Contextualizing the C-word and the V-Word: If It Smells Fishy…

Sometimes I find it so difficult to be one of the few people on the planet who experiences the world the way that I do. I have weaved my tapestry in such a way that I am attuned, alert and aware of the slightest deviations. I pick up on people’s energy shifts instantaneously and from across the globe. I am deeply attuned to my body’s revelations. I know what I know, I trust what I know, and I have no interest in playing pretend. I also have no interest in proving that which I know to anyone who isn’t willing to engage with curiosity.  

Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed is that most people I encounter are both unwilling and unable to engage the world with curiosity. Most of us have a preconceived set of beliefs, values and attitudes and we wear them as “reality” and “truth” till death do us part. It’s easy to deceive people like this, because all the committee of “they” has to do is continuously perpetuate a narrative that fits into the pre-existing paradigm. Most of us would rather die to be right than begin to question how we know what we believe we know.

Here goes anyways…

Science as God

In our modern Western world, science is the God of the masses and corporations its dogma creators and enforcers. In the name of science, corporations have justified all the atrocious practices that have devastated the globe. One of the countless atrocities is the cruel legalized practice of privatizing and monopolizing seeds and therefore controlling the global food market. There are many reasons why Bill Gates is no now the single largest farm land owner in the world. I can go in so many directions with this point alone because so much interconnects and points to the same culprits, but that’s not the point of my post. Still, I must mention that it isn’t that we don’t have enough food to feed the world to feed the growing population, it’s that there’s no political or cultural will to do so. We throw out a third of the food produced for human consumption, and we prioritize feeding livestock for consumption over humans worldwide. Despite the choices that clearly indicate we have the capacity to feed everyone, the conventional narrative persists: science is our saviour through GMOs and monoculture and corporations are the mere deliverers of what’s proven to be good for us.  

So, essentially, we create problems to fix with science.


Something BIG is Unfolding

There is something BIG unfolding before our eyes at this time and space. It is perhaps the biggest social, cultural and economical shift since the Industrial Revolution. We are living in the time of the Great Reset – this is not a hidden fact. It is now the mainstream mantra of politicians that after Covid-19, “we” are going to “build back better”. 

All of what’s coming is unfolding in plain sight, where are you looking?  

Of course, our attention has been intentionally diverted, devastated and overwhelmed by the C-word and all the words associated with it: science, data, evidence, gene-therapy. If you “choose” to inject the gene therapy, you are a social hero. If you “choose” not to, well, you’re clearly an anti-science, gun-lovin’, hate old people, far-right conspiracy theorist who thinks the earth is flat. Simple, really, you’re either with Fauci, “or you’re criticizing science”. I mean, if Fauci is the High Priest of the God of science…

Coercion Masked as Choice

I love the word choice, it’s my favourite word on the planet. Because it is the moment of the exercise of free-will. It has been my path to overcoming trauma and knowing how to live in the moment fully engaged, present and authentic. Power comes from the process of choosing, knowing I have a choice, and not necessarily the choice itself — because I can change my mind anytime and make a different choice, infinitely!  

But the notion of choice has been entirely bastardized within the paradigm of neo-liberal capitalism now headed toward corporal totalitarianism. You can still choose, but your ability to choose has been coerced, mandated and propagated. It’s a continuation of the illusion of choice within neo-liberal capitalism: you have, say, 200 different cereal choices, but they’re all made from the same corporation. You believe you have options, and therefore choice, but noone has told you that cereal isn’t even real food. Nor has anyone told you about the legalese that’s gone on behind closed doors to ensure you remain relatively ignorant to the facts. Plus, never question science.  

What-the-fuck-ever. We are a people primed to be taken advantage of. We have been tolerating the intolerable since the “founding” of this continent. When the foundation of a people within certain self-imposed borders is genocide, slavery, individualism and corporate interests, what can we expect?! It’s like the foundation of a couple being violence, degradation, isolation and addiction…I wouldn’t bet my money on that couple living meaningful, happy, healthy lives. Quite the contraire… 

Same situation here. Only now, it isn’t cereal boxes, it is another form of ingesting that which the committee of “they” have deemed necessary. In this new, modern definition of a vaccine, there has been a fascinating hijacking of the word, I encourage you to check it out.

