we proceed. It really is rather simple: Mindful Choice or Habituation?

I end this post by encouraging you to consider throughout the week:

What are YOU paying attention to, in your life?

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!