Shape or Be Shaped By Your World: The Structure of Reality & Truth

In this post I share with you the explorations moving through me in this moment about deconstructing the constructs of mind that shape that which we perceive to be real and true.

If what I am writing about does not seem familiar to you, I encourage you to stay with it and notice what moves in you as you read. Which points ‘grind your gears’? What doesn’t seem to map to the current structure of reality you hold as true? Will you give yourself permission to consider the possibility that there are more ways than one to live your life? 

The Structure of Reality 

Before I get into my post, I ask you to momentarily consider: 

  • What do you hold as reality and truth? 
  • How do you know that what you know is real and true? 
  • What do you know that you don’t know about? 
  • How much is out there that you don’t even know that you don’t know? 
  • How good is your tolerance for considering new, seemingly bizarre ideas and worldviews in your life?

Shape or Be Shaped by Your World

Status Quo Living

The process of shaping human beings is highly predictable and the same for everyone worldwide. Culture, tradition, language, beliefs, values, and attitudes are passed down intergenerationally through parents, religion, school, media… These are the forces that shape collective mindsets, what’s real and true. Questioning their legitimacy is out of the question. Part of how they are able to penetrate deep in our psyche is that they legitimize never questioning authority and blindly replicating the status quo. Listen and Obey, the mantra of domination.

My experience shows me that the vast majority of people worldwide live repetitive, fearful, stagnated lives from a place of avoiding pain, reacting to external circumstances, and fruitlessly striving for a sense of control over. I believe this happens because we are conditioned intergenerationally to deeply distrust ourselves and instead trust external voices of authority. In remaining profoundly disconnected from our internal landscape and our bodies, we become highly attuned to the messages of the external legitimized voices that tell us all we have to do is follow the predetermined script and everything will work out just fine. (Pandemic, anyone?!)

I have noticed long time ago that we are collectively propagated to believe that we are broken, small, and insignificant, and the way to rectify this is to buy more so we can become more. So we work more. We stress more. We ingest more. We buy more. We disconnect more.

And yet, our bodies demand our attention. Instead of paying attention, we do anything to avoid the discomfort presenting in our bodies… buy more fit bits, more monitors, more apps, more scales, more tape measures, more Slim Fast, more drugs, more video games, more pornography, more alcohol, more numbing, more disconnecting. Coming up, direct connection to the Cloud (sold as for our own good, but do you ever wonder, who controls the cloud?!).

My point here is that we have been conditioned to entirely distrust our inner landscape, to trust only legitimized voices “out there”, and to do anything to disconnect from the discomfort in our body. Paradoxically, we are disconnecting from the sheer brilliance of the tool (the body) that lets us know the truth of our own experience

WEL-Systems® Paradigm

In my life, seemingly-by-accident-yet-no-such-thing-in-the-universe, I discovered the world of yoga and, most importantly, WEL-Systems®. This is when the structure of my reality completely transformed. In my eager willingness and ability to question what I know, to wonder about what I don’t know, and to allow myself to explore different worldviews, I discovered there are many ways to live life, and I get to choose that which is meaningful to me in each unfolding moment

This means that I wholeheartedly trust only the impulses of my body. I know there is brilliance in whatever presents.

Body as Messenger

I know from my own experience that my body is a brilliant quantum-biological processor with the ability to process information at speeds my intellect could not begin to fathom. I know, too, that I am not my body; I am the Signal that animates the body. And so, it has become second nature to me to trust that which presents in my body, engage in Quantum TLC, and let go. Transformation occurs, just like that.

I didn’t live this mindset overnight (although I know that somewhere deep within me, I’ve always known). It took consistent and persistent exploration and education. It took keeping an open mind and letting go of fixed and definite notions. It took an acceptance that reality and truth are relative and in flow. It took questioning everything I held as real and true. It took great courage …

Courage Trumps Fear

I know it takes great courage to alchemize fear into courage and transform a life because I live it.

I know it t takes courage to dare and question the voices of authority, the structure of reality, the collective well-established-and-protected-legitimized “truth”. It takes courage to consider that I don’t know what I don’t know, and I’m willing to discover. It takes courage to begin to consider alternative versions of reality and truth as real and true. It takes courage to stay in the body as chaos presents. It takes courage to allow the intellect to soften enough so that the body can process, digest and metabolize information in flow (e-motion). It takes courage to recognize the process of living and choosing consciously to alter it.  It takes courage to take full ownership and responsibility over one’s own life. It takes courage to internalize that reality is never fixed, and that truth is always relative. 

Ultimately, it takes courage to step into a different way of living, a different process and context, a different paradigm.

It takes courage because everyone else around you is living as per the status quo, never questioning the legitimacy of what they live, despite the chaos presented in their bodies (through a plethora of dis-eases).

In My World, Life Is Different

By staying in the tough conversations with myself in the good company of the community of courageous women living and/or learning to live the WEL-Systems® paradigm, I began to unveil the mystery of what I know myself to be: consciousness, manifested. I am not part of consciousness, I AM the thing itself, expressing uniquely.  I am not a child of God, I am a godForce. I am not a Newtonian being, I am quantum. 

I AM pure Magic. 

This is the context that has allowed me to wholeheartedly and unquestionably trust living from an internally referenced point. There is nothing ‘out there’ that can overcome the truth of my own experience delivered to me through the impulses that move through my body. 

All I have to do is get the intellect out of my way and trust the internal cues, the impulses that move through me because those have never failed me. I know intimately that in every breath a new download of information happens. And so I give myself full permission to make one choice, and then in one breath, make another as I am presented with new information to consider. I know that in every breath, in every moment, as the wave of information moves every cell in my body transforms. I know this, because I know myself to be a quantum-biological being, my body the brilliant delivery device of the Signal from Self.

This means that…

  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to choose. 
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to make a different choice than the one I thought I would make in the last breath. 
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to discover more about  myself. 
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to evolve and become more me.
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to know a different truth.
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to shape my reality, differently. 
  • In every single breath, I give myself permission to change my mind. 

You see…

I give myself permission, no one else. I am the authority in my own life, no one else. I choose to create and live my meaningful life, no one else. 

This is Called Living “Internally Referenced” 

…and I would choose to live no other way. Because I know…

Potential Lives in the Unknown

Yet what I know about pre-determined scripts (aka stories) is that they collapse possibility and potential. The moment I make a choice based on someone else’s habituated story, I have narrowed down the infinite possibility of choices that could have been available to me in the moment if I had remained open and receptive. When I choose to remain open and receptive, and it is a choice, I have infinite possibilities to consider and choose from.

I’m not saying an airy-fairy “live for the moment, man”. I’m saying possibility and potential live only in the moment I am in. They live in the infinite space of the pause, without story. They live in the infinity of the unknown. Knowing that, is pure Magic! Knowing that, exploration is possible; expansion is possible; alchemy is possible! 


If you are curious about this way of living and would like to discover what else is possible for you in your life, check out my upcoming conversation and contact me. I love hearing from you!

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