Suppression of facts is the modus-operandi of corporate America. The illusion of the American Dream ensures we remain compliant, complacent and sub-servient. Perhaps, someday, we get to be rich and powerful, also. If only we worked hard enough… someone would notice….right…?!     

It’s fascinating how willing human beings are to be manipulated. This infamous tactic used by narcissists, whose only goal is ego-satisfaction, has proven incredibly effective time and again. The collective “we” fall for it repeatedly because we have been born into an environment where self-love and trusting the language of our bodies (impulse, intuition) is a highly radical notion. We’d rather trust the untrustworthy than question the legitimacy of the programming (and thus truth and reality) we’ve internalized. We’d rather repeat that which we’re told to do than disobey authority. We’d rather be blatantly lied to than confront the deep, troubling truths that live in the core of our being. 

And we’re very good at living with contradictions. We are not a stupid species; but we are collectively easily manipulated. Have you heard of the Asch experiment? Watch it, it’s fascinating how quickly we deny the blatant truth of our own experience when others around us insist it isn’t so. Such is the power of pact-thinking, fitting in.

So when those around us insist on a fixed truth as fact, we are programmed to go along with the group, despite the contradictions. Few people escape this effect, because by virtue of being born in a human body, we are programmed a certain way. Add to that the messaging around our “role” and responsibility to “protecting the vulnerable” and you’ve got a perfect recipe for sheep trustfully yet full of fear headed to the slaughterhouse. How do you think Hitler did it if not for the use of highly targeted and effective “propaganda aimed to exploit people’s fear of uncertainty and instability.” There is always an enemy to be fearful of.

If it smells fishy, it’s because it’s fish.

If you trust the conventional narrative and nothing about it bothers you, well, then you trust it. If you don’t trust it, know that you are not alone. There is a massive group of people out there, even though most with any voice are systematically censored, that know something colossally dirty is going on, even though they may not be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The censorship issue first alerted me to go down the rabbit hole and discover:  

  • facts are systematically being suppressed,  
  • voices are systematically being censored (I suppose it’s either Fauci’s truth, or no truth, while people like Robert W Malone are ostracized and dismissed), 
  • search engine SEOs are systematically controlling the online access to a certain narrative,  
  • legal persons without a beating heart (aka corporations and the World Economic Forum) are pulling all the political strings to get their way—or else!,  
  • courts (the instruments of the corporate patriarchy) are flooded with civil cases condemning the response to the so-called emergency,  
  • the people controlling the narrative have vested interests in how this all unfolds, 
  • politicians are being played like puppets by the World Economic Forum whose vision of the new world includes behavioural modifications in a dive toward the transhumanist era of “own nothing, be happy”.  

So much is going on behind closed doors here that, quite frankly, makes my stomach churn. It isn’t so far-fetched for me to believe that those with the highest concentration of wealth, and therefore power, control the narrative to fit the construction of the particular version of the future they have in mind. This is what’s been going on for hundreds of years… we are not exempt.  

Expanding the Context: Get Out of the Trenches and Consider the Never-Ending War

Transhumanism & The Great Reset

I have no doubt that the people behind the transhumanist movement have “good intentions” for humanity (whatever that might mean), just as the scientists developing the mRNA now-so-called vaccines have good intentions. But the problem with such developments is that people working in the field are incredibly tunnel visioned. We can see what we’re working on and we are fixated on the “good”, transferring our responsibility to handle the inevitable “bad” to those in elected power. 

When I talk about the committee of “they”, these are not the people I have in mind. It’s the people who own the media, who own the politicians, who own the courts, who own our food system, who own the universities, who own the scientists, who own the research, who own the journals, who own the institutions, who own the weaponry, who own the conventional narratives. These people are so wealthy and powerful we may never know who they truly are, though people theorize about who some of them might be. Those people are the most invasive global predators who get off on getting their way.  

