New ways in chaotic times…



A yearlong coaching experience for women who are ready to: reclaim their wholeness
perceived limitations, and embody the Boundless LeaderSelves™ they were born to be! 


It’s time to break up with cultural conditioning and embrace intuitive living, instead.

Consider for a moment …

what would your life feel like if …

+ you felt fully and discovered your impulses are your best friends?

+ you set sacred boundaries while letting go of outcome?

+ you stopped playing nice and became real instead?

+ you channeled your life-enriching fire fearlessly and consciously directed it toward transforming that which matters to you?

+ you became the unapologetic Force that is the Spiritual guide and nurturer of Life?  

Do you find the Force of your inner Crone to be terrifying?

Do you want to get to know her, anyway?

Do you feel a pull to give her sacred space to be (re)birthed?

Do you want her to become integrated inside your body, mind and spirit?


 If the answer is ‘yes’, you are in the right place.


lives energetically in each and every single one of us.

You do not have to be a certain age to energetically embody her.

In fact, embodying her power now will free you from the cultural constraints that keep you playing small.


This freedom is your birthright.

Are you willing to claim it?

 Coming up

this spring


A yearlong experience for women seeking embrace their power while empowering each other and building a wealthy community of boundless LeaderSelf cultural crones, aka Wise Women, no matter your chronological age.

Details of the experience:

+ 12 monthly group coaching calls (WEL-Systems® | educational & thematic explorations | group CODE Model Coaching™)
+ over Zoom
+ May 2024 to June 2025
+ Third Sunday of every month
+ 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST
+ weekly educational emails in written and audio format
+ group email coaching


The container for this experience is deeply intimate, therefore there will be a maximum of eight women participants.

The investment for this experience is: $2222

+ That’s $183 per month for a full year of coaching and support.

The cost covers:

+ individualized support in the group coaching call every month 
+ educational component on topics that matter most to women
+ weekly thought provoking thematic emails exploring all things essence of woman
+ three sets of WEL-Systems based audio files (see in FAQs)
+ journaling questions to guide the intentional exploration of your inner landscape 
+ group email coaching to help expand your context
+ additional links to content intended to educate you to the matriarchal consciousness way of living
a private podcast with all past and future introductions to the calls to keep you connected

Reclaiming and embodying the attitude of the Wise Woman takes time.

We must learn … practice … then become.


In this space, we talk about …

all the things you think but never gave yourself permission to own out loud. 


Because when you embrace the truth of your experience, out loud, and in the company others, you unleash your power & reclaim your birthright to live free from the constraints of the culturally conditioned bullshit you’ve held in your whole life.

So, what do we talk about? 

some teasers from the live calls…

If you choose to participate, you will …


+ reclaim your personal power by learning how to set intentional boundaries while letting go of cultural constraints that ensure you play small

+ connect with women who support you along your journey of becoming unapologetic and unfuckwithable

+ learn how to move through the world with certainty and conviction, even when you feel most uncertain

+ discover what it’s like to be free to speak the truth of your experience unapologetically within the safe container that is a WEL-Systems based conversation

+ expand your framework for how you hold yourself to show up in the world

+ befriend your Eros-fuelled fire and learn how to  use it to transform yourself and your reality

+ make friends with your intensity

+ give yourself a chance to get to know the aspect of Crone that lives inside you, differently

+ relinquish your preconceived notions of who you have believed yourSelf to be and discover: I AM whole

+ integrate the perceived limitations of being a particular age / gender / race / cultural identity

+ discover the powerful Force that your Crone is, if she is freed from the constraints of the cultural conditioning that you still believe is real

+ learn how to begin to energetically reclaim your Wise Woman and integrate her into your daily life

+ gain the courage and discover how to become her


This year long journey is not for the faint of heart; it takes great courage to step into and embrace our inner yearning for reclamation and transformation into the Crone that you are.

Here’s some of what recent participants have shared with me…

The Crone is the perpetual burning fire that has the capacity to transform that which is meaningful to us, because she yearns for a world where the Sacred is respected, honoured and embodied.


 Who is…

the Crone? the Hag? the Wise Woman? the Witch? the Matriarch?


And why would you choose to embrace her?


The Crone is the unapologetic Force that culture is terrified of.

She is the ferocious Protector of Life.

She is the reclaimed Force of personal power that has both the ability and the willingness to transform culture.

She is the gatekeeper of Spirituality.

Her courage outweighs her conditioning.

She knows her wisdom is the Force that transforms that which is harmful to that which is holy.

She is the aspect of our consciousness that trusts every single instinct that moves through her.

She lives what she knows, and never denies herself The Truth.

She does not sugar-coat or pretend — she tells the truth of her experience.

She does not capitulate to be polite or nice — she chooses to be authentic .

She is the Space of letting go and surrendering to the Great Mystery while at the same time embracing her ferocity, embodied and expressing.



The Crone knows what’s at stake if she doses off to sleep, even for a moment.
And because she cares deeply about the future of her grand/children, Gaia, and the state of the embodied Soul, she mindfully chooses to stay awake.


Redefine and re-position things… and transform reality.

