Redefining Leadership: Permission to trust your senses

Have you ever noticed how different your internal state is from that which you present to the world? What I mean by this is that women are taught to silence our visceral truth in favour of appropriateness, politeness, and compliance with the cultural status-quo. 

Truth is, #allwomen are conditioned to live this way (and men are not spared either, but … I work with women), which is why a congruent no seems to be the hardest word in the English dictionary for women to own

Instead, we dance around the edges and play pretend hopping to never have to own our truth or take response-ability for the quality of our lives. Yikes!  

If you have awakened to the roar of your internal ‘no’ and are actively seeking to take ownership of the process, or if you are merely awakening to that as a possibility now, I want to give you some powerful questions to ponder so you begin to notice how your life could improve when you give yourself permission to notice what you notice and own it. 

‘Cause in fact, if you’re open, honest, clear and direct first inside yourself, then out loud… then you live a congruent, bulshit-free, peace-full life.

But we’re not taught to live like that; we are taught to mask our truth in favour of looking good in the eyes of someone outside of ourselves. We are taught to seek validation “out there” and in the process we lose touch with who we are and what matters to us “in here” (where we live).   

This paradigm (context, mindset) I operate from is all about embracing the resilience and resourcefulness that comes from living unapologetically internally referenced. To do that, you must learn how to become the Boundless LeaderSelf™ you were born to be! 

If you are willing and able to live from that fecund Space of trusting your inner cues to guide you, then you no longer seek external permission to finally live your meaningful life. 

Because if you keep waiting for someone else to give you permission to take your turn, your resentment will eat you alive (autoimmune problems, anyone?). 

Permission to live will never come from the outside.

But. What becomes possible for you when you redefine how you hold yourself as “leader”? Before we delve into the resource I have created for you, keep these things in mind: 

  1. One of the beliefs outlined in the declaration of Evolution by Intention™ is that “My power is in the size and courage of my questions.”
  2. If you know about the Predictable Structure of Thought, you know that in order to leverage change in your life you must go UP logical levels, not down.

This means that asking yourself higher order questions about your relationship to leadership has the potential to: 

  • reveal the beliefs that are keeping you in a life of mediocrity 
  • explore the distractions that are preventing you from noticing what matters to your in the creation of your meaningful life 
  • open up space for you to consider the possibility that aligning with your authenticity will lead to you trusting what you intuitively sense, even when you don’t intellectually know. 

This is why I have created this resource about Redefining Leadership, and am gifting it to you today.

From where I stand and given what I have discovered in my life, nothing beats knowing one’s Self

… which is a tall order, indeed, and if you don’t start now, when will you

Delve into the questions of this Journey of Reflection now. 

And as you engage it, remember … breathing is good! 


an invitation to an expansive playground…


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