“So … I’m going to be like 160 and I’m going to be part of this, like, class of immortal overlords. [Laughter] Because, you know the [Warren Buffett] expression about compound interest. … Give us billionaires an extra hundred years and you’ll know what … wealth disparity looks like.” Sean Parker, ex president of Facebook.

Transhumanism has been the sought-after paradigm because we have been conditioned to believe we are never enough, our bodies are useless, and technology is our saviour. Imagine living forever! Imagine having no disease! Imagine being genetically modified to a T! Imagine having the strength genes of a lion! Imagine women no longer having “the burden” of delivering babies! Imagine having three or more biological parents! Imagine AI predicting your needs before you’re even aware of them! Imagine AI predicting your health status and even your best match! Imagine living in a made-up 3D world of your own choosing! Imagine never having to make another food choice! Imagine being fully immersed in the virtual world!   Imagine being directly connected to the cloud! 

 All I want to know: who controls the cloud?  

But the guys over at the World Economic Forum have convinced everyone that the upcoming era of The Great Reset is for our own good (always…). Imagine a world where everyone is happy! Imagine owning nothing! Imagine everything being delivered to your door! Imagine everything about you is scannable! Imagine never having to work again! Imagine all your wealth is always on your person! Imagine AI does everything for you! Imagine your health status constantly monitored! Imagine your thoughts constantly shaped by what’s best for you! Imagine the safety that comes from 24/7 surveillance! Of course, our elected and trusted politicians who always have our interests at heart are committed to “build back better”. I personally enjoyed this article on the topic.

Perhaps some of us have bought into the transhumanist agenda as a “good” thing. I’m not one of those people. I am deeply concerned with what’s unfolding, because when I think of chimeras and gene modification and the narrative of the transhumanist movement of making people better, I cringe. I cannot help but notice the inevitable violations of such powerful technology…after all, this is another modern form of eugenics and nothing else.

Deep sigh. This shit is exhausting. Really and truly. I have my moments where I can remove myself from the guck and notice there is higher intelligence to this too. But in this moment, I am unable to notice that. I notice everyone around me giving in to the narrative of fear and propaganda and I don’t know what to do with that information. I know that all that is in my personal power is my own choices, which dictate the quality of my life. And yet, I live in a collective where the choices of each individual necessarily impact the collective and the future of humanity.  

If I take myself up logical levels of thinking, I can see there is greater intelligence at play. This version of humans have overstayed our welcome on this planet. In this reality, we chose collapse. And the beautiful thing about life is that it perpetually evolves. Whatever new world we are in the process of creating through our choices, I choose to trust that it is unfolding exactly as it should, even if I don’t “get it”.

Here Comes the Dreaded Dirty D-Word: Divine

I stand on the other end of the spectrum, knowing, we are born divine. The miracle of life is its divinity, the infinite nature of it, the evolving states of it. Removing myself enough from the conditioning and the “human” context, I can experience myself as infinite, divine, interconnected to The ALL. When I am deeply connected to the Signal from Self that I am, I am not afraid of death, and I am in absolute awe of Living! I’m always fond of videos that are total mind-fucks, like this one on reality.

Most of us have no fucking clue what that sentence could possibly mean. Some of us could, at the very least, intellectualize it, but then ignore it. Others could use it as a strategy to discover more of themselves. And others totally ignore the possibility and go on as though the world is chaotic (thereby creating more perceived chaos and normalizing it because that’s all we know how to do).  

But a truth I carry is that it is only through this body that I can receive the transmission of the Signal of the Essence of what I am/ Signal from Self/ consciousness/ God/ Soul/ Spirit…the thing that’s left of “me” when all my body parts are replaced and yet I am still myself. If I am directly connected to the cloud, how could I possibly come to know myself?