Louise LeBrun – Founder of WEL-Systems

What does it mean to you to embrace your inner Crone?

In a world where crone is shunned, I have discovered that:

Crone = Power

that’s why she has been systematically shunned!

All that remains is your willingness to claim that which is your birthright. And watch your reality transform…

About the experience

Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from everything else out there?

First of all, it’s a year long with the same group of women, so the commitment to yourSelf is immense. The experience is not a course, or a workshop, or a book study. Instead, it is an educational and experiential initiation into a Mystery School that awakens the Sacred in you (these conversations are framed within the paradigm of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge). 

I don’t talk to you, we explore together; this is why it is four hours long. It is an opportunity to learn and practice how to walk the walk of becoming your own best friend.

It is a deeply intimate conversation with a small group of women that provides each of us with the opportunity to reclaim our most difficult innermost truths so that we free ourselves from the internalized lies, anchors, and age-old double binds. When we do so in each other’s company, we free ourselves from the internalized shame that has run the show of our lives. 

How do I get started?

Message me and I will be in touch with next steps about setting up a discovery call.

Reach out even if you have not yet made up your mind… because when the impulse moves, listen! Intuition is, after all, how you transform the quality of your life.

How do payments work?

The investment for this experience is $2222, to be paid via an e-transfer once you sign up.
Need a payment plan? We’ll get started with a deposit of $500 and monthly payments of $160.
If you require a different payment plan, talk to me.

Are there any additional costs?

Nope! I will provide you with everything you need for the experience.

What do I need to do to prepare for the experience?

This yearlong experience is about exploring what it means to be a woman in our world, with the intention of embodying the energy of the Crone, which is all things power. In order to reclaim your personal power, you must be willing to get to know yourself differently. This is where the educational audio material comes in …

It is mandatory for this yearlong experience to listen to the:

+ Sensual, Sexual & Spiritual Beings (details found here)
+ AND the Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission audio files (details found here)
+ AND the Boundless LeaderSelf™ audio files (details found here)

If you do not have them, you do not need to purchase these individually; they are included in the investment of the yearlong.

Listening to these audio files is mandatory because they provide a larger context from which to contextualize our discoveries. If we are going to expand our mind, we must expand our framework of mind …

Is this experience right for me?

To find out if this is the “right fit” for you, you can:
1. listen to the free Decloaking and Living Authentically first CD HERE
2. listen to the free Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission audio files (details found here)
3. email me any questions, comments, concerns, or to book a complimentary hour long discovery call.

What are the requirements for this experience?

A requirement of this experience is that you listen to the selected audio material individually, show up on our monthly call, engage with the group as the wave moves in you, and stay Present as each woman reveals her truth. That’s it!

What is CODE Model Coaching™?

CODE Model Coaching is unlike any other type of coaching you’re likely to have experienced because it operates from a different paradigm that declares: I AM the godForce manifesting through tissue. It’s ok if you don’t know what that means; to discover that is all part of the process of evolution. And it is the context and Quantum TLC is the process from within which we can transform our lives! That has been my experience and that of all the women I have worked with.

What is the WEL-Systems® paradigm?

This body of knowledge provides the educational foundation required to leap into the quantum, matriarchal paradigm that unapologetically declares: I AM the godForce manifesting in tissue. And so are you. To find out more about this life affirming body of work, check out the website.

How have these experiences impacted your life?

Language cannot capture the massiveness of the transformation I have experienced as a direct consequence of embracing the WEL-Systems paradigm as a way of life.

While I was well educated, smart, capable, conscious, I was also dying. Having moved through the WEL-Systems journey took from from knowing myself as an addict to knowing myself as the godForce manifested in tissue. A big leap, indeed. Curious to find out more? Read about the early days of my experience here.

If you are curious about how this body of knowledge transformed how I know myself, I encourage you to read “Why I became a  CODE Model Coach”.

And here’s how being a facilitator of this experience has transformed me.

Can I add a one-on-one package to this experience?

Of course! If you are looking to add additional support as we move through this experience, message me to create a package together as unique to your needs as you!

Additional questions? 

I’d be happy to connect with you, so message me and let’s connect! 

Are you ready?

Trust the timing.

Trust yourSelf

If you yearn to get to know your inner Wise Woman despite the sensations of fear, agitation, restlessness, uncertainty
…then this experience is for you.


Because you know in your bones: this matters.
Now more than ever…


All the way down here? 

You’re likely curious (and that’s a great thing),
so let’s put your mind at ease… 

Details of the experience:


+ 12 monthly group coaching calls 

+ held over Zoom

+ May 2024 to June 2025

+ Third Sunday of every month

+ 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST


The container for this experience is deeply intimate, therefore there will be a maximum of eight women participants.

The investment for this experience is:



The cost covers:


+ monthly educational and group coaching calls on topics that matter most to women 

+ weekly thought provoking thematic emails exploring all things essence of woman

+ the mandatory sets of audio files (see in FAQs)

+ journaling questions to guide the intentional exploration of your inner landscape

+ group email coaching to help expand your context

+ additional links to content intended to educate you to the matriarchal consciousness way of living

Will you join us?