Saying YES! to what lights me up

*This post is an expression of what is moving through me in this moment. Unedited.*

There is this visceral knowing within myself in this moment that saying YES! to that which lights me up is always right, for me. Knowing, I stand in the moment, decloaked to myself, internally referenced, fully associated with the Signal from mySelf, the YES! is for me, for my own expansion, for my own evolution, for my own becoming more of that which I seek to be.

And so, it always leads to beautiful places.

Today, it led me to joining the Becoming Gaia experience with Deborah Gleason and Naomi Irons. I’d been pondering the notion of joining for some time, and decided to not decide until I’m ready. That’s what it means to me to live, in the moment, choice point up.

This afternoon, just like that, I said YES! to this experience and they welcomed me in the warmest of ways possible. In this very first conversation, I’ve felt a lighting up within my being that simply invigorates me; lights me up with joy. Fills me with curiosity about mySelf. Invites me to expand and become more. I have never found such meaningful and expansive conversations anywhere but in this collective, rooted in the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge.

Nowhere else can I speak the deepest Truth that lives within me, not only without judgment but with full recognition, encouragement to express and move through and let go and become. Every single woman on that call today, an aspect of my consciousness …but the aspects of my consciousness that I deeply desire and seek to awaken, to express, to embody. The aspects of my consciousness that are meaningful to me, that hold the space for me to move, to flow into myself. I can’t even bring myself to type “no pressure” or “judgment” because these spaces held by these women are far more expansive than that. Those words are so … meaningless.

Instead, we play around with notions like showing up bare; reclaiming innocence, curiosity; reintegrating joy back in to being; enlivening Self intimacy; fascination with our own internal landscape; luxuriating in our own aliveness; engaging that which is essential to Life.

These conversations, that’s what keeps me alive. These spaces that allow for me to show up, exactly as I am and encourage me to introspect, to go within and be all that I’m looking for. No strategies, no telling me what to do, no solving my problems, no fixing anything for me.

Inviting. Allowing. In my own time and space, I always get there.

Because I choose to.

Not because I have to, not because someone paved the way and made me see things, but because I choose to. I choose to show up to these conversations, because it’s meaningful to me. Because if I did not, I would be dead. If not physically dead, I’d continue to check out (addiction) and blame everyone around me for the misfortunes in my life.

I want none of that.

I choose reclamation of my own life, because I say so.

Nothing “new age-y” about it. Nothing mystical.

Yet all magical.

I will continue to say YES! to all that lights me up, because it’s essential to my staying ALIVE! The details of how all that unfolds always work themselves out. I need not boggle myself down with the details. I hold the highest of intentions for mySelf, and life unfolds exactly as it should.

This is what sanctuary feels like. A safe spaces rooted in expansion; a space I choose for myself.

I feel part of a community of women, a sisterhood, whose roots are so deeply interconnected that we simply are each other. We see each other. We recognize the aspects of each other’s consciousness that we each bring to the sacred table of co-creation. We are all Gaia. We are creators of our Life.

I am eagerly looking forward to the daily emails for the next 365 days; to the few minutes a day I am committed to completely commit to my Self, my evolution; to the monthly conversations that bring tremendous joy and life to every fiber of my being. Most of all, I am looking forward to witness my own evolution this next year as we each evolve with each other…

Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to update!


PS – If you’re looking to create a different reality for yourself and you are interested in these types of conversations, contact me. I’m always happy to engage!

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