The attempt to cut off the Signal from our ability to access it has been long standing. In most conventional narratives and cultures worldwide we are conditioned to believe we are puny little animals with an expiration date. There is a God, and you’re not it. Add to that the fact that most people are too busy feeding their children or pleasing their bosses or worrying about “the economy” to contemplate notions of infinity, divinity and their impact on reality and you’ve got a people profoundly disconnected from their bodies, their truth, and therefore themselves.

Yes, Corporations are Legal Persons and Psychopaths

Personally, I’m done kissing the asses of our predators and abusers. I’m done inhaling everything they suggest as “fact”. I’m done with believing any version of reality put forth by billionaires who have never in their history of evers had our interests “at heart”. I’m done with normalizing their amorality. I’m done with putting them on a pedestal of “saviour” to a fear created by them. I’m done pretending that if you ran the psychopathy checklist on the person called a corporation, they’d hit all the markers, yes, including sexual promiscuity

Are there accurate sociopath/psychopath tests? - Quora

The Leviathan is not made up of the government, it is the corporations through the legitimacy of the democratically elected government and, of course, science.  

I’m not even beginning to scratch the surface of what I sense with this article, and yet I felt called to write it. There is so much that is going on here and we are all playing a part in it. I hope, really and truly, I’m wrong about what I notice going on around me…but the coercion to comply has never been as legitimized and mandated as it is now due to mass fear, neither has the surveillance of people, nor the division between those who believe the conventional narrative and …the demonized everyone else.  

I have no control over what others do, and I have absolutely no idea why anyone would trust the likes of Pfizer or Johnson Johnson — these corporations are deplorable. It’s like asking the person who injected you with poison to give you some more, please. Don’t worry, this time mom & dad made sure it’s not poison…and if it just happens to be, but don’t worry it isn’t, you’re entirely on your own. Sure, this is not different from any other vaccine status, however…this is new technology and largely untested on human animals. Again, check out the shift in definition of vaccine during the last year; it isn’t the traditional definition of vaccine, it is mass-injected gene-therapy. Just one of the many, coming right up!

How’s Any of This About Me?!

Deep sigh. So, I let go. As my husband chooses to get the gene therapy injection, as those I love and deeply care for do so also, I let go. Intellectually, I get that fear coupled with coercion and pact thinking of “do the right thing” makes us do strange things. Still, I will never be able to actually get it. So my invitation to myself is to let go, even in moments of what-the-actual-fuck, let go. This situation is here to teach me more about myself. Just as having a refugee, Muslim-born dad who was tortured and imprisoned for fighting for democracy turned out to be a Trump supporter. I can, and will never, understand. I simply have to accept. Allow whatever is moving through me to transform the tissue of my body so that I can own more of what lives inside of me unresolved. This way I become more grounded in my essence, and therefore more alive.

And that is my reason for being here. To LIVE!

A PS on the Sources Listed

While I don’t agree with everything these people say, I do consider much of what they say as true and relevant to me and my decision-making at this time. It’s hard, if not impossible, to find credible information on this issue in our day and age. The conventional narrative is full of holes and deeply controlled by the World Economic Forum (and all that’s a metaphor for!). Some of the other narratives also contribute to fear-mongering. And others still seem to sit better with me. I can’t tell you what’s right for you. I only know what’s right for me.

None of what these sources explore are mutually exclusive, conclusive or definitive. They are simply another potential reality to consider. I don’t think any one of us has access to “the truth”, if there is such a thing. All we have is tidbits that lead us to a certain trail and we get a glimpse of a view, though it is never crystal clear and necessarily depended on the weave of the tapestry that makes up our version of reality. Yet reality itself is a construct. The better we can become at holding multiple truths as potentially equally real and valid, the more expansive life we live. The larger we can hold the context for our experience, the more we can remove ourselves from the trenches, the more life becomes available to us…

I know, for myself, I’m not here to have the consumerist experience of work hard and be rewarded with money and status and stuff. I’m here for so much more…

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