“Owning It All” – Sheila Winter Wallace

In my now almost twenty year journey of personal evolution I have come across countless people whose intention is to help others become a greater version of themselves. I have always appreciated that I met those people at the exact time when I needed them…and I have always known when to move on from their message because I either outgrew it or it no longer resonated with me. 

It wasn’t until my journey with WEL-Systems?® began that I realized I would outgrow everything until now because it was all operating within a particular paradigm, one which I had already begun outgrowing but didn’t know there was an option to be in an alternative paradigm. This is one of the many, many gifts the ongoing journey through WEL-Systems?® has given me: the shift from the allopathic (pathological) to the quantum paradigm (and beyond, if you can imagine!). This has been transformative in every possible way I could imagine. Not because my strategies changed, but because my frame of mind changed. And now I’m at the precipice of pressing the edges of my reality once again!

Just when I think I’ve “got” something, a new layer is pressing for my attention. And with that, the context from which I live my life continues to expand…To me, that is the most incredible way to live! Expansion and individuation. Ownership of my mind. Reclamation of my Life! A visceral knowing that surpasses any and all other types of knowings… 

This journey for me started when I met Sheila Winter Wallace. She has been the mystic and magician in this journey. Without her, I would still be searching for something that I wouldn’t know what to name it, and yet it would be persistently inviting me Home. While the journey is the same in terms of personal evolution toward Home, the difference here is the context from which I now choose to live my life from. Because of Sheila’s persistent commitment to her evolution and her willingness to stay in the toughest conversations, I have discovered that I no longer think I am a spiritual being having a physical experience, but instead I viscerally know. And furthermore, I know how to live with that deep inner knowing…how to engage with others so that I evolve and expand my context for living … how to surrender to mySelf and discover an even deeper truth that lives inside of me…how to be rather than how to do. In fact, there is nothing for me to do but notice, breathe, follow the impulse, discover the truth of my own experience, stay in the tough conversations, be willing to stand alone, and shape or be shaped by my world… I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I AM the creator of my reality… how deep that goes, I am in the process of discovering … I am always in the process of discovering. 

I share this with you because I want you to know that there is a more magical way to live once you begin to give yourself permission to know the truth of your experience. Well, what the fuck does that mean? It doesn’t have to make sense to you if the vibration of it wakes up something in your body. I can appreciate that how I speak is not a conventional way of speaking… certainly not much in the mindset of where I live from now could be considered conventional … perhaps, anything but! I am so comfortable with that! Because I know all too well: conventional (status quo) has been killing us, both individually and thus collectively. 

So when a voice like Sheila’s speaks out about the truth ofher experience as she moves through the world, I am called to share it so that the vibration reaches everyone and anyone who is attracted to discovering how else they can choose to live their lives today. It isn’t easy, and yet it’s magnificently fun! It is a lifelong journey that, for those who hunger for it, there is nothing more satiating … more delicious … more enlivening … more True. Particularly in the world of post-truth we have now entered where every thought is monitored and judged based on the standard of “truth” and “reality” predetermined by some billionaire elites. Not who I would choose to hand my mind off to…nor that of my children! 

All of that leaves me with … what else

In this powerful self revelation, Sheila writes about “Owning it All”. What does that mean? What does it look like in a world where compliance with the collective is rewarded? What does it mean to “own it all” in a world that demands through punishment and banishment we capitulate our minds “for the greater good”? What does it mean to stand in the midst of it all, and own it all?! 

I invite you and encourage you to read this profound blog post. For me, as always, Sheila’s words cast a magic spell that propels me to my next layer of evolution! For that, I am eternally grateful. 

“I know the trigger for what I identify as wounding, so shields up is a familiar go-to. And that means isolate and hide; there are so many ways to run that strategy and tell myself that I am not. When it comes to behaviour and outcomes, rationalization through reason becomes a familiar and well worn cloak of avoidance, so I won’t have to let myself know. Way down inside, I hear some critic shouting, ‘No way! Do not let your guard down to feel that vulnerable again. You should know better, don’t ya know! NOT safe!’ How many times do I have to tell you?! So, the desire to BE and feel seen continues to go unfulfilled… and, yet, honouring that truth as a need is essential to feeling whole, unique and essential to my world.”  (Sheila Winter Wallace)

Read the full blog post, “Owning It All”, here.

PS – If you have never joined Sheila’s monthly Conversations That Heal I encourage you to join in! You never know what you’ll discover, and if my word means anything, you’ll discover how to find your evergreen way Home! 

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Check out Sheila’s website and her upcoming programs — I’m certain there will be something there for you!

(FYI: I share this all with you because I choose to, not because I get anything out of it. I share it because it’s the truth of my experience. I share it for those who are ready to engage in something different and effective. I share it for those who are ready to hear what I’ve engaged in and have found to be transformative. I share it because to not do so would be counter-intuitive and counterproductive to my reason for being here at this time: evolution of consciousness for its own sake). 

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