Moments of Magic

There are these moments in life where I know that it is all magic. The synchronicity of it all, the beauty deeply felt from beyond the very cells of my existence, the generosity of Spirit. I am surrounded by Love. I experience the fullness of Life. I consider myself so incredibly fortunate, because I let myself tap into that space of wholeness, oneness, majesty and I know “Life is magic”.

The rate at which synchronicities and moments of deep internal knowing of my Truth are ramping up in speed, density and intensity. I feel expansion within my Soul, within all the bodies that contain my physical body, and I feel expansion in my physical body. After so many years of constraining, constricting, contracting … I am noticing, and consciously choosing to let go. In that simple act of letting go, I find all the space I require in that particular moment, and surrender to it.

Surrender. The most meaningful word in my dictionary in this moment. Surrendering to the highest Truth within myself. Surrendering to that infinite internal knowing. Surrendering to Gaia and it’s ancient ways. Surrendering to the sound of silence. Surrendering to the wisdom of stillness.

Surrendering to mySelf.

I have no desire to control, manage, or strategize my life. I simply trust in the highest order of existence. I trust in being part of. I trust in belonging to. I trust in the totality of the process that has led to me being here, right now. I trust the genious in Life’s unfolding. I trust myself. I trust those around me who love me.

I am in love with my life. I am in love with being alive. I am in love with my massive capacity to feel.

These are the moments in my life where I sense the interconnectedness of everything so deeply. As the toads synchronize their callings to make music to my ears, as I sense the warmth of the sun on my skin, as I embrace the gentle blow of the wind… as I enjoy a few moments of peace by myself, standing barefoot on the grass.

I trust that which we call ‘intuition’. I trust my own internal Signal from Self. I trust to BE in the moment of bliss, for it’s own sake…

Speaking of a moment of bliss, my husband (the kind Soul I am privileged to spend my Life with), took these photos at a recent outing, and then made this beautiful little video that filled my entire heart with Joy. He has a way of capturing the essence of the moment, the beauty of it all, in such a profound way. His generosity of spirit is like few I’ve encountered on this planet.

Possibly the sweetest video on the internet today. For me, definitely the sweetest! So much LOVE.

I know in my life, I am blessed. Even when I forget it. Even when I’m filled with sensations that feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. Even in moments of terror and rage; I know I am blessed. Because I know this is all a part of living. To live a full life, I must move through the totality of the experiences.

Being present to (trusting deeply) my Self/Signal/Soul/intuition/voice of wisdom no matter what’s presenting, that is how I evolve. I trust deeply in the unfolding of Life, in the process and beauty and magnificence and majesty and magic of it all. Even when I don’t see the interconnection from one thing to another. Even when I don’t know what the impact is of what I’m ‘doing’. I simply know that by living my life from the moment I am in, with reverence, honestly, authenticity, I learn to to trust my Self increasingly more and create a life of meaning. From there, life aligns.


In this moment I feel called to give my deepest gratitude to all those who continue to read along with me in this journey of Life. As I grow and evolve, I encounter others who do as well, and our co-evolution expands exponentially. I am eagerly curious to experience what else is out there for me…in this life, in this body, and in the totality of consciousness that exists far beyond this physical realm…

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