What if … we are all, already whole?

What if … we are all, already whole?

What if … my job is simply to help women who are desperate for reclamation of their authentic Selves see how to remove the barriers that have been put in place to prevent their knowing and owning that

What if… all you have to is give yourself permission to discover that, about yourself?

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you  know for sure that just ain’t so. 

– Mark Twain

Truth is, the work I do as a WEL-Systems® educator, facilitator, and CODE Model Coach™ is to educate women into considering a different way to interpret their life and how they move through it. It is never about your unique problem, it’s about how you interpret that problem and how you relate to it relative to how you see yourself. 

For that educational shift to happen, the woman herself has to be able to stand far enough back from her life to see how she creates distractions from the things that can actually make a difference. She has to move from tunnel vision (problem oriented) to peripheral vision (bigger picture) so she can see clearly the threads of the tapestry that create and sustain her perceived reality.

As an educator (and not a therapist), I don’t pretend to know another better than they know themselves; however, I have access to tools and methodologies that reveal the process and context from within which each of us is operating from. My job is not to tell women how it is but to show them how to see for themselves. This is where visceral freedom comes from. 

When you know and trust the process of evolution from this paradigm, you know to trust the choices each person makes because you learn to stay curious and seek the intelligence of the choice rather than to impose your culturally conditioned (programmed) value judgments on it as good or bad or right or wrong. The whole point is evolution that allows you to know yourSelf as already whole… and everything that presents is seeking to get your attention. 

My job is to help those seeking discover how else to interpret what they hold as fixed reality. In doing so, they free themselves from the confines of cultural conditioning and they learn how to make congruent choices that propel them toward accelerated personal evolution (rather than merely away from pain – like fixing a problem). 

When I start working with the women I work with, I notice how they each feel trapped in the details of the content of their lives. They believe they are unique in their suffering, and that no one understands them. They have tried everything and are feeling discouraged because while they are committed, the strategies they seek out give them catharsis but never transformation. 

This journey is for those ready to embrace living Fully Alive, by choice.

I get it; It’s hard to trust strangers whose job and whole reason for being here on this planet is to delve deep. Because we know, in the depths of our body, that once we engage this Truth-revealing process we can never go back. And while we seek transformation so desperately, we are simultaneously terrified of what that might mean for our lives (after all, there are always consequences to the choices we make, especially when those choices shift our identity – will people like us? Will I leave my husband? Will I be able to keep my job? Will I have friends? …and so on). 

I trust that when you are ready to work with me, you will trust the vibration in your body that, while potentially terrifying, compels you to engage. 

This process isn’t for everyone; and the women who are called to it are up for it because they are ready and willing to do what it takes to take ownership of their lives. I do so RIG* these women.  

Logical Levels of Thinking transformed my ability to create my life rather than seek to live the one that had been handed to me.

– Louise LeBrun

From the paradigm I operate from, the only way to leverage change is top-down, because when you know logical levels, you know that each level of thought is contained by the one above it. Choice, the seventh logical level added by Louise Lebrun, from the moment you are in, driven by the impulses that move through your body, is the key.   

But how can you make congruent choices when you don’t know how else to listen? My job is to ask you questions that will provoke you to see something you have never seen before. It is to educate you to an alternative paradigm of being so that you discover how powerful you are when you intentionally own the territory of your body and mind by getting to know who and what you are as a quantum-biological being. Science says so, why not choose to reclaim it for yourself today? 

I promise, your life will transform … therein lays the double edge… either way, you’re taking a (so-called) risk: choose to stay the same in fear of the unknown or choose to discover an alternative that promises to guide you to liberate yourself from the prison of your programmed mind.  

From my experience, life can be magical in the perpetual discovery of “aha” moments about who and what I am as a human being. In its layered nature, wisdom reveals … 

All we have to do is stay curious and discover ourSelves… and our lives transform. 

In the infamous words of Louise LeBrun … (from this life affirming blog that everyone should read at least 3 times over)

Perhaps, without that primal and deepest of intimacies that reconstitutes the Wholeness of our Being, we spend lifetimes looking for intimacy in all the wrong places.. destined to never find the soothing balm for the deepest of our wounds: that of separation from Self.


Because doing more of the same will get you more of what you’ve got.

What often gets in our way of knowing ourselves as whole is resistance, bracing, trying … to figure out, manage, control, manipulate … outcomes and the behaviours of others (or ourselves). From where I stand, those strategies and belief systems function only to keep pain in place. Invite & Allow instead. An educational component first followed by a free meditation! 


an invitation to an expansive playground…


Join me and a small group of women for our Igniting Your Potential monthly gathering on the first Monday of each month from 5:30 – 8:30 PM EST. 

As always, the Decloaking and Living Authentically self-directed audio files are THE starting point to this journey, followed by the deep dive into the 5 day intensive.

This month, we are exploring all things secrets and lies, because that’s what’s killing us, through a Whispers from Within™ group experience  exploring how freeing secrets & lies is the key to taking ownership of our lives, starting February 19th.

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!