Is AI the end of Authenticity? Choosing IA, instead.

Training AI to speak “in your voice” isn’t your voice. 

Training AI to create more content copy-and-pasted from a template of sameness isn’t a meaningful creation. 

Training AI to do your job for you isn’t contributing to you creating that which is meaningful and brings you joy.

This blog isn’t about AI taking over the world.

This blog is about living authentically, and what it takes to actually do that in a world that demands you use AI for everything

(& in the process, somehow normalizing the illusion that AI is superior). 

Here’s my stance on it: I am unwilling to become one with the cloud. Which means that I am only willing to engage with technology in a way that enriches the quality of my life. And I am the only one who gets to decide what that is and what it could be. 

If you’re a highly sensitive person who is seeking to slow down, know that you are not alone. We have entered a world where double binds rule us: we all feel overwhelmed by more-faster-denser, yet simultaneously we keep feeding the more-faster-denser machine to move even more, even faster, even denser

But, we are all familiar with double-binds. We live with them everyday. That’s the outcome of the mind-influencing we’ve been experiencing for centuries (this is a pretty fun way to see how it actually works on a subtle level). There is no culture where truth prevails. There is no culture that teaches us how to be our most real, authentic, magnificent Selves. 

All cultures worldwide teach us to comply. To either get with the ways of the time and do it that way or to prepare for a life of the outcast. There is no middle road in polarization. There is no alternative possibility in binary thinking. There is no both/and in dualistic thinking.  

There are, however, a series of seemingly irreconcilable double binds that bind you to a reality you know, in your bones, you do not subscribe to. 

Yet you keep doing the thing because …everyone else is doing it. It’s the most popular thing. It’s the thing you believe may finally allow you to fit in. 

But…fit in, where? 

In a world that is becoming increasingly more virtual, increasingly more dogmatic, increasingly more fake, anything and anyone real will never fit in

…never mind belong

There is no belonging in the hive mind of collective agreement. There is only capitulation and compliance. Stay home. Own nothing. Be happy. Here’s your AI companion – tell it your deepest, darkest secrets and desires, and then let it artificially stimulate your brain to satisfy your most primal and shameful cravings. 

I wonder, when my son is 15, will he know a world where people are connected to anything other than their “virtual realities”? Will he be able to have another person to talk to about real, expansive, meaningful conversations exploring just what it takes to BE the full measure of his authentic Self? 

Will he know the essence of grass? Will he know what joy feels like? Will he know what meaning his life holds? What purpose

Or will he capitulate his humanness (aka godForce-ness) in favor of the promised land that is cheap yet fast dopamine hits from his AI “companion”? 

…if you’ve ever experienced addiction, like I have, you know cheap dopamine hits eventually stop being satisfying because, you know, it can never even approximate that primal need to evolve past your perceived limitations. Dopamine hits, eventually, are no longer fun but a form of self-inflicted torture that is so-fucking hard to escape from.  

Here’s what’s so scary about all this: we can’t go back. Once we give up our humanness (godForceness), we can’t go back.

So we have to find a way to integrate our fear and keep moving forward.

We have to discover a process that invites us to trust that we know and to trust what we know. Without that, we will perpetually fall victims to someone else’s story creation.

There is a deep and dark interconnectivity of intentionalities playing out here that if we don’t awaken to the fact that the dots connect in a rather nefarious way, all we are left with are the sensations of the fear that feed the double binds that keep us replicating the reality we wish not to manifest. 

But…energy flows where attention goes. 

A long time ago I wrote about the questions so many are not asking about this thing our government calls Biodigital Convergence. It’s hard to ponder mindful living in spite of that from a place of fear. It’s hard to face the full measure of this now-unfurling reality from a place of outrage and righteous indignation. It’s hard to actually choose meaningfully from a place of hopelessness. 

Which means that the only option available to us is to evolve with intention. To face into our fears and discover our courage. To face into our rage and discover our Creative power. To face into our hopelessness and discover our purpose. 

Or … I suppose, there is always another option: stay ignorant. 

Yet ignorance has never been, and will never be, bliss

The price for our collective ignorance (and lack of courage to face the truth) will be paid by our children and their children. 

I wanted to share these thoughts because it is meaningful for me to live out loud in a world that demands the truth caves while the pretense leads. This has been the case for generations, but it has amplified in scale in the era of social media. 

But for me, playing pretend won’t give me my life back. That you think I’m wonderful or that you think I’m a mad woman is irrelevant to the quality of my life.

That I live in alignment with my truth, that matters to me. 

That I know who I am and I live from it, that matters to me. 

That I am perpetually connected to that deep, ancient, sacred part of mySelf, that matters to me. 

That I transcend my fears and embrace the simplicity of living Fully Alive, that matters to me. 

That I evolve with intention and be real, that is what matters to me. 

That I live a full life and alchemize my pain, that is what matters to me. 

And if any and all of that matters to you also, I invite you to write me an email and introduce yourself or book a discovery call with me.

Let’s talk about what matters to you.

Let’s explore what gets in the way.

Let’s delve into what’s possible.

Because, and this is my final thought for today, we (the global collective) are quite literally at one of the most significant forks in the road, and we have got to make a choice: 

Option 1: Embrace so-called immortality through technology (aka: Move to a 15 minute city, let them penetrate your body with anything they want, be plugged into the Internet of Bodies, let them feed you reality through your gadgets, let your your body decays in a pod where everyone and their smart gadgets are under constant surveillance by the Thought Police – I wish I was kidding, but this is what our government is up to; quite literally criminalizing our thoughts, and we have the technology to do it.) 


Option 2: Awaken to and engage the fact that we are so much more than we have been conditioned to believe we are. Our bodies are sacred. Our existence has a purpose. Our lives matter. That you don’t yet know that about yourself does not make it any less real. That you are willing to discover it is what will shape the trajectory of not only your life, but that of your children. 

I get it; a screen is an incredibly effective babysitter. Imagine that as a reality for the whole world … connected to the Internet of Bodies, disconnected from Life Force itself #nothanks. 

I’d rather live and connect with the people who are seeking the more that they know they are – no matter how deeply buried the treasure is, truth is, it exists

And no matter how well you train AI, it will never find it for you. You will have to do the hard work it takes to awaken to it and engage it, moment to moment, breath to breath. The good news? There exists a reliable and replicable process that is directed by the context of who & what “I AM”. And since everything is context dependent, leading from this context is what makes the difference. 

This is why everything I do, and how I live my life, is from the paradigm of WEL-Systems. 


The best way I know how to get started at a low-investment point is here: Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files. Once you begin to listen, we can connect about deepening your exploration through a five week one-on-one experience, or the five day life-transforming Signature WEL-Systems intensive. 

No matter what you choose, I want to leave you with this: the choices you make today, right here, right now, are the platform from which your future will unfurl. Perhaps consider what you want your future to look like, and from there, make the (often tough) choices that are required to make that future possible… 

Please note, I am always here for those who are curious and fearful-yet-ready for an alternative way to live than the status quo presented to them. Book a discovery call with me here, or email me to introduce yourself. And if you’re willing to delve deeper, you can always hop on the next Igniting Your Potential call. 

So many options that allow you to get your life back … but they all demand you show up. 

Perhaps, after all, training AI to fake-show up is easier … 

Perhaps not. 

You get to choose.  

Today, I declare that I am turning the full and formidable measure of my attention to IA – to Intuitive Awakening – and trusting where it leads.

Louise LeBrun in From AI to IA

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